Our staff, however, is working diligently and creatively to use every means at our disposal to make your student’s welcome to Princeton as warm and effective as possible.

You can also participate in a range of educational programs presented by the Alumni Association. I don’t see a student contribution (or a job expectation) listed in my financial aid award. For students on financial aid, the cost of the dining plan will be included in their aid budget.

Princeton University's TigerHub is a secure website where undergraduate and graduate students complete academic and enrollment functions, including the following: Maintain Personal information; Sign in for the academic year; Enroll in courses, including adding, dropping, or swapping courses Even notification of the tuition bill is mailed directly to the student, and you will not be able to view this information until your student grants you access to the account. I, n mid-July, students will be notified of their assignment to one of our six residential colleges, which will be their academic, co-curricular, and (eventually) residential home for two or more years. He is studying reports from public health officials; from our own faculty, many of whom have important perspectives on this debate; and from New Jersey’s Governor, Phil Murphy, whose state executive orders have guided our campus policy since the pandemic’s start.

Each stop offers supplemental materials, including 360-degree panoramas, photos and videos. Preparing for a Career in the Health Professions. The group is maintained by and for families of Princeton University students. In the event of a campus emergency, the University posts news and other official information as quickly as possible on the main University website, www.princeton.edu.

Congratulations, again, on your student’s choice to attain the best liberal arts education imaginable. Student employment for the fall term will likely be limited to exclusively remote work. 330 Alexander Street, 4th floor

Delegated parents/guardians can then view their student’s account from Princeton’s Tiger Family Hub by logging in with their claimed Princeton Network ID (NetID). 4. As new activity occurs, an email notification will direct you to the Student Financial Center where you may review account activity, make a payment, or request a refund. 5. Students who apply for Emergency Residency will be notified of their status by Friday, August 14. This reduced rate will be used in all financial aid packages and will not change parental contributions. The Office of Finance & Treasury strongly encourages students to enroll in direct deposit to ensure a timely release of available credit. You will be charged the reduced tuition, class dues, and if you are a first-year student, the transcript fee.

Your parent contribution will be based on a review of your 2020-21 aid application and supporting documents.

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