I use my swift for grocery shopping, dropping and pick up kids. Think of Suzuki’s hot hatch more like the Lotus of hatchbacks. Revvy 1.0 Boosterjet engine, stylish with plenty of kerbside appeal, really good fun on twisty roads, engines are refined and economical. Love it? Can someone please confirm that the Suzuki Swift's automatic gearbox is unaltered in it's latest reincarnation ?

You get to grip into a nicely sized leather-clad steering wheel, and it’s flat at the bottom for added raciness, too. There’s a reverse camera, though the image can be a little fuzzy and indistinct depending on the light and weather. June 2019: Suzuki Swift range revised prices: September 2020: Facelifted Suzuki Swift priced from £14,749.

The Swift is driven several times daily around the suburbs for commuting to work, shopping and taking the dogs out. The warning message returned the next time he drove the car though, and every time he now drives it. It makes barely any difference to your level of performance, and the marginal fuel gains aren’t exactly going to win you a Nobel Peace Prize.

I preferred the CVT because it is smooth. 2) Handling - this is not a car for inexperienced drivers.

The development goal was to create an all new hatchback styling that is undoubtedly Suzuki. Swift news, reviews, comparisons and videos, Narrow seats are selective about who they let in. It works, too. It now makes a awkward space where it sinks in, not deep enough and creates a gap between the boot and folding seat. The range starts with the SZ3 and pricing is as follows.

This unit has an output of 111PS and is Direct Injection turbocharged (DITC). 26-10-2018: Continuation of 17-9-2018. Suspension can get jittery over badly surfaced roads.

Purchased in February 2018 at Suzuki Castle hill. Cup holder size is too small. I have owned an 09 reg model from new and am considering replacing it with a 1.2 sz4 model - and read of gearbox issues - I have had none such with my older model....Also, will I miss the extra 300cc ? Is there a city car with a decent automatic gearbox? Because of the tall roof line and upright windscreen, the front seats feel very roomy. Check out our. Ahead of the driver, a pair of analogue gauges give a sports car vibe without trading legibility, and there’s a companion pair of temp and fuel gauges. The new Swift is 10mm shorter than the outgoing model, while its wheelbase is 20mm longer, creating more interior room including 25 per cent more luggage capacity at 254L, or 54 litres more than the outgoing model. 1) Comfort - drive 200kms and see if you can stand up straight, let alone walk. The SZ-T adds grey painted 16-inch alloy wheels, Dual Sensor Brake Support, Lane Departure Warning and Weaving Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitor, Traffic Sign Recognition and rear parking sensors. You will detect a bit of body roll when you turn in initially, but things feel more controlled after that. Although they look okay at first glance, wandering fingers will detect that pretty much all the materials on show are hard, shiny and pretty short on tactile appeal. Purchased at Peter Warren Automotive for A$21,775.00. Only issue under warranty was a dodgy fuel filler release, fixed at first service. That said, repair bills should be fairly few and far between, because most reliability surveys doing the rounds put Suzuki among their top performers. As an update to all this 5 months on, im still reasonably happy with the car, but ill add this. Fiesta. Dealer then spent 2 hours trying to fix it while he waited and eventually he drove the car home about 5 miles and it was OK. It just comes on automatically and you have to turn the volume down. Purchased at Suzuki Dealers for A$18,000.00.

Up front there’s an open differential, and while that’s not an issue most of the time, a limited-slip differential would make spirited drives all the more exciting. What if you could have a car that focused much more on fun and style than comfort and luxury, and you could have it for much less cash than you’d pay for one of the usual suspects?

Engine outputs alone don’t paint the whole Swift picture, though. Hot hatches are enjoying a resurgence as our cities become congested and more buyers are treating themselves to a new car in lieu of an overseas holiday. The spare space saver tyre is as cheap and nasty as it gets. Suzuki dealer said could be done for £228, but Autoglass had no account with them. They had told me that each light represents what the car is running on if it's battery or petrol. Suzuki, fight for a better deal for your customers. This thing really is lots of fun. Well, we say hybrid. First introduced in the previous generation Swift in 2014 this is a well proven and simple fully automatic and permanent four-wheel drive layout which transfers additional torque to the rear wheels when required via a viscous coupling.

I mainly use my car to drive to the bus stop for work, the train for university and to drive to the gym or friends houses.

Replacement key fob is over $500. ProductReview.com.au has affiliate partnerships. 'System warning' message comes up after a short while of driving.

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