and she knew that was what he was doing. Percy is furious, the other campers are terrified, and Jason, Piper and Leo are stunned. Saving the world is a trial and error process isn't it? "Percy, stop it!" It’s no secret. When an immortal being sends a message to Camp Half-Blood asking for Nico, Annabeth, and Percy, you know something is wrong. For a moment it struckherhow underestimated Percy was in that respect. However, things never seemed to work out for Scarlet Lady because first she has to hear Chat’s awful complaining all the time and now - Chat’s just staring at her like he’s never seen her before in his life. I recently made a post about an au: what is Percy had fallen in Tartuaras  alone? he would talk to her in whispers about how scared he was, of what he went through and what he had seen. she loved him with everything she had. cute percy ; Other Additional Tags to Be Added; Pairings To Be Confirmed; Summary. Here's where you're wrong. Share. She swam towards them and was greeted by a very worried Jason and a disgruntled Annabeth. This is a rewrite of Never Stood a Chance with more chapters and explanation. Why is everything off script? He also started to control more and more amount of water as time passed. Jason frowned. Even if it will cost him his life... Again. Rated T for language. Passing maths and preventing Kronos from rising at the same gods-damn time? "Was there any tips offs?" Story Title: Percy Jackson: Too Powerful. He sounded so confident and calm, so dangerous.It was the opposite to the cheerful boy she'd come to know. Suddenly, his musings were cut short when something started feeling off. Making the legendary son of Poseidon mad wasn't something smart people did. Percy also made sure to read as many books from the nearby public library as possible. When he pointed the snake lady to his mother she just said that he was imagining things but her paled face told him he wasn't. Toby didn't save Olympus twice, Toby didn't got to hell and back, Toby didn't slay 500 million monsters, but Toby is the … Dark Percy Jackson; Smart Percy; Summary. What's the point of saving the world if there is no one left to live in it? Without Annabeth by his side, he was pretty sure he was going to have a long list of pissed off gods waiting for him by the end of, whatever this was. She wasn't sure. Sally dies on the run, leaving Percy to be raised by a trio of nature spirits.Watch what happens when Percy is raised to have a very different idea of what constitutes a good childhood, and how this will change the events to come. Poseidon (Percy Jackson) is a Good Parent, Poseidon may not understand his kid but he is supportive, but they would burn if they were exposed to a gods divine form, It pretty much a god claiming you as theirs, Nico Di Angelo/Jason Grace/Percy Jackson/Luke Castellan/Octavian, 'Tis A Fearful Thing To Love What Death Can Touch, Walcott (Don't You Want to Get Out of Cape Cod Tonight? One day, one completely normal Tuesday (because nothing exciting every happens on a Tuesday), an akuma appears. It was her turn to take watch from him and as she silently approached him from behind she couldn't help but think about his battle with the sea monster earlier. Please review and let me know how you feel about this :), Making the legendary son of Poseidon mad wasn't something smart people did. it was obvious he wanted percy dead. Everyone's gone, from both camps, and Percy is broken. Uncertainly, Adrien slowly put his arm around her again and she put her head on his shoulder. There was a whole thing in PJO about not restraining his powers, out letting them out. The Gods have been killed by Nyx now the power they once held is given to the last two beings alive to save their world Percy and Annabeth make a deal with Chaos. And as it seemed, Percy was using only a fraction of his powers. "How does it feel to know that you could charmspeak someone into doing anything you want? Compared tothemonster Percy looked small and Piper began to panic, what if Percy got hurt? What if he found out who he is and learned to control his powers? Because I think she’d still want to know everything so that she could be useful, and not be a burden (bc thats what abandonment issues look like ppl) so she’ll still be badass and smart. The final clue that helped him figure out his difference was the one he got was today in his school trip to the aquarium. He wanted to be more like Theseus, a smart man and a leader. If you like PJO and/or HP, check out my fanfic :).

What if Percy actually caught him hitting Sally when he was younger? And insulting Annabeth and Percy's relationship? She was startled out of her thoughts by a quiet voice from the very person she'd been studying. Over the past weeks on the Argo II Piper had come to like Percy. "There you have your answer," he said as he headed towards his cabin "goodnight Piper." Is “loved” the right term now, instead? "Piper? It would be their fault, her fault that she didn't stop him. And when the only available conclusion to all the evidence he's gathered is that he's the son of a god, what will he do? I have to work hard to become the best from now on.' Percy Jackson is powerful and it terrifies the gods. "Silena, Beckendorf, Michael, Zoe, Luke dying is good riddance on them?" it was as if percy’s aura had..changed. "You're right.

My interests are listed below, if you have any that you also like or want me to look into something else so I can talk about it with you, just let me know!

Seven year old Percy Jackson knew he was different. That was when he made the connection of his earlier conclusion with what he heard today from the sharks. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I cried while writing it, and start to sniffle everytime I reread it. Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or any of the associated characters. When no one was looking he dived underwater and explored the lake. Scarlet Lady rolled her eyes. AKA a Percy Jackson/Dc crossover where Sally Jackson was once Sally Wayne. He also found out that his connection to earth and sky are lesser than the connection to sea.

Sorry.” he recoiled, slightly embarrassed. The techniques in the meditation book was really hard but Percy was determined to master them. What Piper wasn't was scared of Percy Jackson. he pleaded. Adrien and Marinette were a little more “gross” than usual around Alya, simply because there was nothing she could do. Quite like shadow travel, except with water vapour instead of shadows." The next clue that he was different was that the extraordinary thinks he saw.

There, he wanted to lead a normal life, but instead got pulled into world of heroes, super-villains and aliens. Also the other goal was to draw long-haired Raven. One day when he was six something extraordinary happened. The repercussions are worst then anything they could have ever imagined. To Piper they were the most interesting thing about him.

The Triwizard Tournament was going to get a lot more interesting, Next chapter of Construct of Belief is up! "If anyone can take down this sea creature it's Percy." May be he was a wizard like Harry Potter in the movie and that was his first accidental magic. They know that they can’t go to far. If Clarisse actually admitted it aloud, he knew she was definitely shaken up. He also got a book to learn the language of Greek.' Memories coming on Wednesday, I misplaced the prompts again, An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works, Black Lives Matter is not a trend. That was our deal and he lost, fair and square. “Urgh. “Wow, you finally asked a question and stopped stammering like a crazy person.”. in his own twisted way. He asked.

", "None of you have actually even seen him angry!

And not only does he have to deal with his old childhood home, he has five very confused, violent, protective, and war prone Gods to keep in cheek. She always seems to come running like a little dog whenever you need it.” And with that, Scarlet Lady flipped back open her mirror and started touching up her lipstick. But he did not try to practice them due to the fear of causing an accident by his powers. And it would be so symbolic I feel like as well, like her fighting for the gods who she thinks haven’t done SHIT for her. Seven year old Percy Jackson knew he was different. Percy grinned lopsidedly. 'Hmm this looks like a place where Poseidon would hangout' Percy thought. “No Apollo kids allowed, Sunshine. she hated them for all her heart for ruining the boy in front of her. But they were drowned out by the pained cries of the arrogant Ares boy. But she does. Now he practiced more in his bathroom time. "Clearly he wasn't." Each day he practiced more meditation and tried to sense all the water around him.

Even from a distance Piper could feel the raw power that radiated from the sonofPoseidon as he stood in his domain, it was unlike anything she'd ever seen before.

"Oh please! Scarlet Lady was suddenly pressed against a chimney, Chat’s baton against her throat. It’s no secret. Percy Jackson is powerful. 'Now what do I do with my life? 'This was his chance to become the best and he was not going to lose it. That's why the water exploded and he is able to talk to fishes. He decide to use the rest of the holidays to increase the range of his sensing. Percy Jackson is powerful and it terrifies the gods. There were very few who had actually seen the mighty Percy Jackson get angry. His father is also the one who created horses and has a great rivalry with Athena, the wisdom goddess. those days were gone. And Jason understood. With each day his finesse in water control increased. Percy's clear sea green eyes had darkened to a dark green, stormy enough to rival even those of Annabeth's.

It’s no secret. It took him the rest of the four months of school year to reach a level where he could control his ADHD to an acceptable level. (or) While fearing for their own power and control, the gods try to put an end to Percy Jackson. All that internalized conflict and stuff? Chiron had made many greatly needed adjustments to the camp. I wanted to show Raven carring and concern about Gar and Beast Boy being stupidly stubborn not to ask for help, because he doesn’t want to be a burden especially for Raven. months, maybe a year later, it was time.

I mean, I did break your nose and two of your fingers.” she pointed out. Now the demigods are in a race against time, to stop the Titan Lord from reaching his final form. On his birthday His mother took Percy to Montauk beach.

It was as easy as breathing for him.

After a week of vacation they returned back to their home. There were also many schools (run by the goddess Athena herself, though she would rarely be there) so that demigods could continue their education without being in constant danger and older demigods could sit their test.

Percy survived his first year at Camp Half-Blood, and made many friends along the way, even if one tried to kill him. She was just glad that someonesopowerfulwas on her side and as long as it remained that way she was confident they'd succeed on their quest. You were mad because you were fighting it and not me, I get it.”. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. by This_Is_Chaos Follow. PercyPowerful | FanFiction. Annabeth deadpanned and just shrugged, not looking in the least concerned about the now crying boy. “It’s fine, Adrien. He was often known as the goofy stupid one but as Piper looked into his eyes she saw a certain understanding and knowledge there. "Oh dear," Chiron winced. Apparently Maritrash is too good to help out with this akuma. She must be afraid of him leaving her for his father. He said gentley shaking her, "are you all right? Piper asked, entering the scene along with Jason. 'It must be like a muscle. No matter what powers others have, Percy will use anything and everything he has to defeat them, because he doesn’t know when to stop. BAMF Percy Jackson; Smart Percy; But still ignorant asf cause feral; what even is maths? Then came the most terrifying sight Piper had ever seen. Leo Valdez, moron extraordinaire, whined. 'Then there is my powers as a demigod. he’s able to manipulate damsen into helping him instead of using kindness like Annabeth did.

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