- Get the rear percentage as close to the manufacturer's specs as possible.

I've read all the info before, in various places, but it's good to have a refresher. As the crew chief for Bobby Alison in 1983, NASCAR inspectors made a habit of tearing Nelson’s car down during the season because they believed he had been hiding extra fuel somewhere on the car. This will dynamically take out wedge, but on turn exit the weight will transfer back to put at least some of the wedge back in the left rear. In 1995, Evernham was fined $60,000 for using illegal suspension parts at the Charlotte race on the #24 Dupont Chevrolet. Brake pads on GM calipers can be viewed through a hole at the top of the caliper. The Pros know and live the basics to keep them fast as our sport evolves. - To increase left-side weight, move weight as far to the left as possible. Lay the bag flat onto the scale pad, partially open to vent, lower the car into the bag. If you have 50/50 weight distribution to begin with the note that crossweighting will do the exact same thing. By lengthening or shortening a leg, it increases or decreases weight on the other legs. The rule doesn’t specify which chassis the stock springs come from.

Basically so long as I don't completely overcook a corner entry, it does better than any car this heavy has any right to... Good stuff. One of the most important aspects of racing is having a good handling balance. Let him know that you appreciate that he is in a tough spot and you want to work with him on finding a good solution. Ideally, you want to run out of gear at the end of the straightaway, just before you hit the rev limiter.

Use care when dealing with heat around the shock.

If you get the car neutral in left turns, it oversteers in right turns. The car can also be loose if the right rear tire is not loaded enough. Taking the time and making the effort always pay dividends. Plus, it’s friendlier to the environment.

We don’t need to look any further than NASCAR to illustrate this point.

Equal weight on each front wheel, same on the rear.

Offer a resolution by fixing it before the next race.

The tech inspectors catch on that he is running direct drive with no converter and ask him for an explanation. Rotating weight is significantly reduced because the unit requires no fluid inside. Or do you just mean an old, worn-out strut? Additionally, it is much more difficult to change rear percentage much, since rear weight is mostly a design function.

Draining the oil from the left side shocks can give you the effect of a “tie down” shock in the lighter-weight cars.

Tires – Size matters, and so does softness. Dirt stock car right front spring. Acknowledged as one of the greatest automotive minds of our time, Smokey proudly claimed that by operating in the gray areas of the rulebook, NASCAR was forced to write rules to counter his innovations.

There are many ways to corner balance a car.

Rethink Dirt: Advanced Dirt Track Theory. Remember Smokey’s saying that “If it isn’t in the rules, it must be legal.” Take this example – the rules state that the car must have a torque converter. A good practice is to coat the tire on one day, let it sit overnight and coat the tire again the next day. On a road course, the cross-weight percentage should be very close to 50 percent, within a half-degree either way, to keep the handling balance similar in a right-hand turn compared to a left-hand turn. Our driver puts an old torque converter in the trunk and shows up for the race. If you don’t chew up the module cover when you are removing it, this “cheat” is visually undetectable. And what do you mean by "lots of bearings"? Be sure to have the weight of the driver in the seat. Cheating also makes perceived good guys and heroes.

Does it keep everyone from trying to get an advantage by installing “illegal” parts? Junior is quoted as saying, “There’s a difference in cheating and creating. Funny. A jumbo ziploc bag prevents lube from escaping when not in use. We'll send you the most interesting Street Rod articles, news, car features, and videos every week. The bottom line is still the same; changing brake bias without a brake bias control. In stock classes where bias controls are not allowed, there are a couple of useful cheats that can help you turn left and keep up your momentum through the corner. Subscribe now.

These are the “I wish I knew then what I know now” type of things. Many tracks and series have rules that state that an engine can’t be moved back in the chassis, but nothing is written about moving the engine forward in the car. Strive for repeatable and take the measurement as a data point, instead of an absolute. For instance, at turn in, if the car has one hundred and twenty pounds of wedge and is tight; softening the right front spring fifty pounds per inch may dynamically take enough wedge out of the car to allow it to turn neutrally into the corner. Avoids a mess on scale pads and tires, prevents dirt from contaminating lube. Because the transmission input shaft is driven directly from the engine, reaction is far greater than through a stock torque converter. Build respect with your competitors and the track officials. The rear weight percentage is found in a similar manner: Add the LR and the RR weight together and divide the sum by the total weight. Davis Technologies is one manufacturer of electronic traction control that is “sensor-less” and not much bigger than a matchbox. If the right front spring rate is too soft for the amount of wedge run, the car could suffer from a lack of drive off the corner or become loose off the corner. Many electronic scales will perform the calculations for you. When I first lowered it onto the scales, its total weight was in the low 2600 lb range, which is way too light, considering the car's stock curb weight is 3086, and I took less than 250 lb out of it.

I plugged in a bunch of numbers into my calculator and it all checks out. - If you lower the ride height at a given corner, that corner will lose weight as will the diagonally opposite corner. We have heard of racers using transmission fluid to soak their tires in, but we have not yet confirmed the success of this method. It was a good car.

A stiffer front right spring can help transfer weight to the back left during corner exit. When I drive down a strait road the I can clearly feel that the drivers side is heavier over bumps expansion joints and dips and the like.

In the example at the beginning of the article, this was the problem: a cross-weight percentage that was less than 50 percent, and probably off by at least two percent. If you are shaking like a Chihuahua when you go through tech, you’re gonna get busted.

Left side weight helps getting the car through the corner, and front weight can help with steering control. He later became the Vice President of NASCAR’s R & D facility in 2002. 2. Using a big engine. Are they adjustable? Transmission gears can also be milled to reduce weight.

On the other hand, it drives really, REALLY good for being setup by this idiot behind the keyboard, and I really don't wanna spoil a good setup by chasing after a perfect setup... at least not yet. Corner weighting is huge. Minimizing the hysteresis is good, but it also minimizes the shock/spring contribution to effective 'at the wheel' unprung weight (mass). A lightened crankshaft with leading edges milled to minimize windage and cut through the oil easier. Thinking about this a little, the weight measured by the scales is the sum of the force of gravity acting on the car's mass, and the force of the springs pressing downward. Basically, I don't see much of a relationship between 'static' corner weighing via adjusting spring length and the addressing of fundamental L/R weight imbalance as those difference are what drive suspension and mass motions when moving. In street cars, the natural bias of the brakes is more toward the front because of the weight shift of the car under braking. Please read this article first then read Shocks: A Mystery No More. - If you raise the ride height at a given corner (put a turn in or add a round of wedge), the weight on that corner will increase, as will the weight on the diagonally opposite corner. 4. Softening the right front spring rate can also add traction by dynamically loading the left front and right rear more; this also compresses the right rear spring more and adds side bite, which will turn into forward traction off the corner. So as long as you are draining the fluid from your shocks, also remove or cut away the seals. Like stories like this? Great!

Using a big gas tank.

You can support the tire on jackstands and paint the tire’s tread like you would paint a wall.

“That’s different,” you say?

That leaves the left front brake providing the “real” braking which pulls the car to the left. This will not change the left-side or rear weight percentages.

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