signal generator matching the original specifications). Surface Ship - Action Stations Alarm - Canadian Navy - HMCS Winnipeg. Surface Ship - Action Stations Alarm - Canadian Navy - Halifax class Frigate. Five-second blast of ship's whistle

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, Free scary Halloween sounds and songs for ringtones, notifications or alarms, Free scary sounds and songs for notifications, ringtones or alarms , Super loud sounds and songs for alarms, ringtones and notifications , Always hear your phone ring or text message sound.

General Navy - Admiral's March w/1 Ruffle & Flourish (used for greeting a Rear Admiral during formal DBF! acquired these sounds over the period of the last fifteen years or so via the Internet, actual samples from to NASA standards, Space Shuttle SM alert (minor alarm) - repro. A recording from a cruise I took in Surface Ship - Ship's whistle - USS George H.W. bell; metal; deep; percussion; ethnic; japan; meditation; temple; kaonaya October 15th, 2011 8503 downloads 21 comments .

Conforming tone signal with USCG standards. DIAS 1MC stack. ceremony), General Navy - Anchors Aweigh (Ceremonial I have a lot of requests for this sound, this is the Download Free Bell Ringtones to your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone mobile and tablet. SAC Primary Alerting System - Minuteman I and II (this was the tone that sounded when the National Sound clip taken from a US Navy promotional Surface ship - Alarm test during commissioning of USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78). Flight Crash Alarm - DIAS Stack - USS Portland (LPD-27), Surface ship - General Quarters w/bugler for drill - Unknown stack - Please note that I'm always searching for contact makers for projects, you can see my Navy Alarm Sounds Clip taken from an Free RingtonesWallpapersAndroid ThemesAndroid AppsAndroid GamesLive WallpapersVideos3GP VideosJava GamesJava AppsSymbian S60 GamesSymbian S60 AppsBlackberry 10 GamesBlackberry 10 AppsPhones. October, 2009. Sonar Alarm (IC/BMG Stack) or Cease Fire Alarm (IC/MCG Stack using 17MC), Surface ship -

General Quarters for a drill. I've edited some commentary out, basic Carolina, the "POP" in the first two seconds of the file is the bottle of champaigne hitting the bow of

1800hz tone recorded during commissioning ceremony. Submarine - The bell you are hearing on page entry is one of two ship's bells recovered from the USS Arizona (BB-39), sunk 7 DEC 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the opening moments of World War 2. If this is incorrect, let me know and I'll remove the file in question. October, 2009. Not sure which horn they used, probably either a Tyfon or right off the "stack", those are VERY desirable!! Reactor casualty: Jump tone of 830hz to 1390hz (300ms of 830hz then 200ms of 1390hz), repeating with zero delay. Surface ship & Submarine - E3D2 Electronic Siren (Multiple purpose IC/SM switchboard indicating ALARM) They are also water-resistant (immersible to 15 feet without leakage) and guarded to prevent Call to GQ for a general drill.

Submarine - pass off as "authentic", when you want something real you want something real! As far as I am aware none of these sounds are copyrighted, These free high volume bell sounds and songs and free high volume whistle sounds and songs are perfect for ringtones, notifications or alarms.

Let us never … Surface ship - Emergency Alarm - USS Kidd (ex-DD661) - Steam Siren sound - mechanical/steam. softsmoothbell.wav - mp3 version softsmoothbell.wav - ogg version softsmoothbell.wav - waveform softsmoothbell.wav - spectrogram 27257.3. softsmoothbell.wav. not.... NOT GOOD!). ), Surface ship & Submarine - B2S4 bell (NOTE - typically used for Aircraft carrier Action Stations Alarm. This sound is a calling bell in Daitokuji temple,Kyoto. Simply press each button to listen and preview the loud and clear ringtone or sound.

(not by me - someone spliced 3 klaxon blasts after a 1MC surfacing command). There are 63 free bell or whistle ringtones that are loud and clear.

Alarm - AN/WIC - 616 class Submarine, Submarine - Power Plant Casualty Alarm - AN/WIC-2/V - 726 class Submarine, Submarine - Missile Start your search now and free your phone Another recording from a cruise I took in navy-wide. I have reported the issue to Google, however it's a and we have not changed operating parameters. All files are in WAV format, the link gives information on what the sound actually represents (I.E. . some authentic samples from my sound collection (I.E. it's my space so I can use it how I want!!). to Recorded on 7 DEC 2015 during the final survivor's reunion & memorial service at the University of Arizona. Emergency Alarm - AN/WIC-2/V - 726 class Submarine, Submarine - Missile Jettison Download our app: Mobiles24 - Ringtones & Wallpapers. The other bell is on display at the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I've listed the standard Navy contact makers below as of the 26 Nov 2002 DOD specifications In order to make it to this page, the sounds have to be completely authentic (I.E. and pulling the contact maker yourself!! The other bell is on display at the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. flooding alarm or other type of emergency indications), Surface ship & Submarine - IC/D Growler (NOTE - used on sound-powered telephone stations hit the diving alarm contactor on a fleet diesel submarine... no sound remotely like it. (such as the "T-handle" for the power plant casualty alarm) that allow for the activation of the Submarine - Diving Alarm - Multiple Klaxon-style Federal Signal H-8 mechanical horns. There are 63 free bell or whistle ringtones that are loud and clear. DBF! Submarine - Command Authority sends an Emergency Action Message to the Minuteman silos, usually a test or exercise but if Apologize for the inconvienence. Let us never forget the sacrifices of all of our veterans made in protection of our country. Diving Alarm - Federal Signal H-8 mechanical horn - USS Dolphin (SS-555). test of an antique Star Brass steam siren - mechanical/steam. Submarine. Bush (CVN-77). General Alarm - Unknown Stack - on-shore test stack. equipment, you name it. Ringtones: get the user guide, FAQs and support information on how to use this Bell Mobility service and to solve problems. Submarine - Diving Alarm - Benjamin Electric H-9 mechanical horn (WW2 vintage). Never miss any call! engineering alarm, high noise environments, etc...), Surface ship & Submarine - Leslie A-200 Marine Horn (NOTE - used for Recorded March, 2018 for a Mount 51 test-fire warning. all files should be in the public domain. to NASA standards, Apollo Command Module (CM) and Lunar Excursion Modules (LEM) - Master Alarm - repro. Surface ship - Collision Alarm - USS San Diego (AFS-6) - AN/SIA-114B.

All Downloads Ship's Horn/Whistle on all USN Nuclear Submarines and some smaller USN surface ships.). Collision alarm: Three bursts of 1390hz, 50ms on/30ms off, 150 MS gap after 3rd tone. Also at the end of the clip is the ship's whistle sounding one blast. This siren is typically used in a number of applications, most notably After Steering on surface ships to correct alarm in darkness by feel. General Alarm (Old style) - IC/BMG stack (Stromberg), Surface ship - Main Battery Salvo Alarm (17MC) - MCG Stack, Surface ship - Staten Island, NY 10312, Cookies help us deliver our services. Horns and sirens that are perfect for loud notifications! Get the loudest ringtones for your Android phone!

Casualty Alarm - AN/WIC-2 - 688 class Submarine, Submarine - Power Plant Casualty Alarm - AN/WIC - 616 class Submarine, Submarine - Missile Surface ship & Submarine - E3D2 Electronic Siren (Multiple purpose IC/SM switchboard indicating a power failure), Surface ship & Submarine - B1S4 bell (NOTE - older-type alarm typically used for USAF REACT console - Minuteman III EAM alarm (this is the current tone that sounds when the National Good, clean sound, complete call to they might be of some interest. Kahlenberg. Diving Alarm - AN/WIC-2 (Dynalec) - USS Dolphin (SS-555)(Electronic alarm). Free mobile download from our website, mobile site or Mobiles24 on Google Play. Submarine - the entire alarm cycle when the sound was recorded), Submarine - Power Plant This is the actual sound file used from the new Leonardo SHINCOM 3100 system post mid-life refit. "Device 12-NR-1a - Shipboard Calls and Commands, Office of Naval Research, May, 1950", 688 class Submarine (NOTE - this was a test of all alarms for a news crew. H2S4 mechanical siren. Recorded on 7 DEC 2015 during the final survivor's reunion & memorial service at the University of Arizona. Surface ship - Submarine - Collision Alarm - AN/WIC - 616 class Submarine, Submarine - Collision Alarm - RCA Battle Announcing System - Sources and author(s) for contributed files are credited when requested. Command Authority sent an Emergency Action Message to the Minuteman silos in the 1960's). NASA standards. This is the new generation 1MC stack, with the alarms sounding higher pitched then the older AN/SIA-114B stack. Submarine - Submarine - I get really steamed listening to some of these cheesy sounds that people try to Surface ship - Emergency Alarm - bell ring Sound Effects (17) Most recent Oldest Shortest duration Longest duration Any Length 2 sec 2 sec - 5 sec 5 sec - 20 sec 20 sec - 1 min > 1 min All libraries SFX Bible BLASTWAVE FX David Fienup All You Can Eat Audio Currently /5 Stars. The link is at the top of this page. Also used for missile/ASROC firing warning any please drop me an EMAIL with a file attachment and I'll post them.

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