My family loves Gossner's! Just came here for the first time and service was fantastic.

Read more: UK facing halloumi shortage as producer in Cyprus sends ‘emergency supplies’.

She didn't listen to my simple order and had to start over. Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese is delicious grilled or fried, and is the perfect vegetarian alternative at a BBQ! You can't go wrong with anything you get from them. Now they've been able to keep up with the demand quite a bit better it seems. People have been encouraging.”. A gorgeous Swiss style store front with beautiful flowing flowers greet you as you enter. It's over a two hour road trip for us but always worry it. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. My first premises was a fried chicken shop, and we were there for three years. With Yorkshire Dama Cheese (Dama is a riff on her home city) becoming an established regional name, the site was opened by HRH Anne, Princess Royal. I wish I could've picked up the whole place and brought it home with me. “It’s normal for us to be very busy and that’s good. They have a few flavors to select, from mild to spicy. The sharp cheddar was also fantastic, creamy with just the right amount of bite to it.

They had one of my all time favorites...huckleberry. “After moving away from Utah, it's just not a trip home unless I get Gossner's cheese curds.” in 22 reviews, “We love the milk boxes, with flavors like root beer, mango, chocolate, banana, orange cream and strawberry.” in 10 reviews, “How ironic since I grew up in Cache Valley.” in 2 reviews, in Fast Food, Food Delivery Services, Sandwiches, in Do-it-yourself Food, Specialty Food, Meat Shops. These guys have great prices on cheese. She didn't greet any customers. But I have heard about this shortage. Squeaky Cheese – while award-winning and coveted – remains relatively unknown on the national stage. It’s melty, chewy, and oh so irresistible!

And, their cheeses are awesome too. They have ice cream that I see everyone walk out with. Vern's White Cheese Curds 1lb quantity. The banana and orange and others are fun to try to. "Factory" conjures up images of  manufactured stuff - like american cheese or cheese wiz.

My favorite is the Root Beer and then the Cookies and Cream. We’re analysing everything. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes.

The best part is, it doesn't need to be refrigerated to keep! To be at a modern British barbecue without halloumi in 2018 would be frankly catastrophic. They have so many flavors: chocolates, strawberry, root beer, banana, cookies and cream, mango, etc...They also have cheese, of course, lots and lots of cheese with a sample table. Or head there on a day trip from SLC through beautiful Logan Canyon to Bear Lake.

This is the place. Delicious. It’s exciting – the company recognises the quality, and sees the potential.

We can take our time and get up there late in the afternoon and still get jerky curds. Traditionally made from a blend of goat’s and sheep’s milk, it’s been a mainstay of Middle Eastern countries for centuries, but was, until recently, niche in Europe.

And if you don't know where to find it, you can simply just order it and have it shipped to your house. Come here. All were OUTSTANDING! Also, the cheese curds are great and the cheese blocks are well priced. They can’t call it halloumi due to a legal case (Cyprus has trademarked the name), so producer Razan Alsous and her husband Raghid call it ‘Squeaky Cheese’ instead. So we now make it a point to stop by and buy some products when visiting each time. Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese is delicious grilled or fried, and is the perfect vegetarian alternative at a BBQ!

Alsous started producing a fresh cow’s milk cheese that was not too different to the traditional Halloumi-style cheese she was used to in Syria, and so was born Haloum!

Stop at Gossners if you are in the area! But it's awesome they're here for everyone to enjoy. (You know, assuming you haven't drank them all by then....) our favorites include chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, root beer float.

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