Dale will rent a car for the weekend. In a certain math class, there is a total of 600 possible points from 4 tests. She has 8 games left and estimates that she will shoot at about the same pace... A generating station has a maximum demand of 25 MW, a load factor of 60%, a plant capacity factor of 50%, and a plant use factor of 72%. If 7 is added to twice a number and this sum is multiplied by 4 the result is the same as if the number is multiplied by 5 and 10 is added to the product. The combined ages of a dog and his owner are 96 years in total. IRS Audit Report – audit process, what is an irs audit, audit letter, audit which means, examination letter. When these loans go into default standing, your money downside is now a disaster. How long would it take to fill the pool, if they work together? It takes Lois 60 minutes to do the same route. Lisa bought three... Paul mixes nuts worth $1.30 per pound with oats worth $1.65 per pound to get 14 pounds of trail mix worth $1.50 per pound.

You have entered an incorrect email address! If then rises 600 feet, and finally dives another 200 feet. When using cross multiplication in a word problem, how do you know which number is the numerator and which is the denominator?

Today, 13 of the remaining students gave their speeches. Gasoline costs \ \ 2.00 a gallon, and my car gets 30 miles per gallon. Yesterday, 23 of them gave their speeches. One hose can fill a pond in 28 minutes, 2 hoses fill the same pond in 20 minutes. A 20-foot piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 5 feet longer than twice the shorter piece. Solve the following equations: 1) -9 + 4r = 4r - 3 - 6 2) 6x - 2x + 8 = x + 5 3) 4n + 5n + 15 = 5n + 7n. A student bought a juice drink for $2 and a sandwich, the total was $6.50. Determine how much money you would earn this week (including your 5% commission) before taxes are taken out. You can also evaluate expressions, factor polynomials, combine/multiply/divide expressions. How many adult tickets were sold that day? The very first thing to consider when looking for an auto electrician is that they are not a daily mechanic. If there are 245 total preschoolers enrolled then how many are boys? If at all possible, schedule the analytical classes to take place the day after the idea generating periods. The best feature is if the app has stumbled, it will direct you to a Bing search result to presumably help you find an explanation. How much was the sandwich. Solve the equation 30w + 60 = 270 to find how many weeks w it will take Uma to save enough to buy the system. If the elevator operator weighs 270 pounds and each cement bag weighs 50 pounds, how many bags of cement can be safely lif... Desmond will build a rectangular vegetable garden. Determine the maximum number of hours you can rent a bike if you only have $102. The sum of the two numbers is 36. Taylor Swift leaves Philadelphia for a concert in Dallas. A total of 25 % of her salary is deducted for taxes and insurance.

Jackie has a jar with dimes and quarters in it. He has. If x represents the length... A licensed nurse practitioner is instructed to give a patient 2,100 milligrams of an antibiotic over a period of 48 hours.

How much did her brother save? Working alone, the Bill can paint a room in 12 hours. All 3 together have $377.00. Now you’ll be able to safely say that Math is simple and that it isn’t exhausting to solve math word problems. What is the area, in square fee... Gustavs father is seven times as old as he is. The smaller number is 1/6 of the larger number. Each of us has a predominant conflict fashion. How old are they now? Translate the following to an algebraic equation. When Joshua is 23 years old, how old will his sister be? The sum of three consecutive integers is 99. What is the cost of a cheeseburger? © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. If you double and then triple a number, this is the same as cutting the number in half. If the county of Queens, New York, has a population of approximately 2,200,000 and the area is 110 mi^2, how many people are there per square mile?

A purse contains 19 coins worth $3.40. Rent can deliver his newspapers in 30 minutes. Dakota's math test grade was 7 points less than his science test grade. Composed of forms to fill-in and then returns analysis of a problem and, when possible, provides a step-by-step solution. Total receipts were $35,000. A washer and a dryer cost $750 combined. If their sum is 103, find both numbers. The number of red beads Sheila has is four times as many as the number of green beads she has.

A cash register contains only five dollar and ten dollar bills. M is 5 years older than N. The product of their ages is 84. Find the number. Tom, a new clerk, needs 11 hours to do the same job. plenty of mental dexterity obtained through continuous practice. What were his weekly earnings? Mrs. Rodger got a weekly raise of $145. He counts 1 more rabbit than chickens. Twice the second number is 9 less than 5 times the first. How long will it take each of them to do it alone?

Brad has a circular garden with a radius of 3 feet. If Tina earns $10.50 per hou... Of each dollar spent on textbooks at college bookstores, 23.7 cents goes to the college store for profit, store operations, and personnel. Find each number. Long ago, I embraced my failure to do more than multiplication. 17 \\b.... Two lengths of stereo speaker wire total 32.5 ft. One length is 2.9 ft longer than the other. If stock B doubles in value and stock A goes up 50%, his stock... Five times the sum of a number and eight is fifty-five.

How many reams of each color s... Susan Marciano invested part of her S 13,000 bonus in a fund that paid an 8% profit and invested the. What is your salary per day period?

Simplifying fractions into Another of the apps that solve math word problems. five effective means to do so: (1) Read the question. David can finish painting the room in 6 hours, and his elder brother antony can finish it in 4 hours.

So, excluding it from this list would be a disservice to YouTube. (assume all students are either a poet, or a noveli... A boy and her friend are buying ice cream from an ice cream parlor, he is missing 3 cents to buy an ice cream bar. Prove the proposition that in a room of 13 people, 2 or more people have their birthday in the same month. How many dimes are there? How long is the shorter piece? On the subsequent Friday at 7 pm it was noticed that the watch was 13 minutes slow. At a movie theater, the adult ticket price is $8 and the child ticket is $6. The sum of the numbers is 35. A tennis lesson lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and should include an 8-min break with equal time before and after the break. How long does it take Craig to rake the yard alone? Ahmad served 5 more orders than Jane. Alice saved $2900. Erik has a part-time job that pays him $9.10 an hour. using the same letter to represent different unknowns (although letters Ryan has a job transporting soft drinks by truck. Julia spent $58 on a book. Fortunately, Math Tricks is an excellent app to sharpen your calculating skills.

Working alone, Hilger could do the job in 15h.

After 2 hours, Taylor's bus has traveled 50% further than Kellie's bus... Each auditorium has both floor seats, and balcony seats. Their combined area is 300,224 square miles. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is 2604 feet longer than the Brooklyn Bridge. If the assistant worked for 5 fewer hours than the engineer, how much... Carroll Blakemore, a drafting student, bought three templates and a mechanical pencil one day for $7.95. Generally, solving a word problem involves four easy steps: Read through the problem and set up a word equation — that is, an equation that contains words as well as numbers. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. A garden store sells Kentucky bluegrass seed for $9 per pound and ryegrass seed for $3 per pound. a) 25% b) 60% c) 35%... Set up and solve a system of equations to answer the following. The selling price for a classic speedboat is $20,000, which is $2000 less than two times its original price. How much was the blouse? A total of $23,456.78 was invested in two funds paying 2% and 1 annual interest. The younger son can do the same job in 12 hours. If one can of paint covers 200 square feet, what is the s... Come up with a number. If she earns a total of 97200 per year, What is her monthly salary? In a small city, a taxi cab charges $4 plus 90 cents per mile for an airport pickup. The world’s biggest free video library houses over 500 hours of videos that are added every minute. If the hardwood flooring costs $7.69 per square foot, what is the cost of flooring the kitchen and breakfast areas? What is the number of lions? These include: Alex counts 100 legs from the bottom of the cage. Yes, Photomath is the best app that will help you solve word problems. During an intramural basketball game, Team A scored 12 fewer points than Team B. Nghiep gave his mother half of his weekly earnings and then spent half of what was left on a new shirt. Almost instant, step-by-step solutions USE OWL HAT.

If you want to save $2,000.00 in one year, how much should you set aside from your paycheck each week? Forty-eight dollars ($48) in tips is to be divided among three restaurant waiters.

The perimeter of a patio is 64 feet.

An elevator at a construction site has a maximum capacity of 1370 pounds. He has as many nickels as he has dimes and quarters combined. d) 174 boys. How many boxes of cupcakes must she buy in order to have enough cupcakes to give... San is 108 year old. Create three equations from the stated problem and then solve.

The cost of a notebook is twice the cost of a pen. (4) Memorize arithmetic computations that deserve memorization. The long p... Kevin stuffs shrimp in his job as a seafood chef. One client wrote me a letter about her expertise with a leaking faucet. A rental company charges $75 a day and 50 cents a mile for renting a truck. The total amount of money he has is $3.00. The width of the patio is 12 feet and the length of the patio is (x + 6) feet. ... Solves various basic math and algebra word problems with numbers Features: Calculator | Practice Problem GeneratorTags: consecutive, integer, word problem Overtime. What expression... A youth club held a pancake breakfast to raise money for a trip. Tom can do the same job in 30 minutes.

How many quarters does he have? Problems turn out to be tougher when there isn’t any apparent answer and techniques that you’ve tried prior to now don’t work. How long will it take them if they work together (using 2 lawn mowers)? Add 3 to it. A totally free app that worth a look. Too many married people really feel like dirt because of the way in which they are treated by their partner. What was the price of the blouse? Jon is 24 years old. Food provision for them is for 20 days. they combine their money... Theater tickets are $ 8 for general admission and $ 5 for students. If he has 34 fewer dimes than nickels, how many coins (nickels and dimes) does he have altogether? Which one is easier to add?

How many bills are in the box?

How much shelving does the baker need to buy? Your paycheck each week is $500.00. How much did the backpack cost? Over 9000 sample papers (Class 6 to Class 12, CBSE & ICSE). 7 workers can make 210 pairs of the cup in 6 days.

A fence runs from the first post to the last post. Bill's roast beef sells 4 times as many sandwiches as Pete's deli. Then you can use the rest of what you know to figure out how to do Step 3 — solve the equation. Jim and his dad are bricklayers. The total value of the coins in the jar is $7.75. Multiplication table skills can also be honed here. Pure acid is to be added to a 10% acid solution to obtain 90L of 48% solution. A shake? How long would it take his father to build it alone?

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