Hence, maybre more likely to caugh it up if all one mass. ... work well for patrolling the fire line and attacking skips). Adult gators typically weigh 400 pounds and sometimes a lot more, and they’re enormously strong; it’s a real test to pump one in with a spinning rig. THOUGHTS anyone?

You cannot safely consume meat of a turtle that you find dead. All Rights Reserved, I always zip tie my bait to my peg ...cut tag end of zip tie off ..from peg i run 20' of mule tape to my float then use a barrel swivel from rod to float rig...trick with peg is to let them take it a for bit.

It’s absolutely arm-breaking, back-wrenching pulling against a locked-down drag. Includes: Mounting hardware, 5/16 Fiberglass Gator Arrow with Point, Pre Spooled with 100ft of 400 lb test line . That's when I take out the 14/0 hook to lift stuff to the surface for detangling.

%PDF-1.6 %���� Attach at least 15 inches of heavy-duty nylon line to the empty jug by tying a knot around the handle of the jug. When on the boat I put them in a tub for deployment and re- deployment. Get the Top Stories from Florida Sportsman Delivered to Your Inbox Every Week. 0000002723 00000 n Christine Garland took this fine gator measuring 11 feet, 4 inches. It also has a line clip to keep the line secure while stalking your prey. 0000022179 00000 n Hence no need to add after the fact. Alligator hunting in Florida is tightly regulated; only hunters with permits are allowed to take, or even to handle, these large, dangerous reptiles. Those using fishing rods employ high-test mono leaders with a swivel to tie to the main line. Fishing With Spoons in Saltwater. Making your own snapping turtle lines is a simple process that requires very little cost or effort. This is one of the best ways to get a gator. He took out the 2-inch-thick hardwood pole he used to propel the boat through the shallows and thrust it down to dislodge the brute. The heaviest came from Orange Lake and weighed 1,043 pounds. Once the critter is at boatside, a harpoon is struck, and then the long-handled bangstick is used to put him away. Farm ponds are your best bet, especially when the bottom is mud rather than stone. Josh dropped a cartridge into the .44 bangstick. A baited wooden peg is attached to a restraining line that is hand-held or used with a fishing rod and reel and high-test line. xref 0000012679 00000 n You said you had a high capacity reel, right? Its claws and tail can also cut you if you aren't careful picking it up. The Florida FWC considers alligators a Species of Special Concern. You've successfully captured a snapping turtle. Both are avid anglers, and so it’s natural that their chosen weapon is rod and reel, in a sport where most use harpoons or bow and arrow. Water and mud flew 10 feet into the air, and the gator beat the side of the aluminum boat like a kettle drum. “Now we just need a big one.”. The below photos show how I rig my personal Shrimp Lights!
Some experienced hunters doubt that artificials will be much of a factor in hunting trophy gators. Float allows you to do a quick scan with a light and see if eyes are close to your bait. I was by myself so lost track of time. Peg for us has always just helped secure bait from sliding off line. You want the turtle to be able to tug a little bit, but not too much. Restricted Use only.

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