Te Aotūroa Hōne Waitere married Pirihira (Ngāti Te Wehi/Koura) and raised their daughter Meri and 2 sons Te Moke II and Ngatokorua Hone Waitere (b.1842) at Aotea Harbor.

The tribe is named after the Waikato River, which plays a large part in its history and culture. (Te Waitere)[16] Kawhia, Raglan 1839 and now Te Kopua 1840 but not one with the Ngāti Te Wehi at Aotea Harbor. Both Ngāti Haua and Ngāti Wairere continue to have strong associations with the area. He and James Hamlin of the Church Missionary Society assembled several chiefs, probably at Awhitu, but failed to get their agreement. Hōne Waitere) before signing the Treaty of Waitangi was also signatory to 35 acres of land sold at £4 for the Wesleyan mission at Te Kopua on 5 May 1840,[13] & Sold 10,000 aces with other chiefs to the crown on 2nd Dec 1857 called Te Wharauroa Block, £410 was paid by John Rogan on behalf of Queen Victoria over 4 years. It should be noted that this report only deals with those riverside sites that are located within the Hamilton City boundary and on Hamilton City Council riverside reserves. Te Aotūroa Hōne Waitere was a Ngāti Te Wehi/Ngāti Mahanga chief who signed the Manukau-Kawhia copy of the Treaty of Waitangi 15 June 1840. Te Aotūroa Hōne Waitere sold land at Te Kopua in the Waipa for the Wesleyan's to teach their people to read and grow new food from countries afar. Three Ngāti Whatua chiefs signed then (Kawau, Tinana and Reweti) but none of the Waikato chiefs. The map was presented at several land court hearings. The university also holds documents and objects related to the tribe.[3]. The boundaries of Hauraki, the boundaries of Waikato Decades later the korowai cloak & Mere were secured in a round-a-bout way by the rightful owners and placed in Ruakuri, one of three famous caves at Waitomo, but when this cave became known to Europeans they were both removed by Te Moerua

Mangatoatoa is between. They are the principle iwi of the Aotea Harbour iwi, with close ties and connections with Ngati Reko, Ngati Mahuta, Ngati Whawhakia], Ngati Patupo, Ngati Te Uru and Ngati Mahanga. Waikato-Tainui's governing parliamentary body is Te Kauhanganui, a governing body of 204 tribal members – 3 members from each of the 68 marae. The tribe is named after the Waikato River, which plays a large part in its history and culture. According to research Te Wehi is said to have been a very swift runner and a fierce warrior, so too his older half brother Kawharu the Giant was 9 ft tall According to the 1874 census, Ngati Te Wehi were registered as an iwi. [1] It is part of the larger Tainui confederation of Polynesian settlers who arrived to New Zealand on the Tainui waka (migration canoe).

Achieving this by securing back a sacred dog skin war cloak or Kahu Kuri[3] (dog-skin korowai were the most prestigious of Maori cloaks) also a war club or pounamu mere,[4] items that no other local chief could obtain but by the mana(prestige) of his father Pakaue, who got killed for them anyway by the son of the local Kawhia Chief who was jealous as he was refused the High Chiefly and sacred items.

After the support from Wharetiipeti & Tapaue to attack Te Rau-o-te-huia pa, Te Wehi, a very fast runner, chased down his father's assailant off the Aotea harbour peninsula killing him and sercuring Karioi Mutu & Pīpī Te Wai. Matiu was taken as hostage in 1822, in which after Nga Puhi took him back to Whangarei and he was raised my a Chief there as his own son. Te Wehi has been known to have had 3 wives, but his principle wife was Mariu who bore Te Hauwhangairua, Te Paipai, Tokoreko, Paiaka, Te Whakamaui, Hineketu and Te Rangitauwawaro. Ko Arekahānara tōku haona kaha Ko Kemureti tōku oko horoi Ko Ngāruawāhia tōku tūrangawaewae.

The executive board is Te Arataura, which has 10 representatives elected from Te Kauhanganui and an 11th member appointed by the Māori king.

By 1840 here were now 3 Wesleyan Missions in the area, Waiharakeke the site of the first Wesleyan Mission Station established by John Whiteley in April 1835. – Kīngitanga – the Māori King movement – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ngāti_Te_Wehi&oldid=978629059, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mokai Kainga Marae and Kote Mokai wharenui on 111 Aotea Rd, Aotea, Kawhia 3889, New Zealand, Ōkapu marae and Te Kotahitanga o Ngāti Te Weehi wharenui on 4 Aotea Road in Kāwhia, Mōtakotako (Taruke) marae and Te Ōhākī a Mahuta wharenui on Phillips Road, Te Papatapu (Te Wehi) marae and Pare Whakarukuruku wharenui on Te Papatapu Road, Te Tihi o Moerangi marae and wharenui on Kāwhia Road, Maketū marae and Auau ki te Rangi wharenui on Kaora Street in Kāwhia, Waipapa Marae and Takuhiahia wharenui on 5491 Kawhia Rd, Aotea, Kawhia 3889, New Zealand, Āruka marae and Tahaaroa wharenui on Āruka Marae Road in Taharoa, Te Kōraha marae and Te Ōhākī wharenui on Taharoa Road in Taharoa, Waikeri – Tangirau marae on Old Taupiri Road, This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 01:59.

Enumerable are the advantages resulting from the progress of Christianity here, as in other parts. Most of this eastern sector was part of the large Eureka (Woodlands) Estate purchased from the

Hamilton City is now the tribe's largest population centre, but Ngāruawāhia remains the tribe's historical centre and modern capital. This Manukau-Kawhia Maori-language copy of the Treaty of Waitangi, with 13 signatures, & is the only surviving copy with the signature of Colonial Secretary Willoughby Shortland.

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