Haha, i have infNonag and true age 3500, this “tips” guide is really useless and the game isn’t really that hard…, Yay my game glitched! I’ve only ever been able to use the first and I’m not making enough.

But the point is that you should get the best paying job ASAP and work hard. Go to the shopping tab -> food -> spend on the food plans. Put your employee benefits at medium and hire ONE worker. Being an Uber driver seems like a solid option too… but I guess that by the time you have the money to afford a car, you’ll probably be able to get a better paying job also. The first scenario I played in was the College Dropout and got the Burger Flipper job where I was supposed to earn $250 per month. Build the greatest Idle Tuber Empire of all time to get rich and world famous! Do you have any suggestions? Anyone know how to do the philanthropy projects?? Go to the bank and see what’s costing you. As if we didn’t have too many expensive things ALREADY in the game… relationships come to show us that either life is really tough or there are some balancing issues that have to be dealt with in The Life Simulator. Just make sure you have a job that keeps you out the red in terms of debt that way you could have even four kids and still be earning a weekly wage of over 200k by 70 years at least hell maybe ten cause I pay the max everything and I buy a elixir by 79 the latest and I don’t even work the highest job,, the business all give a high pay out and viral videos pay gang money if you have maxed out laptop you could go to the doctor all the time and still earn money if you have viral videos on maxed outed laptop. You start the game by creating a character – as a teen, your parents might kick you out after a few years or months – then you will have to survive on your own. Business Degree -> go to the education tab -> master degree courses -> business -> enroll. So to get to a top-level job, you start with an entry-level job.

Everything influences the cost of living, making the game insanely difficult – so keep an eye on your weekly cash flow! If you have additional tips and advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to comment below. This would be our guide for The Life Simulator. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see what your expenses are. To maintain your health status, you need a proper diet and shelter. It’s necessary if your parents kick you out of their house. Because i open a Restaurant and the revenue is automatically less than it costs to upkeep the business. Head to the heart tab in the footer menu -> visit the hospital. Then select a team to join. Once you start making a positive profit from that factory then hire the max workers. For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS – Like Us On Facebook – MrGuider, Follow Us On Twitter – @techhuntr. Visiting a park for 8 times in a row costs $200 too, and would give you a +40 happiness boost and +32 mental health. Never date. I would stay off from the side hustles though, at least until you have some decent income coming in every week from your business. Go to the relationship tab in the footer menu -> there you can check the relationship status; single or in a relation. Neither gives you an easy stroll through life though and you’ll have a challenge with each scenario type that you play. 100K cash can be acquired by doing a job. Random Events impact life stats such as happiness, family, social, good, bad, etc. Being in a relationship is extremely expensive, as there are tons of ways for you to spend money (and you have to if you want to progress in that relationship). In the footer menu, go to the shop tab -> pets -> there you can buy/adopt pets; Bunny, Cat, Dog, Duck, Fox, etc.

But we’re here to help you win the game created by Mind Vacation and I am sure you’ll have a ton of fun, just like we did. My weekly cash flow is $-2771. Don’t pull Overtime or All nighters unless your mood is really good… it will probably cost you more to replenish it than the earnings you’ll get as a bonus (at least on lower income jobs). Also, we have shared a bunch of Life Simulator 3 tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. But I realized it’s not a bug.

Eventually you are making enough to open up a resteraunt business. With this trick I earned $6,150,000 very, very fast. So, without further ado, let’s check out below some The Life Simulator tips and tricks for the mobile game by Mind Vacation! I have played a few games in different scenarios and in each case I thought that the salary structure is flawed. Hello I found this very useful but can you tell us how to get some of the perks? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, Guide Streamer Life Simulator Guide for free, Streamer Life and Simulation Mobile hints. Never mind I found out on my own the answer to my question, Why can i not move into an apartement complex.

Plz explain …. Extremely difficult to win, it gives you a limited amount of scenarios, but you will surely need a lot of time to ace them all. Have a great relationship with your parents invest all your money in the bank and buy property often and buy the property that is worth 1.25 and upgrade to 10 mil and update them after 8. Never mind found out literally after I posted. then get enough money to expand.

Cause I’m a level nine football player but it’s can’t play in the NFL cause I’m not a team. It seems silly, but one of the tricks of BitLife – Life Simulator is to take care of your health above all else, and if you fall ill, focus all your attention on recovering. Go hard on making YouTube content. Start your own stream and rise to the top of streamers in Streamer Sim Tycoon! I have level 11 businesses but i’m wondering how i could get even close to the other projects, never mind i see how now, once level 12 the business have no worker cap, Do the side hustle for some quick cash, then once you get a nice income start a business (just one u don’t need multiple), and focus on getting that to level 12 and you’ll be making septillion’s easy. You have to get all the degrees. I have found that focusing on building your businesses, doing a bunch of side hustles, as well as buying and renting out a bunch of properties (skyscrapers have been very lucrative at $15m a week for one and I have 10) are the best ways to earn more money. Leisure is what usually keeps you in a good mood and mentally strong. Hey Guys I was making 50 million a week, but now I’m making 18.8 million??? The game has a range on the stocks however if you just always put your money in stocks and forget about you’ll come back to a lump sum, I’m making 12 mil a week and have 74 billion in stocks, I’ve been using the age elixer too, I’m making a good amount to where I just put my money straight to the stocks. If your partner says yes, then tap the get married button to get married – then you can try for a baby. Like all life simulation games out there, The Life Simulator gives you the option to play the lottery and potentially win huge earnings. Try these two first in order to get acquainted to the game’s mechanics and try the more difficult ones afterwards. they cost so much money.

This Life Simulator 3 guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. I’m literally at the point where I make 400 quintillion a week. Another one of the best ways to get more followers is by adopting a pet. If the partner says no, then wait – keep interacting regularly and keep proposing after some weeks. I got almost every perk except for polymath and I really want to get it. You can cancel it at any time. Scenarios set the difficulty level Welcome to the Youtubers life. How do you expand a business? I am unsure how to complete a philanthropy project for I want the achievements of completing 3 and completing all of them can someone please explain? I personally believe that Home Chef and Personal Finance are the best two skills to invest in early on, followed by Hygiene Expert, Meditation Expert and Stoicism. Go into your device settings and set your date and time to the highest date, enter the app, earn an easy 410K, go back to your settings, set your date and time back to normal, and repeat. Read the description in order to anticipate how difficult it will be to play that life (hint: it will be very difficult no matter what you choose). Now at 60 and both of my parents are dead, I’m still in my parents house rent free and eating home cooked meals for free… idk how that works because I’ve been in jail before in other lives when I turned 18 and I still got kicked out of my parents’ house. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The game came out today on android and my girlfriend wants to make as much as me but the businesses aren’t on hers since she has an android… are they still there somewhere or does android not include businesses? It’s strange, actually, to see that the more expensive options don’t give you a bigger boost per dollar spent. I have got a level 8 camera and am still making lame and terrible videos.

Try cutting down the unnecessary expenses if you want to earn a profit or reduce the losses. Get this guide started! You have life expenses each week and they are listed in the bottom right of the screen. It’s definitely the most challenging game that we have played in this genre and that’s mostly because of the scenarios. Apart from the studies, there’s something else to complicate things a bit: Skills. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Life Simulator 3 tips, tricks & strategies: –.

At the top menu, go to the second tab – this is the employment section where you can check all kinds of jobs – Life Simulator 3 game features 100s of jobs.

Please help me, In my current life I’m 98 and have several kids and regularly check on them and saw that my eldest(age 67) is retired, and I’m very confused on how you retire.

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