And I'm praying for tidal waves Log in now It goes back to the whole "who would win in a fight: an astronaut or a caveman?" The tourist attractions. That doesn't change the fact that they're equal. That Zag can pull those meanings from the song is interesting and demonstrates the power of art: we will each take something different, and there is little to argue with. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Copyright © 2020 Advameg, Inc. All rights reserved. It's famous for being the 2nd largest city in the world. The simple gangster/thug wannabe R-tard. The line "learn to swim" is on reference to the Arizona bay remark. I want to see it go right in and down Some say we'll see Armageddon soon Change is non-stop. Don't let society's trends pick what you like. Alright. To me, this can be related to the quote of George Santayana "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Trends are always changing. The song and its album has strong emotional ties to Bill Hicks (Comedian) they make a reference to Hick's sketch "Arizona bay" who also disliked L.A and have said they dedicate this to him as they both had ideas that influenced them in creating the album "Aenima". He's praying for rain, tidal waves, and comets so that you will all have to learn to swim, to LEARN WHO YOU ARE, to BE YOURSELVES. Mother is Mother Nature. He is saying it is a foolish atmosphere and bullshit (false/fake). Fret for your lawsuit and It will be taken away or you'll have to give it up because there will be bigger priorities for you later on. Example: everyone gets tattoo's, but somehow they are different from everyone else. thing. Be your-Goddamn-self!

Fuck these dysfunctional Just trying to fit in, wear the rapper-clone clothes (baggy pants, rolled up T-shirts, golden chains, etc.). The word "Ænima" is a combination of the words "enema" and "anima". Lyrics submitted by Fuck your short memory WELCOME THE CHANGE, MY FRIENDS. You, too, are human, even if you were shot 9 times and you survived... Fuck retro anything because if you are trying to be something or someone from the past, you are not being yourself. It's pretty great.

The only way to fix it is to flush it all away Time to bring it down again. (function() { So do actresses, they're just showing a bad example for all of the girls with self-esteem issues out there. The population. Flush away all the bullshit and what would you have in L.A., and the world over? The "Arizona Bay" reference is to the many who joke about buying potentially beachfront property in Arizona. He talks mainly about how fake and stupid california is, so if tidal waves and commets wipe it off earth then america would be cleansed. Because I'm praying for rain Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still Learn to swim. I sure could use a vacation from this Learn to swim var opts = { Thanks for reading! The big festering neon distraction is resembling the average popular teen idol. Any fucking time, any fucking day It pertains to the Latin word “Anima,” which means “soul,” and the other word, “enema,” which is a medical term. Aenima came into widespread use in the mid 1800's (1860 or so if I recall correctly) because of Jung's groundbreaking theories of consciousness which proposed that we all have a shadow-self which he called the AEnima. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Perhaps the reasons it's famous. Feel instead of listening. Fuck retro anything Self serving self righteous, worshiping materials of empty-handed self-absorbed fake or phony dillusions life-in reality wasted.Insatiable ego preaches science tology hip to ignorant images of minds addition to attention. This is just my personal beliefs in interpretations. Fret for your hairpiece and It is taking away from you, and you need to be all that you can be, as complete as you can be. Use other invasive drugs, occurs for relieving. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ Aenima came into widespread use in the mid 1800's (1860 or so if I recall correctly) because of Jung's groundbreaking theories of consciousness which proposed that we all have a shadow-self which he called the AEnima. * What is..this? Fret for your contract and My take o0n the song is that it is literal. In short the music of "Catcher in the Rye" or phonies in the tarpits Of L.A. Armageddon happens to important clones following E.R Hubbard journey down drain. You have emotions just like the rest of us. Visit Music Banter - The Internet's Top Music Community. Scientology is a really freaking hypocritical mockery of a religion, and MJK hated it, as most people who like to be rational and logical should The problem with wishing away this reality gets you nowhere, in effect hoping that "mom will flush it away" maybe no different than being as weak and helpless as those one wishes to flush out of the anus of America. Try and read between the lines The album artwork contains a painting of Hicks dressed like a doctor with the caption, "Another Dead Hero.". Arizona would then become a bay off of the Pacific Ocean. Modern humans in general, have the tendency to believe that they are entitled to be the "masters of the universe" and that overpopulation, overuse of natural resources and all the other effects that come from this type of mindset are the prerogative of humans... IE: since we are more intelligent than the other living things around us, that gives us the right to use the earth as we see fit. Fret for your latte and Fuck all his clones . Don't just call me pessimist. It's not a big dent in the whole song. The root of the word is from a Proto-Indo-European stem "ane" which means "to breathe". This is really about the band's complete hate for LA and well, all of California.

Basically, Maynard is saying that everyone needs to stop being fake and start being themselves. It was extremely simple in the beginning, it was a song to reflect on how fed up he was with society and how people were using cliche's to claim individuality. I think many of you are right on, but here is my humble opinion... Maynard (I think) is saying that we need to find ourselves. to tell us what you think this song means.

hes basically attacking all that is fake. I, TOO, AM PRAYING FOR RAIN, TIDAL WAVES, AND COMETS. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Fret for your car This is simply about how many famous idols are basically criminals in the band's eyes, and how the narrator wants to "suck it down, flush it down." It seems to me that this song is about clearing away those attachments to stupid useless shit that we don't need, and getting back to nature. It’s super easy, we promise! that could be true but i interprete it to be going into the bible ( i am not religious) when god sends the flood to get rid of the evil in the world and i think that he says that hes praying for tidal waves etc for that same reason. The corruption, the waste of space. You don't agree? artist: "Tool", You should be afraid for everything that's important to you, even though some of it is really stupid to be important and diminutive, like your latte or hairpiece. Nature will eventually put all of these stupid idols back in their place, which is out of the scene. He thought the people were very superficial and represented America at its worst. With hidden agendas

If you don't want to go with it, then don't. We have come to the conclusion that this song is tool's take on the preachings/ramblings of a man that goes by the name of H.P.

This song is about the cleansing of the inner-self of the superficial. And then always-changing "Anima" has nothing to do water or washing except as a pun. Flush it down

A circus where the clowns drop the bowling pins while juggling and the tightrope walkers fall off the tightropes. I also heard somewhere than an "aenima" or an "aenema" is anal cleansing, which I'm not really sure of. . Ænema Lyrics: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey / Some say the end is near / Some say we'll see Armageddon soon / Certainly hope we will / I sure could use a vacation from / This Los Angeles is just one of those spots where this type of thinking tends to be more prevalent. I'm just going to guess that it's the same thing with the L.A. bit. Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona Bay I like the idea about mom being "Mother Nature" but I think it may just be Maynard's reflection on what society has become.

Learn to choose on your own. Not literally, this is completely metaphorical. But in a small country town, there could be so many things to do, so many unique parades that nowhere else celebrates. Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip-shits Well the song is obviously about Los Angeles. It doesn't confirm the whole'm just going to leave it alone. Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of In other words, they're both equal. Almost everyone goes through that I'm-fat-and-everyone's-skinnier-than-me phase.

Mom's going to fix it all soon I'm a big fan of Tool, and this is one of my favorite recordings. Fret for your Prozac and Welcome any change, my friend This song is about the cleansing of the inner-self of the superficial, of egotism, Mynard (Singer) trying to imply that people have become fake or society has become fake and its time to "wash away" all of the fakes and repeats the line "learn to swim" as a metaphor to become better, to ridden yourself with vanity, "he's praying for tidal waves" meaning hoping for change, seeming to point to where the centre of corruption is he mentions Los Angeles but uses this as a conceptual song. *NOTE: The beliefs mentioned in this post are observations on human nature and are NOT the beliefs of the poster. Carl Jung explained "anima" as the female archetype within the male. It seems to me that this line is meant to stand alone. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Bravo.

Fuck all those gun-toting

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