Congratulations! 13. statutoryape For funny gamertags, a great way to come up with ideas, especially if you are too much into shooting games, is to think of what your gamertag will say in the kill feed. Something that will make your friends really laugh aloud and will make strangers want to get to know you better. Cottage cheese thighs When your real name is already taken on social media or a gaming system, it’s tough to figure out what you’re going to insert as your username. You’ll need a username for that too.

Baby Maker So here are some of the funniest usernames (that hopefully aren’t taken yet).


Long time ago before RS3 there was a guy named DoomPickles45, ive always thought that was a fun name. 94.

Toiletpaperman – A savior when you’re stuck on the toilet seat without any roll! Coolest RS Names. Sh3Wuz18 – Well, that’s not what they said in court. Pwn_Dolphins_Drink_Beer – A way of life envied by many. Abs of flab – Shouldn’t that be ‘rolls of flab’? 4. ilovedyourmom Hey there! HorseScrotom – It’s most likely bigger than yours.

TheZodiac – After the infamous Zodiac killer. 11. dumbest_man_alive In some cases, it might be your email address, but in those times when you are expected to come up with your own, that isn’t something easy for you to remember, such as an email address, getting the right right username is all hard work. OuchHardFart – Careful, something may come out if you do that too hard. Teriyaki Bukake – Not even going to go there.

87. Shoot2Kill – This player only doesn’t lift his gun unless he plans to kill someone.

Can't wait to see someone named "Stiffens" holding the 2h hand on a stick.


Bagel Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

ChopSuey – After the song by System Of A Down. Kamikaze_boy(suicides every time,lol)

TwoOreosOneCup – A lot nicer sounding than the original.

Insanely Funny Usernames For Social Media: To end, if you are really bored and you are looking for a really good laugh, you are in the right spot because there is a lot of crazy in the world to make your belly hurt from laughter.

84. 15. judgeofwings A side of Ham – Compliments any good meal! Please register and account to access all of our features by clicking here. if you or you know anyone who has a rare/cool/funny/unique username please add me ingame: Assisted. BeerAndCookies – After a long day at work beer and cookies are all you need. Waffles 14. lolikillyou Not creative, but I got it during the very first name cleanup they did several years ago.

Smh, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Whackingit – It’s hard to play with just one hand.

Osama_Been_Laggin – The connection always starts lagging when they start playing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 93.

92. Rev Fondlechild – It was very hard for him to find acceptance in the priesthood… or maybe it was very easy. Freeponyride – The best things in life are free. Hey guys, let's just say that I got rather bored one night and decided to search up a list of the 5000 most common words in the English language to see which of these words are still available as RS usernames. I may keep this thread regularly updated with any … 86. Barry Hallsacks – Barry, get your sacks out of the hall! ForcefulGrandpa – Bringing back fond childhood memories. Sweepea PoopFinger – They haven’t quite mastered using toilet roll yet. My personally opinion is that everybody has their own unique and cool usernames. BedBathNurMom – Wordplay on Bed Bath & Beyond.

I have a large sock – Please, keep it far away from us. FartinLutherKing – He thought for our right for farts to be heard.

About 37 cats – That’s a lot of brain power.

I know some of you may think that I could've done something better with my time (and I agree haha) but I did this for the community who may need some inspiration for a new name, as well as finding one for myself :P. Please note, a majority of these usernames were most likely freed during last year's username update so unfortunately they would only be available to members, not new accounts. Snicker doodle Honey bunch One sure thing to crack you up are the funny usernames and nicknames people use online.

9. itchy_and_scratchy

When your real name is already taken on social media or a gaming system, it’s tough to figure out what you’re going to insert as your username.

Fistersister – Let’s just hope it’s his step-sister.

79. 'Nomen Heroum' means 'epic name' in Latin :), Oh its you with the private collection that you wouldnt share with me in max guild. hairy sausage – A shave every so often is appreciated.

The US Debt – This is no laughing matter. WifeTookMyDog – Oh go and cry about it somewhere else. 5. loliateyourcat

The Momster

GayZebrasUnite – Together you are stronger! I know some of the words aren't exactly the best but there are a few good ones in there, so be quick if you wish to snipe one up and feel free to post which name you've gotten :P. I decided not to include words which end in 'ed', such as 'turned' and 'pulled' as I didn't want the list to be too long. Can't say I'd go for any of them myself though lol. One sure thing to crack you up are the funny usernames and nicknames people use online. Pulloutfailure – And now you’re going to be a father!

None of the names seem that great, though. He's a friend of mine, he owns a Farming community. Bad Grandpa – In reference to the film of the same name.

I just … VagaBond – For a player who’s not found of teams. A subreddit dedicated to the MMORPG RuneScape.

Mine is Dewfus.

6. whos_ur_buddha Turdinator – Eliminating turds one day at a time. WestboroFaptist – Sounds like someone who touches themselves at church. I Lick Hobos – And they’ll probably let you pay them to do it. 16. username_copied Be it deliberately or be it not, one can’t help to wonder what people were thinking when they come up with the weirdest names ever. Butters

I found around 200+ available usernames which are listed below.

Ichyb3ll – If there’s a rash, go see a doctor. Cool runescape usernames. fisting grannies – This gamer is definitely a gerontophile. Jerkoff – You can become a doctor in that? Bumblebee If you like to keep wierd nicknames in your list and you don’t know from where will you find them then please do check down below to get the best of it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Sausage – Who doesn’t like a nice good sausage? Type2Diabetes – Is that better or worse than type 1? I was trying to think of a new username for myself, and here are some of the available names i came across. TheZealot – For a player, you can’t compromise with.

If you were looking for some unique usernames for girls, then you are in luck: we have a list of 100 of the best, unique names for girls just for, we have the beast ones waiting right in front of you.. 100. A55 Kicken Chicken – Now that’s one badass chicken. Milf n cookies – What could be tastier than that?

ButtCabbage – Is that where cabbage comes from?

Skinny Jeans Overkill – When this player starts there’s no stopping them. 97.

Please post below of any of the usernames you use, so i can cross them off the list. An L Shaped Tetris Block – Your best friend or your worst enemy. 72% Upvoted.

Wilma. Instead of adding a dozen letters to the end of the name scribbled on your birth certificate, you might as well think of a funny username. It doesn’t matter what you do online these days, you’ll need a username for whatever you do. Instead of adding a dozen letters to the end of the name scribbled right on your birth certificate, you might as well think of a funny username. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Lore abiding citizen | MQC + Max 2019–12–19. Later on, someone googled it and told me it was also the name of a knock-off brand of Viagra.

A CARDBOARDBOX – Most likely where they live. 12. i_love_my_mommy 1. ragingpuma a giant 8llllllD – More like a giant eight-year-old.

80. 21. dontkillme Thermostat – When running low on inspiration, why not just name yourself after random objects in the room?

Goose haha I have no idea. Accustom Aggregate Agricultural Append Ascribe Assent Assessment Associations Auspices Bearing Bringing Bronchial Businesses Channels Chiefly Colleagues Columns Confer Conferences Consequent Consequently Considerably Consistently Consists Construe Containing Continuing Conventional Creditor Deafen Depending Describes Developments Dining Directors Discussions Districts Dressing Encouraging Engagement Entirely Enumerate Eventual Exceptions Exercises Expanding Expects Extending Facilitate Facilities Factories Families Fatten Filing Financing Firmly Fraternal Governing Governmental Handed Handling Hangs Heading Heighten Historians Household Immediately Incessant Incorporate Increases Indicates Inevitably Instruments Interrelate Interviews Involvement Involves Involving Irrigate Joining Joins Judicial Largely Latter Lends Lengths Lessen Letting Linguistic Listeners Litigate Loosen Masses Maternal Meantime Measurements Measures Meets Merger Milligrams Momentary Necessarily Negotiations Observations Observers Occuring Openly Ordering Orderly Orientate Partially Patients Permits Perpetrate Pertinent Placing Politicians Postulate Practically Practices Preceding Preliminary Premise Preparing Pressing Principles Processes Procure Procurement Promptly Propensity Properties Provides Publication Publications Purport Putting Reaches Reactionary Receives Receiving Reducing Refute Regarding Regularly Relating Reluctance Repudiate Residence Respectively Resulting Reveals Reverberate Revolving Roughly Sampling Satisfies Scarcely Scattering Scenes Secrete Seems Servants Serves Sharply Shorten Shortly Similarly Sooner Spatial Specialists Stages Staining Statements Stiffen Stipulate Stockholders Straighten Stretches Subdivide Subordinate Subsequent Superimpose Taxpayers Telegraph Tends Themselves Thereby Thicken Thinks Thoroughly Tighten Transact Turning Twentieth Undergo Underlie Undertake Unduly Universities Upright Utilise Visiting Vocational Whereby Whiten Widely Widen Widespread, Man, I miss the days when people just went for shit like "Blaster007", Surely you mean "Maxbarker1982" and "JokerCool13", Interesting.

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