He is from an enormously wealthy family of scholars and industrialists, and was one of the most prominent and famous people in the Yellowstone Demarchy during the Belle Epoque. Tanner Mirabel was a former soldier/assassin from Sky's Edge, later becoming security chief to arms trader Cahuella. I was actually expecting Elysium Fire to be about the origins of the plague (nanites in people's heads going rogue), but it turned out not to be the case, and I feel we might be getting teed up for a third Dreyfus/Ng book where they suspect a repeat of EF events, but it actually turns out to be the plague. He is from an enormously wealthy family of scholars and industrialists, was driving force behind the Resurgam expedition and leader of the colony. Field Prefect: Prefects experienced enough to police the Glitter Band. Revelation Space is a 2000 science fiction novel by Welsh author Alastair Reynolds.It was the first novel (but not published work of fiction) set in Reynolds's eponymous universe.The novel reflects Reynolds's professional background: he has a PhD in astronomy and worked for many years for the European Space Agency. Aumonier, now back in power, refuses and orders Panoply to ready for war. Supreme Prefect: The chief of the entire organisation. No, the first thing they did was find a way to communicate directly. Before they can conclude their investigation, however, the Ultranauts take justice into their own hands and destroy the ship, but not before Dreyfus is able to converse with the captain, who convinces him that his crew were not responsible. I love John Lee's narration, too! What seems to be missing is the presence of the insectile robots that tend to be employed by him, but I believe the nanites ubiquitous to Demarchist society were a convenient and easily controlled analogue to that end. Dan Sylveste is the son of Calvin Sylveste and one of the central characters of Revelation Space. Warren Clavain is Nevil's older brother, who is introduced in the short story The Great Wall of Mars. If Panoply feels the need to use heavier weaponry, this must be voted on by the entire Glitter Band in an emergency poll before any action can be undertaken (although Panoply command ignores this limitation in the novel, and uses heavy weapons in spite of a vote against it).

Remontoire is one of the most prominent of the founding Conjoiners. The Glitter Band is a group of ten-thousand orbital habitats orbiting Yellowstone with a population of 100-million humans. She is unusual amongst Conjoiners in that she has no fear of being away from the mother nest, having been trained in infiltration and special ops. Dan Sylveste Edit. If the imprisoned Grub was the source of the initial infection, it occurs to me that their very logical mindset wouldn't be interested in making humans and machines into one melded organism, but would more likely have used it to find a way to communicate with the human population of CC. They did not actively monitor the galaxy in their wait for a new star-faring culture to suppress, instead they planted a series of triggers near interesting phenomena or structures in the galaxy and waited for sapient life to activate those triggers. As such, she is unable to control the weevils effectively, and the Prefects are destroying them in alliance with the Ultras. The hints of a quadrupedal, warm-blooded vertebrate past could be faintly discerned in their architectures. Senior Prefect: Field Prefects that have shown themselves experienced enough to serve the administration of Panoply. Scorpio, a Pig, is an ex-crime lord from Chasm City. Make a farm. ‘He brought the Melding Plague here, after all.’‘Brought it?’ Zebra said. Consequently, they showed little interest in non-sapient life, or civilisations that had not progressed beyond their own star system.

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. However, that introduced the problem of greenfly, a self-replicating, terraforming machine gone wrong that ravaged systems. The ultra-secret Panoply unit, Firebrand, was established to research it. It is the fifth novel set in the Revelation Space universe, and the first in the A Prefect Dreyfus Emergency series. Dreyfus meets with the Clockmaker, who reveals that he is actually Philip Lascaille, a character in Revelation Space who was believed to have committed suicide after meeting with the Shrouders, but was in fact scanned to produce a simulation, which was sent back to the Shrouders, who turned it into the Clockmaker. The Mademoiselle was an emissary of the Shrouders, possibly an artificial intelligence, who was imprinted on the brain of Carine Lefevre when the latter entered Lascialle's Shroud. Analysis indicates that the habitat has been destroyed by the flame of a Conjoiner Drive, and Dreyfus's team believe the lighthugger Accompaniment of Shadows, the only one to have been near the habitat in recent weeks, is responsible. Complete exciting match 3 levels, collect unique ingredients to make the tastiest food around and fight for the title of World's Top Chef, and get valuable prizes!

The plague was probably something he carried without even knowing it; an old infection to which he had long since adapted. The daughter of Ana Khouri and a renegade from Resurgam named Thorn, Aura is altered in utero in the Hades matrix to convey knowledge of advanced technologies, in order to fight the Inhibitors. Dreyfus speaks with one of them about the Clockmaker, an alien machine which formerly lived in a Glitter Band research centre, creating, as its name suggests, clocks, before it began a violent killing spree and was destroyed with nuclear weapons nine years prior to the novel. I plan to read (listen to) Elysium Fire next, and maybe this is all explained there, but am I crazy for slapping all of this together in my mind? Normally it was much preferred to exercise (relative) restraint and preserve the long-term ability of the affected worlds to support life. After one Shadowplay event she was recruited by the Mademoiselle to infiltrate the crew of the lighthugger Nostalgia for Infinity. Also, the Grubs show no inclination whatsoever to artistic expression, which seems to form an integral part of the MP somehow. Build a town on a tropical island. She and some of the survivors of the last habitat take refuge in its polling core tower, barricading the entrance.

Calvin Sylveste, son of Lorean Sylveste and father to Dan Sylveste, is a character that is referenced often in all books of the series, but is most prominent in Revelation Space. He and Sparver then analyse communication records from the Ruskin-Sartorious habitat, and discover links with an orbiting asteroid owned by the Nerval-Lermontov family (a member of which was called Aurora).

Revelation Space Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. He also makes a re-appearance in the short story Grafenwalder's Bestiary. Überblick. Free Match 3 Puzzle & City Building Game! I have read CC, and like I mentioned to /u/DMVSavant, I did remember that Dream Fuel came from the Grubs, but the lore about the series states that it began in the Glitterband and spread to CC from there. At the beginning of Revelation Space, Volyova is the keeper of the Cache Weapons. While the novel takes place in the Revelation Space universe, it has little connection to the other novels. Panoply does not have the right to carry armed weaponry as standard, with the exception of whip-hounds, electronic whips that are used primarily in defence.

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