The Sight: What Fae say is the reason why Humans can see Faeries. Those of the "higher-ranked" Seelie are typically enchanting, beautiful and gorgeous beyond measure, enough so … Breathing in air saturated by iron particles can leave them sick. Addendum: The sight can show up in only one eye as implied in the book Valiant by Holly Black.

Seelie Court that can be known at times to play mischief upon mortals.

Otherwise the person will wither up and die. We've been on the edge of a war for more than a thousand years. Iron: Faeries can not stand the touch of iron, it burns and weakens them. A notable hobgoblin is Puck, but we will get to him in a bit. Royal Bloodlines: Are iffy. We eat from them or we die. I might come back and add more as time goes on if I run into a situation while writing that falls into these kinds of ‘rules’.

Read Rules of the Fae from the story (Requests Open) Countryhuman Shitbook by Skyeliss with 73 reads. TRICK: Those born of only one Fae don't have any Fae abilities. The Fae Courts:-Seelie (More benevolent, Kind does not mean Good, more manipulative) -Unseelie (More cruel, less inclined to come … – (, TRICK: Most of us feed on the humans in some way.

TRICK: The issue between the Light and Dark Fae is a little more than just not liking each other. If a person eats Fae food IN Faerie lands they become trapped and unable to stomach human food ever again if they escape. YOU ARE READING (Requests Open) Countryhuman Shitbook Fanfiction. I have no ideas, yet … The Summer Court has free reign over summer solstice and spring equinox months, and are strongest during that time. Needless to say, the fae of this court are frivolous, venereal, hot-headed and what have you. Can be passed down genetically but does occur randomly in the population. The Seelie Court is filled with the beautiful faerie entities that many expect the fae folk to be. Such as a severe sickness, a curse, or straight up murder. Think of it as the equivalent of Avalon in the Arthurian legends or Tolkien's Valinor (the land where all the elves migrated after leaving Middle-Earth). stories, statehumans, fluff. I have plans on writing a few books in a similar setting to this one so chances are these rules are going to apply in other stories as well. There are no half human, half faerie people. They are the epitome of summer. Sentient Under Fae have not been referred to as being Light Fae or Dark Fae, but probably have to choose a clan as well since the Blood Laws keep members … The dullahan is a scary Unseelie in Irish folklore. But if a Human lets on that they can see the Fae for what they are the Fae take interest in that Human. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Vote.

So for my own piece of mind I am going to write down how the Fae world works in my story and the rules here for my own future reference.

Breeding: Fae Blood Breeds True. Modern cities are risky for the Fae to live in because they risk running into iron, though that risk has been lessened by modern metal smiting and steel. – (, THE BLACKTHORN: Humans are food. LAUREN: How did you know? The Truth: Faeries can not lie. It lets them hide, change their appearances, disguise objects as other objects, create illusions out of thin air, etc. Addendum: Humans who don’t posses the sight can see the Faeries with the use of an Adder stone aka hag stone. Won't over-hunt. The child of a human and fae union will always be Fae.

The Fae Courts:

We respect the kill. Now the Dark Fae, they tend to kill for pleasure, not just need...We're more like your Native American hunters. -The Solitary Fae (Fae that live outside of the court systems, usually associates with whichever court is closest when they have to, tricksters). Whereas the Unseelie Court rules the fae of the night, the unholy and malevolent, the cruel and cold. They really vary from court to court. In high enough doses it can kill them. Addendum: A human can break the spell on another human if they are able to get the afflicted human fae food in the mortal realm. Master manipulators, they can tell half-truths and some even more powerful Fae can tell white lies.

Light leaders are named after our sacred trees. So for my own piece of mind I am going to write down how the Fae world works in my story and the rules here for my own future reference.

-Seelie (More benevolent, Kind does not mean Good, more manipulative) TAMSIN: What's the difference between Light and Dark anyway? – (. And I think that is about it.

-Unseelie (More cruel, less inclined to come off as gracious to humans, more direct) However, their actions, while inconvenient, never amount to true and violent harm. The Power of Names: If a Faerie knows the full, true name of a human or of another Faerie that Faerie has power over that being. Some courts elect rulers, while others fight in death matches for control/ A few follow traditional bloodlines like most human monarchies do, these are typically Seelie courts. – (, HALE: The Dark Fae take their names from dead warriors. Their blood, energy, emotion. Many of the Under Fae appear to be non-sentient.

As Bo is unaligned, her relationships fall outside of Fae rules. Fae Food: If humans eat Fae food they become ‘fae marked’. This is heavily inspired by the poem The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti, which was very inspiring to me and almost part of my English thesis except I didn’t end up having to write one. – (, LAUREN: Fae puberty happens anywhere between the ages of 11 and 16, just like humans. Irish folklore begins at the talk of the Tuatha Dé Danann (remember them from the first lesson? It’s the nature of Fae. This means Faeries are alerted to their existence in the world more strongly, and they are more inclined to take that person away into Faerie lands.

), a mythological race that has since moved on from Ireland and to magical Tir Na Nog, an island only reachable if one is a being of magic. Low grade steel can have a similar though less caustic affect on the Fae. The fae of this court are generally considered more polite or mannered, albeit they are still very capable of cruelty (but will be more hush-hush, or subtle about it). Thanks for reading! There are a lot of things that are ‘traditional’ rules for faeries and a lot of things that differ from culture to culture or author to author.

Don't eat the young.

Like the hobgoblin, brownies are the popular household spirits in Scotland and England. Harassment, So they have become masters of language to twist their words around and still be able to get what they want. (In Waves, Bo deliberately chose to align herself with the Dark Fae so that she could find her way back to the Death Train and save Rainer from it.) Humans are also able to control the Faeries with the same rule if they know the name.

Another set of monsters from the water out to drown the poor mortals.

The … Rules of the Fae II Invading: A shitpost Invading: A shitpost II Invading: A shitpost III Invading: A shitpost Finale The Wrong Heartbeat tease Across the Universe tease Welcome to 2050 The Horny Russians Predicted Germany's Experiments Partners in Crime Partners in Crime II Frozen Yogurt New Reading List.

Old age and weakness may occur after thousands and thousands of years and if a Fae chooses to they may cease to be and vanish, becoming ethereal antimatter. Tir Na Nog is also the equivalent to the faery world, where the Fey reside parallel to humans. Tagged as Fae Lore, Faeries, Kelpie, Kelpie Project, Story Telling, World Building, Writing, NaNoWriMo 2k17 Progress Report: Week Four, NaNoWriMo 2k17 Progress Report: Week Three, Archive Game Extras: Character Mood Boards. I have plans on writing a few books in a similar setting to this one so chances are these rules are going to apply in other stories as well. Dobby the House-Elf courtesy of Warner Bros. Then, of course, there are certain creatures of the. If the Fae who marked or took them releases them of the bonds then they can eat human food again.

When I say rules I am referencing how magic will be functioning in my story. Glamour: The main magic that all Fae possess. Lifespan: Fae folk are ‘functionally immortal’ in that they will live forever unless something unnatural occurs to them. Allows Humans to see through the Fae glamour for what they really are, and allows Humans to see the Fae when they are going by invisible or unnoticed. The Seelie Court rules the fae folk of the morning, the holy and benevolent, the majestic and warm.

It lets them manipulate how and what humans see. How'd you know it wasn't over.

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