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you still had your shift, but earlier in the day was when you either studied or when you went over to tendou’s apartment (you’re def friends with the shiratorizawa alumni), and since kuroo decided to take a major that would ruin his social life (srsly bless you chem majors) he was usually in his room doing homework or studying and taking a few short breaks in between, honestly, you never thought it’d be possible for an odd reason, “sure! but when you do nothing, he leans forward and presses his lips to yours. receiving?

and kuroo’s left on the floor, rolled over, utterly baffled both at what had just happened and the fact that cookies in the oven cut him off. See more ideas about Kuroo, Haikyuu anime, Kuroo tetsurou. he quickly composes himself and shit eating grin returns on his face. Apr 17, 2020 - Explore Itami707's board "Kuroo" on Pinterest. “i feel like receiving - that’s what it’s called, right?

“i just…finally talked to my roommate.”, tendou furrows his brows in confusion “but you’re here…”, “not in person,” you whine when he doesn’t get it “he texted me and started asking me all these things about myself. he’s going aisle to aisle, checking out what was there and every few minutes, he would hum along to whatever songs would play on the radio. days pass and the two of you are getting closer than ever.

“see you around~” tendou coos, wiggling his fingers in a goodbye manner although he knows neither of you would notice.

grabbing a pen from the small cup that was a magnet on the fridge (it was a touch kuroo had made so communicating via sticky note was more convenient) you scribble a quick thank you and a heart with a smiley face.

it takes until the both of you need to gasp for air for you to pull away. the two of you shared mostly irrelevant and unnecessary info like greetings or a bidding of a good day until it escalated to full on communication like the two of you discussing chores either of you had done or extra food in the fridge. “and i’m so glad we’re talking because i think we could maybe-”, you’d manage to roll the two of you over so you were on top of him, and let’s say your confidence decided to leave your body at that moment. (his were green and yours were bright pink uwu), kuroo really went to the store to buy sticky notes so he could answer you. || Haikyuu!! although it was the room you were in the most besides your own, it was still pretty cramped with only one counter for food prep. you were very tired and you were ready to collapse but then seeing the large figure on your couch startled you to about 100% awake-ness. it wasn’t until the second day that kuroo had actually replied through a sticky note of his own.

you considered the apartment a godsend; there was no way in hell you’d be able to pay off room and board with your low wage so when you saw a flier with decent prices and requirements? i won’t have much to do and i’ll only be hanging out with my coworker and his friends probably.”. See more ideas about Kuroo tetsurou, Kuroo, Haikyuu. taking advantage of this surge of confidence, he quickly types the first thing he can come up with. you scrunch your nose up at this new side of your roommate you never thought you’d witness before reaching for the remote and turning off the t.v.

“no game today?” you ask when you notice kuroo walking around in his lounge clothes. well, not you and your roommate. no way,” the other girl responds sadly. his mouth hung wide open and light snores were escaping his mouth. you learn how to properly speak to each other in person eventually.

✷ ⋆ ⇒ Los personajes pertenecen a la serie de anime//manga "Haikyuu!! “but do well~”.

the busiest part of of your day was as soon as you started for about two hours until it died down. weeks passed and you managed to survive to finally enjoy your spring break.

kuroo pauses from his inner thoughts to glance over at you quickly. They'd won a recent game and decided to host a party, inviting the team and a few others. you trudge over to the ugly blue sofa in your living room and collapse on top of it. kuroo whips his head up to look at the time.

the kiss is very soft at first with kuroo lightly stroking your cheek with the pads of his fingers before cupping one side of your jaw.

kuroo starts his day earlier than you since he has earlier classes and practice in between. i’m sure we’ll figure something out.”.

Kuroo Tetsurou ~ A Future With You (8/15) ... You continued to laugh as you cut up zucchini. peeling the sticky note off the door of the fridge, you hold it closer to your face to read it. when you answered the ad, kuroo was sure he could’ve cried.

blindly grabbing one, you hug it close to your chest and walked back over to the living room. ah, the speaking at the same time cliche. Sep 3, 2020 - Explore siou cheng's board "卡通" on Pinterest.

y/n, what does he mean?”. you peel it off to read it and you have to reread it to make sure you’re not hallucinating, “i mean it,” kuroo snaps you out of your daze, noticing you stand by his door. kuroo was the one who placed the ad about the apartment months ago when the semester started. your interactions, though not in person, were short and sweet but for that reason kuroo enjoyed them that much more. to say you were taken aback was an understatement. he answered your texts, yes, but he wanted to have his own fun…hey he didn’t buy a whole pad of sticky notes to only use like ten of them. tendou watches you grab your stuff and take off your apron and tug kuroo by the wrist out of the convenience store.

no doubt he was still polite but it was like you never had that awkward first meeting phase. an instance you do remember is when you caught him once passed out on the couch, a movie playing in the background. you’re yawning every five minutes and you can barely keep your eyes open. thankfully, the weather wasn’t as chilly as it was earlier in the month and y’know maybe spring was finally here. “and who are you?” tendou asks, the grin never leaving his face, quickly averting his eyes to yours for a split second. usually i head back home to my parent’s but they’re having an anniversary vacation and i don’t think it’s worth a trip to be in an empty house.”, “i’m staying, too.

you’re absolutely exhausted when you return back to your apartment. anyway i think my arms would break off,” you admit, rubbing your arms on instinct, imagining the impact of the ball. (it’s definitely due to the one time he caught you sleeping on the couch and practically yelled in shock that you were there AND you were late for work), “what do you mean, ‘what am i doing here?’ i live he-I HAVE WORK OH MY GOD THANKS FOR WAKING ME!”. the sticky note thing didn’t start until a month into you living at the apartment.

for the rest of the week, the two of you exchanged messages through the notes.

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