It won't budge What can I do? If it is still a bit sticky then there is a small locating screw on the side, which may have worn a groove or lip internally, try slackening this 1/4 turn. But it is  best to take your old plug with you so you can match like for like. While you're at the sink it is probably a good time to clean the U-Bend or P-Trap depending which you have. If the rubber seal on the plug is faulty, the water will now drain away and you will need to order a new plug . Any other ideas? You do not want water to go over the top of the metal outer flange and into the sink. 7 months ago, I think you'll have to take the trap/u-bend off underneath and push it up, alternative is to get a valve grinding stick (with a rubber sucker ) and pull it up , you may find something similar like a kids bow and arrow set from a dollar shop, Mine was stuck in the open position unscrewed the cap then removed the spindle bit of anti limescale bleach in a little pot watched it dissolve in a couple of minutes rinsed it put it back works again. 6 months ago, Probably full of hair and gunk, especially if you have long haired people of the female persuasion living at your houseUnscrew the top and fish it out or take off the u bend and pull it through, Question This is usually due to a build up of soap scum, mould etc (yum) so this is how you get them to work again --with the added bonus of cleaning the crap off of them, so they are more hygenic. This is the seal that allows the plug to stop water going down the drain. Sorry some of the pics are a little blurry but I was trying to get close ups while doing the job and holding the camera -- I need a slave to take the pics!! Or it is possible that the installer has used a fabric or rubber seal that is not adequate.

If the seal is not faulty the water will remain and, therefore, prove that there is nothing wrong with the plug. Reply

The Answer: You firstly need to complete the following test to see if the problem actually lies with a faulty plug seal. About: I am a Marine Engineer in the RNZN (41 years done in various navies) and am looking forward to retirement!!!

It’s one of those things you don’t realise is annoying until you have to fill the sink and you can’t. Firstly you have to get the plug bit out (the shiny chromed bit), If you can get the plug to open (ie you are doing this before it is jammed in as preventative maintenance) you can grip the outside with your fingers or CAREFULLY with pliers and rotate it to come off, If the plug is jammed shut the push down on the top surface while trying to rotate anticlockwise, they will usually come apart pretty easily, for extra grip try wearing a rubber glove.

Unscrew the centre bolt and place to one side.

Apply a small bead of silicone sealant to the underside of the metal flange. It didn’t matter how I contorted  the washer, the plugs wouldn’t keep the water in.

You can find the plugs near the PVC traps (bends that are installed under your sink and basin) and plug and waste section. The sink basket strainer plugs are usually the one size for most sinks.

Great tips, but my bath plug will go down and up, but even when it's down it still drains.

They weren’t in the plug section where I was looking! While no longer on the tools, she loves to share what she knows to help others make the best decisions with their plumbing and interiors. on Step 4. On inspection, you will either see no silicone sealant on the underneath, a broken ring of sealant or nothing at all. Question Alternatively, if you get jack of the ‘temporary’ fixes, you can head to your local hardware or plumbing store and replace the plugs for new, which is what I did. 5 months ago If you can’t find them, ask someone to show you. All you now need to do is ensure everything is dry and clean. In most cases, this will suit all types of waste system. The seal looks OK from what I can see, any recommendations? Once dry you can put the plug back into position. As they say in the Haynes Manuals Reassembly is the reverse of dismantling --easy enough, don't overtighten anything just do it up and "give it a nip" Remember these bits are usually brass and not got a huge amount of strength. In many cases, the installer has either dry fitted the metal flange providing no watertight seal between the metal flange and the ceramic sink. How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Plug, I’m a Shortlisted Blog in the Amara Interior Awards 2019, 5 Reasons to Use a Tile Insert Point Drain, Cost Efficient Hot Water Systems: The Pros and Cons of the 3 Popular Hot Water Units, When You Can’t Afford an Emergency Plumber Call Out, 6 Tips to Style and Care For Your Dried Flower Bouquet, Home Maintenance: July, August, September 2020, Before and After of Our Painted Render Home, Where To Get Stylish Fabric Plant Pouches For Indoor Pot Plants, What You Need to Know When Buying a Black Kitchen Sink. Push the plug through a sealed sandwich bag and insert it into your sink drain. 2 years ago Hi I’m Bec The Plumbette. Clean as thoroughly as possible using wire wool, wire brush etc. Leave the sealant to completely dry (please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations). When I say press in and out I mean lots of times like compressing a spring or clicking a pen so it eventually frees up, Hi, try giving it a scrub with scotchbrite (green scouring pad) and a spray with wd40 or similar then just press in and out and it should free up, once it does and it's fully open clean all the freshly exposed surfaces with the scotchbrite before re fitting.

You can use the plastic bag a few times before it deteriorates. Here we explain the basics of what we are dealing with.

We can confidently say that, 99% of the time, the problem is NOT the plug or its seal. so I can do more messing about with tools. My plug is broken beyond repair. The reason our sink plugs wouldn’t hold water was because the rubber washer underneath needed to be replaced. Operate it a few times to make sure it functions. It made washing up difficult because the water would drain away while washing up the pots and pans. The water is actually leaking underneath the metal flange due to a missing waterproof seal. Simple, straight forward and effective instructions. I tried easing the screwdriver down one side but no luck. I’ve been looking for the spring operated basin plug you used in your pictures to show how to remove it from the basin! Unfortunately, they haven’t been stocked for a while, so most people have to resort to buying a new plug. But you soon forget until you need to fill the sink again! We have these spring loaded push button sink plugs in our house, and from time to time they stick in the closed position so you can't drain the sink.

I also sprayed with mould killer, washed the whole thing in very hot water and then sprayed with silicon spray. I removed screw from side, soaked in vinegar, still no luck. The plug (also known as the basket strainer waste) is sat into a metal flange.

1 year ago on Step 5. This is the seal that allows the plug to stop water going down the drain.

var nn = document.createElement('script'); nn.type = 'text/javascript'; The only thing that worked, was putting pressure against the plug with my fingers, while the sink filled up. We also don’t use as much water when we fill them. Answer We’ve been using our sink for 9 years, and both plugs deteriorated within a few weeks of each other. More... nuffnang_bid = "77062f267503a2c1baced55c093b51c6"; Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. You may have even spoken to the plumber or fitter – they have advised you it has been fitted correctly and you need to get some new plugs. We will now explain exactly what the problem is. Thanks to the poster and ten points to Gryffindor! Leave it for ten minutes, then give it a quick scrub and your sink will look sparkling new. (On your hand - silly!!). For another temporary fix, you can use a plastic sandwich zip lock bag to act as the seal behind the plug so the sink holds water.

Honestly thank you so much! Push the sink plug down as you would normally to seal and then fill to just over the top of the plug with water. Work the "action" several times (open and close) to ensure it is free to move. Question on Step 2. This blog is a great resource for those who are looking to renovate, home owners and renters that want to make the most out of their home space and parents who relate to Rebecca's experience juggling work and family at the same time. Share it with us! Firstly you have to get the plug bit out (the shiny chromed bit) If you can get the plug to open (ie you are doing this before it is jammed in as preventative maintenance) you can grip the outside with your fingers or CAREFULLY with pliers and rotate it to come off Question Reply Basically, if water is draining away, but not through the plug seal, the sink has not been fitted correctly. I removed from the sink but the mechanism isn't budging! The Problem: You fill your sink up with water and it slowly drains away. Sign up to the Newsletter to get special offers, giveaways, discounts & news directly to your inbox. Lifesaver! 6 months ago. Reply Copyright 2004 - 2020 | KAD Group Limited. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(nn, s.nextSibling); Use our live chat. 2 years ago. Hi, I was able to get the stopper out in one piece and I scrubbed it but the top won't pop up. Welcome to my blog where I unplug the world of plumbing, interiors, building and renovating while also covering lifestyle topics including motherhood and family life.

I had some come up in an email the other day, Amazon iirc kid I find the link I'll post it, Tip I sprinkled Dominant Soaking Powder around the wet sink, and especially around the drain where it can go brown. Hey! Did you make this project? THE PLUMBETTE . If you put your plug in, and it still leaks, you may need a plumber to come out and replace the whole plug and waste. The plug was jammed and I ended up taking apart the plumbing underneath the sink to see if I could push it back up haha. There is nothing leaking underneath the sink and, therefore, you think the seal on the back of the plug is not working. Because the plugs are shiny new, I had to give my sink a good clean. The reason our sink plugs wouldn’t hold water was because the rubber washer underneath needed to be replaced. When the sink was ¾ full, I could release my fingers and the plug would seal.

Turn chrome top anti-clockwise to release, add a few drops of oil or WD40 to the center spindle, sorted! 5 months ago on Step 1, Did you get my question asked earlier this afternoon please?

Is there anything I can put into the basin that will seep through and soften whatever is holding it down please? 5 months ago, Sorry not on inscrutable 24/7, plus was night here in nz, try using a suction cup like o n the end of a dollar store bow and arrow or nerd gun to get a better grip, if you can get something down (or up by removing the waste trap) spray with a calcium cleaner (kitchen spray or CLR or similar) once sprayed fit suction cup and sharp anticlockwise turn, if that doesn't work the repeated pressing may free it, once open use a wrench to remove and clean, Question Be careful NOT to put too much water in. 1 year ago.

Gillian Clement, Answer Start by removing the basket strainer waste plug and put to one side. Carefully place the metal flange back in place and refix the centre bolt back into place. You can pull apart the plug by untwisting the middle handle part, which allows you to replace the rubber washer underneath.

Despite my efforts at press down and twist anticlockwise, it won't move.

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