Ce puii mei? List of profanities in the Romanian language, Profanities referring to sexual intercourse, "Structuri ale invectivei în româna actuală", "Dicționar explicativ al limbii române | DEX online", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Romanian_profanity&oldid=976476353, Articles with Romanian-language sources (ro), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. (literally “You’re rubbing my fish eggs / my melody”). Eg. Among the most common curse words there are as follows: băga-mi-aş pula – roughly translated to “I would stick my dick in”. I get the sim card out and give it back when he’s calmed down, then he thanks me in English and tells me that “beach, she is crazy. Another one is "futu-ți pizda mă-tii", "fuck your mother's cunt".

5+ BEST VEGAN & VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS IN CLUJ-NAPOCA & VEGETARIAN TRADITIONAL ROMANIAN FOOD. It doesn’t say what. Her name’s Gabriella and has no kids, and he was bemused as to why the hell I thought he had a daughter named Paula that kept wondering off to fast food places and watching them grill burgers. The female version of bulangiu may be bulangioaică or bulangie, but feminine forms are rare. Time limit is exhausted. Nenorocit, originally an old popular word that literally translates as "unlucky" and described a disadvantaged or unhappy person (similar to the English phrase "poor devil"), is now used in a powerfully pejorative sense with a meaning similar to "motherfucker" in English.

Start from here: Commonly used when you’ve been trying  to do something without success or for unexpected events that attempt to ruin your day. There is a rich vocabulary of insults involving prostitution in Romanian. [DO tay DRAH koo] = Go to hell!

The most creative profanities are not so commonly used because 1. they’re generally too long and 2. because they’re really really awful and…bad. The word pulă can be translated into English as dick, cock, or prick and is a vulgar way of referring to the penis. Of course, this includes variations such as sugi pula – which conveniently translates to “suck the dick”. Du-te-n pisicii ma-tii! Yes, that is sarcasm!). It carries the same meaning as "moron" or "jerk" in American English, or "wanker" in British English. is that yo’mamma swear that makes an appeal to someone’s origins while keeping a level of decency by bringing this beloved vegetable in discussion. Please reload the CAPTCHA. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 5.Te pupa mata rece – think about it…. they are. Plimba ursu! a rude way to avoid a salesman or a beggar. Try just asking him. “Dute-n pisicii matii!” is quite used in Romania, so no, the other person won’t laugh. - Futu-ți Cristoșii mă-tii de căcat rânit cu lopata, meaning (fuck) your mother's Christ, you shit taken off with a shovel. It is most commonly used in expressions such as "în pula mea", which literally translates as in my cock, but has a meaning nearer to the English fuck in that it expresses anger or dissatisfaction. Please reload the CAPTCHA. 3.pingele- balls It is used by the males to describes all those women that have not treat them right and. Only more explicit. Death is also a recurring element of most forms of profanity in Romanian. A more "traditional" euphemism for this expression is "paștele mă-tii" ("your mother's Easter"), mainly employed because of its phonetic similarity to pizdă. This selection of words is used for that special someone who is really stepping on your     nerves and you just want to send them in a place that suits them better. (literally “What my chickens? This euphemism is less insulting than the above phrases and often finds its way into informal conversations.

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