Sign up to the Mirror Football email here for the latest news and transfer gossip. He has 102 clients who are under contract with their teams for just under $770 million a year. We are continuing to attract the very best clients and we have to keep working hard to ensure that our clients continue to enjoy the highest levels of representation and all the opportunities and rewards their talent and dedication deserve.”. Constantin Dumitrascu works for Mondial Sports Management and his annual commission take is not far behind Boras at $107 million. The deal for London-based Stellar Group is the biggest acquisition in the 45-year history of Hollywood talent agency ICM. The agency credits France with accumulating 45 contracts total, with a value of just over $931 million. They haven’t got a clue.”. Jonathan was named the most powerful agent in the world. 14. Jonathan Barnett. Redbox rents newly released DVDs for $1 per night. Does the decision in FTC v. Qualcomm represent a victory for tech platforms in their dealings with input providers? 1. She is in the Top 30 of all sports agents, but is the only woman in that group. Negotiating contracts for Andre Ethier, Adam Jones, Ryan Braun, and Jean Segura are a part of the more than $578 million in business he has brought to the company. In the competitive world of sports agency, the agent who comes away with the most clients is not necessarily the one on top of the money heap. There were a number of close contenders for this final spot, but Rosenhaus gets the nod because he has a well-deserved reputation as “The Shark.” He started his own sports agency business with his brother, Jason, and rakes in about $26 million for his efforts. With a total business of $822 million, Lozano has become what one media outlet calls a “Super Agent.” This label is attached to him because that total business comes from a small 21 player contracts. Specializing in soccer, Raiola pursues the top soccer players in the world, not only in skill but also in popularity. Barnett was named the top sports agent in the world in 2019 by Forbes magazine and he will now work alongside Chris Silbermann, chief executive of ICM Partners.
With a total of 103 clients, he earns $48.6 million a year from contracts totaling just over $593 million. Oxi Fresh franchisees use … ... Case in point, just ask the money men at Man United who agreed to draw out a five-year deal for left back Shaw worth £190k per week. The outspoken agent of players like Gareth Bale.

Playerswiki Brisson is an agent that you made have heard something about in popular media, as he is the leading sports agent representing NHL hockey players. One of the top football agents in the industry, with the most extensive client list among the 2019's top 50 agents. Jonathan Barrett in the Stellar Group office SOURCE: AS English . All Rights Reserved. By trade, Boras is a lawyer and has amassed $2 billion worth of contracts to his credit. “Aligning our wonderful and talented entertainment clients with Stellar’s premiere athletes is a powerful combination. Jonathan Barnett – $40.4 million. With annual commissions of just under $65 million, Casey Close is one of the more unusual sports agents in that he was actually a minor league baseball player. Bartelstein’s claim to sports agency fame is that he negotiated the contract of Cleveland Cavaliers John Williams, a sixth man who end up with a contract of $26.5 million a year, making him higher paid than Michael Jordan in his highest paid year. There is a reason for this, beyond the fact that he makes the top of this list. Such is the case of Volker Struth, who has focused on signing some of the world’s biggest soccer stars in what is arguably the best soccer league in the world – Bundesliga. As for the size of the contract influencing which sports agents make this list, there are likely to be more players from sports other than football simple because of the length of the regular seasons. Also, he has both a sports background (college football) and legal background (tax attorney) giving him the foundation he needs to be one of the most sought after hockey sports agents in the world. Clients have greater opportunities than ever before to be multi-dimensional, multi-media brands. Bale is not the same player who left north London seven years ago, so José Mourinho will need to change Tottenham's shape and tactics to accommodate him. Honorable Mention: Diana Day – under review. Jonathan Ian Barnett is a football agent who manages some of the greatest legends in the football industry like Saul Niguez, Gareth Bale, Maxi Gomez and many more. His annual take is $53.4 million, and has the most number of clients of anyone on this list at 116. He has attacked FIFA and the English FA, as he said to The Guardian, “If I’m cold and callous, I don’t care. As a sports agent for the Stellar Group, he manages soccer players Gareth Bale, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Adrien Silva, and Adam Lallana, among others. He has persuaded 70 NFL clients to run with his agency and has received more than a little media attention over the last few years. Those figures are up from $33.4 billion and $1.6 billion last year. The isomorphism that pervades America’s colleges and universities yields a market that unnaturally restricts product offerings and consumer choices.

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