The popularity of Maxine as a girl’s name is currently 997 in 2017, just making it onto the top 1000 list. Leo is top 50 in 2017, ranking at number 49. Graham was a boy’s name but it is now considered unisex. They are highly imaginative, spiritual, intuitive and kind. This is the kind of person you need on your team if the job must be done exactly right. Retro chic baby names are the PERFECT option! Meaning “might” and “gift of God,” the name Mattie is an instant hit. You can expect to find Johnnie running a marathon just for the heck of it or volunteering at the local soup kitchen. A lover of all things spiritual and metaphysical, she is dedicated to living her highest truth and learning new things every day. The term also refers to doctrines and practices derived from the works of Calvin and his followers that are characteristic of the Reformed churches. Popularity-wise, Calvin currently ranks at 154, down 11 places from 2016. People who like this name tend to like other regal names like William, James, Thomas, Charles, Oliver, Benjamin and George. Henri is the spelling if you want to make this gem a girl’s name… how cute is that? The male version of this name is Sylvester, like the badass Sylvester Stalone. Meaning “from the forest” in Latin, this gorgeous girl’s name is one that needs to make a strong comeback. Calvin, named after theologian John Calvin, is the main protagonistof Calvin and Hobbes. I think that functionality is in the free version, but the paid version is worth it imho. For a name that nearly topped the list in the 30’s, Marilyn surprisingly never returned to the starlight. It means “majestic dignity, grandeur.” To soften the name up, there’s the nickname Augie or Gus. They know how to manage people gracefully and honestly. Read at your own risk. Meaning “lion” in Latin, this is a name for the most brave-hearted of boys. Calvin can be fun, full of life, and mischievous. They excel at everything they take on. People with the name Calvin are said to be intelligent, hard working and driven. People who like Alice tend to like Charlotte, Amelia, Jane, Audrey, Ella, Evelyn and Lily. People with the name Calvin are said to be intelligent, hard working and driven. She is down-to-earth and easy to please. He was born on July 4th. You can find them heading important civil engineering projects or building revolutionary schools. They enjoy beautifying the world and making friends from all different backgrounds. Retro chic baby names make the PERFECT option when naming the little one. The Nametrix app lets you see similar ('sibling') names to a specified name. People with the name Georgia are said to be adventurous, wild, and fun. You can find them being the life of the party and being successful with any endeavor they take on. Husband and I are expecting our first child, a boy! Having both German and Hebrew origins (depending on which variation you choose), this is a name that you can’t help but love. August is a classic and masculine boy’s name from the Latin, Augustus. I like names that have good short versions. That is down 9 places from the previous year. People who like this name tend to like Josephine, Charlotte, Hazel, Abigail, Harper, Adeline, and Matilda. People with the name are said to be strong, spiritual, and bright. People who like the name Adrienne tend to also like Avery, Audrey, Adriana, Ava, and Alexandra. Henry can be found studying in the library or taking care of animals, he is a kind soul with only the best of intentions. People with the name August are said to be determined, mature and clear-minded. Learn about the history and development of Calvinism. The popularity of Harley as a boy’s name is currently 676. Calvin is the name given to a Martian life form believed to have wiped out all life on Mars, therefore making it an apex predator. ― Anonymous User 7/23/2006. But here’s the good news - you don’t have to delve into dusty family archives of great aunts and uncles to find a name reminiscent of the golden era; there are a ton of fabulous names you may not even know hiding in history’s pages! If you’re looking for a girl’s name that is elegant, classic, and bold, Genavieve is a home run. Calvin Klein Escape Eau de Parfum is a must-have addition to your perfume collection. Ruby is also perfectly happy at home surrounded by loved ones, however.

See the popularity of the boy's name Calvin over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. We think it is adorable and quite extraordinary.

This year, Cora was in the top 100 list, ranking at number 98. They are very in tune with nature and the environment and know what they want out of life. Harley is a unisex name, and it’s the kind of name you either instantly love or despise. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. Georgia is a Greek girl’s name meaning “farmer” and comes from the masculine name, George. People with the name Genevieve are said to be sensitive, artistic, musical and spiritual. You can find Georgia tending to her garden or making beautiful, hand-made clothes for her kids; she is a multi-talented woman. This is a name that isn’t going anywhere, and is probably going to keep increasing in popularity. I should have used it for my hyperactive little boy. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. The popularity of Ruby is currently on the rebound. It is truly shocking how many gorgeous names of past generations have been forgotten lately. The comic centers around Calvin's life, his troubles, and his adventures, with Hobbes alongside as his companion. They enjoy throwing parties and know when to work hard. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. It is truly shocking so many gorgeous names of past generations have been forgotten lately. They are likely to be social butterflies, dedicated to their work and communities 100 percent. People who like this name tend to also like Oliver, Jude, Miles, Levi, Owen and Sebastian. They make great lawyers and soldiers and tend to be very stuck in their ways. They tend to enjoy nature and living well, and might through glamorous parties and events for friends and family. Like Calvin turns into Cal. We had gone into this pregnancy having Calvin as our top favorite for a boy. This is the perfect name for parents wanting a retro chic name that is noble and strong. As a girl’s name, it is more popular at 224. 0. Geraldine is a force to be reckoned with! Washington state officials hunt for 'murder hornets' Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern.

People with the name Marilyn are said to be strong leaders. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. People with this name are said to be traditional, kind and grounded. This name is German for “ruler of the household,” and brings to mind princes and kings and other strong leaders. People who like Graham tend to like Grayson, Hudson, Carter, Parker, and Everett for boy’s names. They love anything to do with self-improvement and making the world a better place. There is also the wonderful alternate name, Georgie. I still love Calvin, I am just not sure it's our sons name. Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the U.S.A. Now that we know we are having a boy I am having second thoughts. Daten über Ihr Gerät und Ihre Internetverbindung, darunter Ihre IP-Adresse, Such- und Browsingaktivität bei Ihrer Nutzung der Websites und Apps von Verizon Media.

Perhaps people feel no one can live up to the status of sex symbol and bombshell, Marilyn Monroe.

This beautiful and short name means “full heart” or “maiden” and is a variant of the Greek name Kore or Corrina. People who love this name also tend to love Sebastian, Asher, Finn, Grayson, Wyatt, Milo and Sawyer. People with this name are said to be determined, strong, tenacious and resilient. The name is perfect for anyone who wants the beautiful “Jen” sound but doesn’t want the commonly used Jennifer or Jen. This is definitely a name where the sound is better than the meaning. She has written for,,, and many other popular sites. There is also the alternate spelling of Johnni. People with the name Adrienne tend to be sensitive, friendly, and devoted. People with the name are said to be innovative, prosperous and kind. Kore was an alternate name for the Greek goddess Persephone. The perfume has an enduring familiarity that makes it a popular choice for women even today. Calvin is an awesome name for a boy. If you’re looking for a name that is smooth and classy, yet still sharp and modern, look no further.

In 2016, Marilyn ranked number 491. Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen. People who like the name also tend to like many of the other names we’ve covered, such as Scarlett and Charlotte. Sylvia was very popular in the late 1930’s, and it is no wonder why. They work their way up the corporate ladder with their wit, charm, and skill. Wir und unsere Partner nutzen Cookies und ähnliche Technik, um Daten auf Ihrem Gerät zu speichern und/oder darauf zuzugreifen, für folgende Zwecke: um personalisierte Werbung und Inhalte zu zeigen, zur Messung von Anzeigen und Inhalten, um mehr über die Zielgruppe zu erfahren sowie für die Entwicklung von Produkten. I don't know if I love that nickname, but I do like Carter. This is one of the best retro chic names you can pick!

People with the name are said to be noble, determined, and gregarious. You can find Marilyn with her head in the clouds, daydreaming about the loftiest of goals; don’t be surprised if she goes on to achieve those goals, too. Alice is English and means “noble, kind girl.” If you want a name that will never go out of style, look no further. As a girl’s name, Billie ranks 1,276 in 2017, up 136 places from the previous year. They always go to bat for the good guy, and make great social workers, public advocates, and philanthropists. The name Georgia is currently ranked 313 this year, down 112 places from last year. There are different spelling variations of the name, but this is possibly the most feminine and classical. Already mentioned, but a different spelling: Callan. Maxine is down 175 places from 2016, but we won’t hold that against her. People who like this name tend to like Vivian, Stella, Violet, Nora and Olivia. Warning - the following text contains SPOILERS!This article contains significant plot details that people who haven't experienced the source material yet might wish to avoid. Sleuths may have found new Washington team nickname.

People with the name Johnnie are said to be sweet, sociable, and loyal. You can find Gen at a music festival or opening the hottest new gallery in town. They are passionate about what they like in life and do not settle for less than great. Meaning “treasurer,” Jasper has that old-timey feel with a hip modern edge. This lovely Persian name is a rare gem indeed. Meaning “dark one,” this gorgeous moniker is suitable for any little princess whose parents love retro chic names. I just don't like the definition.

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