Assigned by Not immune Unlike the Mutated Bloodvelds who have a unique superior variant of their own, Greater Nechryael do not.

Death spawns will not be summoned if the Nechyrael is unable to attack the player back (such as when being safespotted). Lighthouse Festival. The seed table is rolled twice, dropping two random seeds.



Monsters using the Rare Allotment Seed Drop Table, Players cannot use a Dwarf multicannon to kill Nechryaels anywhere.

Attack speed. Osrs Nechryael Slayer Guide. 105

Nechryael are demonic Slayer creatures, which require a Slayer level of 80 in order to harm.

save. Much like Dust devils, Greater Nechryaels are popularly killed using Ice Burst or Ice Barrage, as you are able to clump them up into a pile and hit them all simultaneously. ? Attack Styles There is a 7/128 chance of rolling the herb drop table. Due to their very low Magic defence, it's important to use equipment that maximises Magic damage instead of accuracy, such as a tormented bracelet or an occult necklace. ? Run to a side of the room which has two corners adjacent to each other and run back and forth between the two corners so that the nechryaels pile on top of each other.

Attack Styles

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Bursting dust devils/nechs gear setup? Weakness ?

+20 +0% Combat info

 Combat stats If not planning to burst/barrage Greater Nechryael, it's recommended to go to the Iorwerth Dungeon instead if the player has completed Song of the Elves, as players can use a dwarf multicannon to kill Greater Nechryael there.

Not immune The average Greater Nechryael kill while on a Konar task is worth 6,754.87.

Nechryaels are known for their rune boots drop, which are one of the few boots to provide a Strength bonus when worn.

97 26 January 2005 (Update) Immunities

Slay helm. 1

11 197 Weakness


They are found within the Catacombs of Kourend and the Iorwerth Dungeon.

Release date

Crawling Hand •  Banshee •  Infernal Mage •  Bloodveld •  Aberrant spectre •  Gargoyle (Boss • Dusk • Dawn) •  Nechryael •  Abyssal demon (Boss), Cave crawler •  Rockslug •  Cockatrice •  Pyrefiend •  Basilisk •  Jelly •  Turoth •  Kurask, Cave bug •  Cave crawler •  Cave slime •  Wall beast, Pyrefiend •  Bloodveld •  Spiritual ranger •  Spiritual warrior •  Spiritual mage, Twisted Banshee •  Warped Jelly •  Mutated Bloodveld •  Deviant spectre •  Brutal black dragon •  Greater Nechryael •  Abyssal demon •  Dark beast, Long-tailed Wyvern •  Spitting Wyvern •  Taloned Wyvern •  Ancient Wyvern, Desert Lizard •  Mogre •  Harpie Bug Swarm •  Killerwatt •  Molanisk •  Terror dog •  Sea snake (Young) (Hatchling) •  Brine rat •  Fever spider •  Mutated Zygomite (Ancient) •  Cave horror •  Dust devil •  Skeletal Wyvern •  Cave kraken (Boss) •  Dark beast •  Cerberus •  Smoke devil (Boss), Crushing hand •  Chasm Crawler •  Screaming banshee (Twisted) •  Giant rockslug •  Cockathrice •  Flaming pyrelord •  Monstrous basilisk •  Malevolent Mage •  Insatiable Bloodveld (Mutated) •  Vitreous Jelly (Warped) •  Cave abomination •  Abhorrent spectre (Repugnant) •  Choke devil •  King kurask •  Marble gargoyle •  Nechryarch •  Greater abyssal demon •  Night beast •  Nuclear smoke devil, Imp (Champion) (Defender) • Lesser demon (Champion) • Greater demon • Black demon, Delrith • Agrith Naar • Kolodion • Porazdir • Doomion • Holthion • Othainian • Chronozon • Nezikchened • Jungle Demon, Bloodveld • Insatiable Bloodveld • Mutated Bloodveld • Insatiable mutated Bloodveld • Nechryael (Death spawn) • Greater Nechryael • Nechryarch (Chaotic death spawn) • Abyssal demon • Greater abyssal demon • Abyssal Sire • Cerberus, Icefiend • Pyrefiend • Flaming pyrelord • Waterfiend, Revenant imp • Revenant pyrefiend • Revenant hellhound • Revenant demon, Alathazdrar • Mazchna • Sergeant Damien • Thammaron, K'ril Tsutsaroth • Balfrug Kreeyath • Zakl'n Gritch • Tstanon Karlak, Implings • Hell-Rat (Behemoth) • Hellcat • Hellhound • Demon of Light • Demon of Balance • Demon of Darkness • Skotizo • Tortured gorilla • Demonic gorilla • Ice demon. Nechryaels are demonic Slayer creatures, which require a Slayer level of 80 in order to harm. Hyra Boende Trysil Fageråsen. Slayer XP In addition to the drops above, this monster also has access to the rare drop table.

+0 Drops [edit | edit source] Drop rates estimated based on 534,942 kills from the Drop Rate Project, unless otherwise cited. +0% Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. An evil death demon. +0

80 Unlike the twisted banshee, mutated bloodveld, deviant spectre and warped jellies, who have corresponding superior creatures, Greater Nechryael do not.

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