In 1995, he was awarded an Honorary Professorship, Thames Valley University. Novel. He has been married to Linda Rawsthorn since 1974. There are so many poor documentaries around these days, full of false jeopardy and fake emotion  so I thought it was important to tell Liverpool’s story in an honest and genuine way. 1995. The reason for this, perhaps more than every other: every nation in Europe lost the War. Unfortunately, imagination is not something that you can turn on and off like a tap.

BBC Radio 2. Really, really, bad movie. Married 1974 to Linda Rawsthorn. In 1985, I guest-starred in the two-parter "Revelation of the Daleks" [. so I left the exam ninety minutes early but they gave me a degree anyway. He lives in Bloomsbury in central London and is a keen cyclist. please use this address: alexeisayledotme at datsjazz dot co dot uk. The set was a fake club and the audience sat around drinking coloured water because they couldn’t be served alcohol. TV movie of one of my short stories starring me. At first I tried to write my fourth TV series myself but then my friend Sioned William introduced me to two young Irish writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews.

Alexei Sayle is a 68 year old British Comic. 1983. Didn't You Kill My Brother? Alexei Sayle was born on August 7, 1952 in Anfield, Liverpool, England as Alexei David Sayle. US TV Series. Carry On Columbus. See If you attempt, for example, to be sphinx-like, mysterious and enigmatic when you get to the front of a long queue at the chip shop, you do risk being punched quite hard in the back of the head. Revelation Of The Daleks. Anfield Road Junior School. I think it's wonderful to have a band like. 1994. Nevertheless the BBC commisioned a series which I never got round to writing. He is a critic of fox hunting and was among more than 20 high-profile people who signed a letter to Members of Parliament in 2015 to oppose Conservative Prime Minister. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Siesta. The Tempest directed by Jonathan Miller at the Old Vic. Great Railway Journeys of the World. I learned the lesson that, even after the revolution, cool, handsome and confident is always going to beat weird-looking and needy. 1987. I remember  one brilliant little bit written by David about how Lytton Strachey and Virginia Woolf used to get the number 24 every Friday from Tottenham Court Road to visit Lytton’s Auntie Kathleen who was a dinner lady at All Souls Primary School in Camden Town and how Lytton used to sit upstairs at the front and pretend to ‘drive’ the bus. 1969-1971. By now I’d had enough of standup. I loved doing this column, at that time something like eight million people read the Sunday Mirror and the ones who liked my column seemed like really nice people. Dance Night. 2004. Parents Molly  (Malka) Sayle ne Mendelson and Joseph Henry Sayle. 1971-1974. Linda Rawsthorn and Alexei Sayle are married.. About. If we ever want to experience happiness and prosperity, what we need to do is lose a War to somebody. A theatre troup based at Bristol University called Bristol Express asked me and Tony if we wanted to go up to Edinburgh and do a half hour of comedy each. 1996. Like a middle aged man going all gooey over his second wife.

I played a heckler who got into a fight with another hecklerplayed by Keith Allen at a political meeting in Ridley Road Market. 1991. BBC 2. Alexei Sayle and the Dutch Lieutenants Trousers. To be a successful comedy writer you have to have a continually fertile imagination, that's what stops you from being a here today, Bros tomorrow, flash in the pan. Alexei Sayle was born on August 7, 1952 in Anfield, Liverpool, England as Alexei David Sayle. The Alexei Sayle Pirate Video. 2000. Some truly wonderful comedy allied to the inspired direction of Metin Huseyin and the camerawork of Cinders Forshaw. 1993. My stuff was all honed live and David and Andrew’s sketches often surpassed the work they did on the first series, particularly the opening sequence. 'Itch. 1998. By now I’d certainly had enough of standup. Alexei Sayle on his wedding day with Linda. (Probably for the better). Movie of the charity concert held the previous year. I think this might have been my first telly. 1979. 1989. Recently one of my friends decided to become a psychotherapist, so we all rallied round to help. He's in the Police Force. 2001. It's a quieter life than being on the telly but no one's been snide in their book reviews like people can be in TV reviews. My parents were both Communists, and they told me that religion was the opium of the people. 1982.

Final UK Comedy Tour. Being an only child was like taking an extraordinarily long train trip. He also owns a house near Granada, in southern Spain.

You had to keep finding ways to pass the time. 1982. Official Sites. TV Movie. It was a fun thing to do as I’ve always been interested in dancing but I also felt like a bit of a fraud. We made a pilot, Alan Yentob head of BBC 2 wasn’t entirely convinced but he showed it to John Loyd producer of Not the NIne O’clock News who urged him to make it. Nor is it something that you can direct with pinpoint accuracy, unlike 12% of the missiles produced by the British Aerospace Industry. 1979. It seems the world wasn’t ready for a sitcom set in the artistic community of Paris in the 1920’s though Graham and Arthur did get to make all the mistakes here that they’d avoid when they produced Father Ted. They had the crazy idea that you could put on a late night  standup comedy show up there. Linda Rawsthorn and Alexei Sayle are married. Over the years I’ve written regularly for the Observer, Independent, Car magazine, Time Out and the Independent Motoring Supplement. Edinburgh Festival with Tony Allen. Successful writers aren't inventive at all. I think I did some progamme about salsa dancing or tango for BBC 4 or somebody, round about this period but I can find no reference to it with a two second look on Google. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This is a lovely script and the film is fine but if I was doing it again I’d recast the lead man so he wasn’t me. I wrote this with David Stafford, each week I would pretend to take a different bus journey. regular lineup was Me, Arnold Brown, French and Saunders, Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson, Nigel Planer and Peter Richardson. Comic Strip Tour of Australia. 1993. Capital 95.8. I loved doing this series of comedy clips. Lose Weight...Ask Me How. Documentary about music from eastern europe being played in the UK. What have I been doing between series? TV drama. Arena Documentary BBC 2.

Alexei David Sayle (born 7 August 1952) is an English stand-up comedian, actor and author.

TV  Documentary. People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs. Lenin of the Rovers. Anyway technically this sounds like it should be in the wilderness years. I don't know how to download really. Born Alexei David Sayle on 7th August, 1952 in Liverpool, England, UK, he is famous for Alexei Sayle's Stuff. We won the Pye (later Sony) radio award that year. Geoffrey The Tube Train And The Fat Comedian graphic novel. Capital was very much your cheezy local radio station but late at night me and David Stafford made these two insane series about me working as a council funded community detective on a housing estate in Stoke Newington. However Peter Richardson could get a bit experimental with venues and our opening night was in a porn cinema on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. 1997. Us and Russia, says it all. — novel co-written with David Stafford. Alexei Sayle and the Fish People. Second series. Also a fan of being inscrutable, Franco once said, 'You are a the slave of what you say and the master of what you don't say.' In February 1984, he reached number 15 in the UK Singles Chart with the novelty song "'Ullo John! Train To Hell. A Thing Possibly About Salsa Dancing. Alsop Grammar School. 2001. As well as Me, Dawn, Jennifer, Rik, Ade, Arnold, Pete and Nigel there’s Peter’s wife Marta, and our  musicians, Roland, Simon and Rod. film, TV Series. Single. I think we went on at 10p.m. We all look heartbreakingly young and optimistic.]. The writer and comedian, lives in Bloomsbury with his wife, Linda Rawsthorn. |  Though audiences built slowly we knew right away that it was a hit.

Mc Comic Strip Club. 2007. I tried to keep the venues as unexperimental as possible but this was still very early days before the comedy circuit became the slick operation it is now, so you could still find yourself performing on a stage made of some milk crates in a disco in Grimsby. He said we could be friends and go rollerskating. He is an actor and writer, known for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Whoops Apocalypse (1982) and Alexei Sayle's Stuff (1988). 1979-1980. The exam was on the Monday after the Comedy Store opened and I’d been on stage until 2a.m. 1984. Alexei Sayle's Stuff.

I said “can you get me a part?”. BBC 2. Mister Roberts. 1988. We're like a really great disease. Gorky Park. Where Did all the Money Go? Alexei Sayle's Stuff.

I think that Blair's insane and sanctimonious. 1982. Radio series produced by the late Harry Thompson.

There's a new Furry Kebab down the Chip Shop..." [mimes a hamster dying on a rotisserie]. Third series. Born Alexei David Sayle on 7th August, 1952 in Liverpool, England, UK, he is famous for Alexei Sayle's Stuff. 1987. Comic Strip UK Tour. I'm in that situation where music's left me. 1996. This is a series I made for the BBC about how to drive properly. 1999. The big bus had either stopped or broken down. 2008. Comment column in the Independent. music, Sex Drugs and Dinner. Overtaken. Second short story collection. From me there is this insane, conflicted energy of a man who doesn’t  quite know where he’s going with his life, allied to the exhilarating direction of a 22 year old Edgar Wright. 1989. Login Wow, it's amazing. All you get from a Public School, right: 1 you get a top job and 2 you get an interest in perverse sexual practices. I always seem to want the ones who don't want me. And you have to be really careful what you complain about, because real psychos, if they like you, are always doing little favours for you, then coming up to you saying "That problem you had with the School Hamster?

Great Bus Journey of the World. Help keep Alexei Sayle and Linda Rawsthorn profile up to date. Barcelona Plates. Sorry About Last Night . 1994. They still show it at driving school to people who’ve been done for traffic offences who all probably now hate me. That probably tells you more about me than them). For me, the showbiz memoir is uninteresting - you want to tell people something they don't know about.

Once Peter persuaded me to be in the Supergrass movie I realised how stupid I was being and was lucky enough to be in a couple of the really good Comic Strips, most notably The Strike my own Didn't You Kill My Brother?. None of that is down to me since I was usually asleep in a cupboard]. While I was up in Edinburgh Peter Richardson phoned and said he wanted to move all the best acts at the Comedy Store to a new place and would I be the Mc. So then we got the go ahead for a series and it cleaned up nearly all the awards that year including Broadcast Press Guild and Royal Television Society. Probably the best advice I’ve been given over the years is to never adjust electrical equipment with wet hands. Garnett College Roehampton. At least Thatcher was insane. Celebration. End Of Story. Parents Molly (Malka) Sayle ne Mendelson and Joseph Henry Sayle. Got a New Motor? Alexei Sayle: My family values Tina Jackson.

He is an actor and writer, known for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Whoops Apocalypse (1982) and Alexei Sayle's Stuff (1988).

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