They are soon interrupted by Selene and the survivors of his father's company. Selene, David, Semira, (Possibly Lena) Jacob Lane, Quint Lane, and Marius are all Corvinus Strain Hybrids. Edit, In the original Underworld, Selene is exactly 121 years old. Determined that the time has come to free William, Marcus sought out Selene, a Vampire Death Dealer who held half of the key to William's dungeon.

Marcus took him into a barn, where William became seriously ill, and developed a high fever.

He began to sprout hair all over his body, and his face changed to reveal a more wolf-like appearance.
Underworld: Evolution: Marcus Corvinus | William Corvinus Singe's blood seeped into Markus' tomb, reviving the Elder and mutating him into a hybrid. | Eventually, Michael manages to behead William, and Selene shoves Marcus into the helicopter blades, tearing him to pieces. Movies

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Selene's blood, learning the location of his brother's prison. After drinking his blood, it made her system strong enough to bear the sun, which makes her a hybrid herself.

This greatly increased his already formidable powers. Their relationship is so strong that William does not harm Marcus when he recognizes him. After Selene arrives to his coven, Thomas distrusts her due to her killing Marcus and Viktor. He did not, however, have as many infusions as his son did, causing him to look somewhat more humanoid and not be as improved, although he was still powerful and deadly in combat. After William was captured, the "Chain" was constructed, a system where only one Elder ruled while the other two slumbered. Marcus awakening while transforming into a Hybrid. If Marcus and William are dead, does that mean all the Vampires and Lycans will die too? Marcus originally had some kind of respect and trust in Viktor, offering him immortality in exchange for his help in locating William. Marcus wasn't a hybrid, he was the first Vampire. Presumably Marcus's death was deemed justified as no one shows ill will over Selene killing him like they do Viktor. Marcus is shown to deeply love his twin brother, William. The First True Vampire Vampire Elder Two vampire elders have been slain, one by my own hand.

Origin Markus soon learned from Tanis, that the other half was held by his father, who had retrieved it from Viktor's body.

Viktor accepted and became one of the Vampire Elders. Viktor, thinking that if any of the Corvinus brothers were killed, the Immortal bloodline would eventually die (a lie told by Marcus), locked William far away from the reach of Marcus. William went on to ravage the countryside of Hungary, infecting the townspeople with lycanthropy.

He failed on the first attempt thanks to Michael Corvin, Selene's Hybrid lover, who is also a distant relative of Marcus. Because Markus is the first Vampire, his super strength and speed are far superior to that of the rest of his kind including Victor and Amelia.

However, as Marcus is the original Vampire and the strongest of his kind, it can be speculated that not all Vampire-Lycan Hybrids have abilities as potent as those of Marcus. While under interrogation, the Lycan scientist Singe divulged the details of the plan to Viktor, who subsequently killed the conspirator.

Now to find William before Marcus can set him free. Jacob and Quint could genetically extract the pure Corvinus Strain from Eve, making them more enhanced as they kept inoculating themselves with the serum made from her blood. Template:Mergeto. Type of Villain With the newly-awakened Marcus (Tony Curran) on their tail, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman) go in search of vampire historian Andreas Tanis (Steven Mackintosh) in order to learn why Marcus so desperately wants Selene and a pendant that she has possessed since childhood.

- Absolutely.

He is exposed to Lycan blood while in a dormant state of animation, allowing the fusion of the Lycan Strain and his residual Corvinus Strain, turning him into the first Vampire-Lycan Hybrid. Edit, Except for a short jump prior to the opening credits that goes back into history to show the capture of William Corvinus (Brian Steele), Evolution picks up right where Underworld left off. While Markus battled Selene, Michael managed to kill William by ripping his head off, while Markus was killed when Selene pushed him into the spinning blades of a helicopter. Markus then engaged in combat with Selene and managed to drink her blood to find the location of William's prison. Michael was turned into a Lycan first. A captured Lycan scientist called Singe explained Lucian's plan under duress - and was killed by a death blow from Viktor. He was transformed into a Vampire-dominant hybrid after absorbing the blood of the Lycan Synge. Born at some point in the mid to late 5th century[1], Marcus was one of the three known sons of Alexander Corvinus and his wife Helena, and the identical twin brother of William. [5], Viktor, however, knew that Marcus's continuous belief that he could control William was no more than a foolish dream. Circa 1402 (Lucian and Sonja’s baby)Circa 2003 (Michael Corvin) Melancholisch, morbid, gelungen: "Underworld Evolution" ist mehr als nur die Forsetzung des Erfolgsfilms von 2003],". Selene later turned David into this type of Hybrid to save his life, as the Corvinus strain was able to bring him back, after being mauled and infected by a Lycan. Now it's Michael against William and Selene against Marcus. When William is killed in the battle against Michael and Selene, Marcus is temporarily distracted, calling out his brother’s name in obvious distress, thus allowing Selene the opening she needs to kill him as well. In Blood Enemy, the relationship between Viktor and Marcus does not appear to be strained, and Marcus speaks kindly to Viktor when informing him that his wife had been recently killed in an attack by mortals. He had enough control over his transformation that he could turn only his hand into a claw as well as summon his wings, and could presumably change other parts of his body and was even able to talk while transformed.

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