This gave Tarantulas the chance to shoot Rhinox with an energon discharge virus. The Maximals employed "non-violent" means to aid in Tigatron's escape, and Terrorsaur found himself running into a piece of bulkhead. As it turned out, Megatron had matters in hand, and the alien weapon was soon destroyed. The Trigger, Part 1 After repairs were made, the two fliers started back for the island. Victory, After Rhinox was turned into a Predacon by Megatron's Transmuter, Terrorsaur realized that Rhinox was actually working to undermine Megatron's leadership. Terrorsaur and the launching pad were handled with by Airazor. Terrorsaur returned to the Predacon base, where he and Megatron cornered Cheetor, only to discover that the Maximals had sent a bomb through the teleport. Though the Tripredacus Council sought to let hostilities between the Autobots and the Decepticons die out after Optimus Prime and Galvatron both fell in combat, Megatron had more aggressive plans. Beast Wars: Transformers, At the end of a decisive battle, Terrorsaur stood the victor, having defeated all of the other beast warriors. LG-15 Nightbird Shadow Sequel When the giant Waspinator of another world took over Tera-Kura Co., he forced Terrorsaur to fan him with a palm leaf.

When Waspinator left in frustration, Terrorsaur commanded Blackarachnia to "start digging."

While Waspscream's crew was en route back to modern day Cybertron, a temporal disturbance sent Megatron ahead to Cybertron, where he conquered the planet with a transformation virus and converted the populace's bodies into Vehicons.
Not only had his rage towards the Maximals intensified to an alarming degree, but his greater resilience had filled him with new found courage... giving him a new battle strategy of crashing into things at high speeds, kamikaze style. While in the Cauldron, Terrorsaur gave into his base urges, arguably becoming a Minion of Unicron.

Stay Leave . There is currently no world that represents this pet, although there may be in a future update! When the Predacons were on the verge of defeat, Terrorsaur was the last Predacon that stood between the Maximal and entry to the Predacon ship. Purchase for 10,000 coins (Members - Only). Law of the Jungle, During a rare truce between the two sides, Terrorsaur found Tigatron snooping around the Predacon base and sounded the alarm.

Password. Megatron's admiration for the aliens surprised him, and he pointed out loudly that the aliens were trying to kill them.

400 However, as the war progresses, he matures into a more reliable subordinate to Megatron, perhaps even more loyal. The pair pursued Tigatron into a cloud, only to be blasted by some sort of flying island, and subsequently reported back to Megatron. They were meant to be working for Cryotek—however, Megatron had his own agenda that "Terrorsaur" was in on and Buzzbomb wasn't. Element Aftermath, Terrorsaurer was upgraded by Megatron into a gaudy purple body that increased his speed and evasion. Show Sign up. Terrorsaur was nothing short of absolutely terrifying, having been compared to a demonic dragon.

Theft of the Golden Disk.

It has three red spikes on its head.

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