Facebook Pages also cannot tag Facebook users or other Pages. When I try to just type their name in the comment, it doesn’t turn blue either. If you're not automatically logged in to Facebook on your browser, enter your email or phone and your password to log in. Instead of saying you’re with a business you’re simply saying you’re at a business. Your comment may not appear immediately. When I tag multiple friends in a facebook post, the names appear in this manner, “with – John Smith and 6 others” – is there any way to specify the first name in this phrase”. PRO TIP: If the Page auto-suggest doesn’t pull up the Page you want, use their Page user ID instead of Page name. © Business 2 Community.

There are a few different ways to go about this. Let’s get into the technical details, with a few pro tricks along the way. While there are billions of users on Facebook, we are assuming that a fair share of folks are yet to hide comments on their Facebook accounts. Tiktok and the Kenyan memes – What’s a meme? Please help! Specifically, I want to tag @inpud, but all stupid Facebook is giving me in the list of suggestions are frigging inputs! If you only mention them in a comment, all they get is a notification. Thanks. Designed and Developed by PenciDesign, How to mention someone properly in a Facebook Post, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage could have been due to a hack, Sol Family captures Sauti Sol like you’ve never seen them before, now on Showmax, Gengetone will soon fade, watch this space.

Why when I write the name of a friend in a publication, it does not appear in blue.

To mention a Page, you must begin typing the name of the business with an @. Can Facebook group admins still say they they are NOT accepting one's membership, even if they improve their behavior? Well your friend can tag your name in a comment or post it will show up in your notifications and you can see what they've said. In such cases, I always advise people to try Facebook on the web. Type "mentioned you in a comment" in the search. You can mention up to 50 people or Pages in one post or comment. You can only tag personal profiles (though you can check into a business if you were there). A Facebook Tag is when you write a post and say you were with someone, or, you share an image and let Facebook know that one of the people in the picture is another Facebook … For example those on Microsoft OS may find it hard to mention their friends on Facebook. Once your post is published, your friend(s) will get a notification that they’ve been tagged in your post. A few weeks ago I tried to enlighten these Facebookers on some other Facebook features like how to prevent people from tagging you on pictures without your permission. If I block the person that has mentioned me on a page, will their ability to tag me go away? That is, if you click on a name with a # preceding it, Facebook will take you to posts with the same hashtag instead of directing you to the Facebook timeline of the person that should have been mentioned. You’re sharing something that you think the other person might be interested in. I wanted to know that after my friend mentions my name in a comment, do I get a notification that my friend mentioned me in the comment, or not? Is there a way to remove my page tag? Perhaps more importantly, if you tag someone in the original post, they can choose to allow it on their timeline which brings additional visibility to the post.

Have you ever wanted to let someone else know that you were talking about them in a post to Facebook? I think you get a tag in someone's comment the same way as someone can in a status update.I think you then get notified that you have been tagged. The Facebook user that you mention will get a notification and their name in your comment will be linked to their profile. Great! Comment was probably deleted. He has been working with websites and the Internet since the early '90's, and is active on all of the major social networks. Facebook will display up to 15 results at a time, with the results changing each time you change or add a character. Scroll down and click on a notification.

He thinks it s normal to flirt with many girls at this point in his life ( and well, yeah it is ). AgoraPulse will auto-suggest applicable Pages for you to choose from. Avoid typos as misspelling the name will mean you either get no one to mention or end up mentioning the wrong person. I’m curious if perhaps the algorithms work in a way that the person who is tagging – the post shows up more on their friends feeds than the person who they tag. The Facebook user that you mention will get a notification and their name in your comment will be linked to their profile. You would however have to choose the first one as that’s the official personal Facebook account. It is the Facebook way of sharing information with you, or of letting you know that someone is thinking of you. Tagging is important in certain aspects, but when you want to call out a name of a friend in a post or comment, the feature one should use is mentions, not tagging. Not even him. See image below for illustrations. For example you may have copy pasted a friend’s Facebook status update, and the best way to acknowledge that would be to mention them in a post as the original author. You cannot mention Facebook profiles using scheduling tools. Before all names used to show up in blue. They refuse. Ensure you have a fast Internet connection for this to work seamlessly. Like, “@the social media” at which point Facebook offers suggestions that look like this: Once your post or comment is published, the Page (and Page admins) will receive a notification that the Page has been mentioned. Step 1 – Click on Update Status in your Facebook. An attempted mentioning ends up in tagging. Press Control + F (PC) or command + F (Mac). 3. un buen nombre para un grupo de anime de facebook? I personally find this approproach more appealing compared to just sharing the post. 2. You can mention (personal profiles) or businesses and organizations (pages) as well as Facebook Groups (though Groups don’t get a notification, just a link, and mentions of secret Groups will not be linked). What if the comment is not on my post, or a post I haven't liked, or a photo I've not been tagged? Click See All.

P-Valley S1 and everything else that’s new on... Live boxing on Showmax Pro this weekend: Derrick... Halloween lineup on Showmax to stream in Kenya,... Tiktok and the Kenyan memes – What’s a... Showmax picks up Kenyan drama Monica for its... NINIOLA takes listeners to a worldwide tour with... Brian Ogola joins the cast of Selina, replaces... Nganya, the gritty Kenyan drama on the matatu... P-Valley S1 and everything else that’s new on Showmax this November, Live boxing on Showmax Pro this weekend: Derrick Chisora vs Oleksandr Usyk Gervonta; Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz, Halloween lineup on Showmax to stream in Kenya, from Lovecraft Country to Us. As the above image illustrate, typing in @Odipo Riaga in your Facebook status update will bring in three Facebook accounts all of which are related to me. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. How do you see the time of day when your tagged in a post? got it ? Still have questions?

Get your answers by asking now. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Tested. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. That’s the “slug” at the end of their Facebook URL so, instead of “@The Social Media Hat” you would use “@thesocialmediahat” and that will offer the exact Page every time. One thing that is not mentioned is how do I tag a page, when none of the proposed options is right — even when I put exactly the @name of the page? Not sure why it would do this. Here are a few very acceptable reasons to mention another Facebook user: Those are the kinds of mentions that need to be used quite sparingly and with great care. Thanks all for the help, but I got what I really wanted. Thank you for this article.I’ve noticed that sometimes when I tag someone that it shows up on their page but mainly my friends comments and likes show up. How to mention someone in a Facebook Post/Comment Now that you know why it is important to mention someone properly in a Facebook post or comment, this is how to do it. I cant find an answer to my problem!! The audience for the link that’s created depends on the privacy settings of the person, Page or group you … Thanks. Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature to mention your friends' names in a comment. Can Facebook group admins still say they they are NOT accepting one's membership, even if they improve their behavior?

1. This wikiHow teaches you how to find a Facebook comment you're tagged in by searching your notifications on your computer's internet browser. What if the comment is not on my post, or a post I haven't liked, or a photo I've not been tagged? where someone says blah blah blah then goes @insertnamehere, it comes up as a notification if your name is after @. There are two ways to do it. I can't find her or her comment? There are no rules – you can mention anyone on Facebook who has set their permissions to allow it – but I can, of course, provide some guidelines and context. A mention is the electronic way of tagging someone on Facebook, similar to a mention on Twitter, and by mentioning someone or some page it links to that person’s profile. Someone has been posting inappropriate content and tagging the page. But if they tag you then you get a notification that you have been tagged, even if you don't like the post, etc. Image: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Grid Layouts, Image: What is Social Marketing? After cleaning my computer when I type someone’s name it does not light up any more. Thanks! All of a sudden, now when I hit the “reply” under a person’s comment on a post, their name doesn’t come up in blue. I have a business in a district and I created a page for the district on Facebook. How can I dispute a post that was fact checked on Facebook?

It’s very irritating, especially if you are tagging or mentioning several people. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

And similar to mention-spam, posting a picture and tagging 50 friends just to get their attention is spam.

Press Control + F (PC) or command + F (Mac). Or what if someone deliberately mentions or tags you and you don’t want that to remain? Blocking someone from seeing your story on Instagram? By using our site, you agree to our.

PRO TIP: If you do not see the Page or business you want to check into, try opening Facebook in a new tab and doing a search for that business. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 17,182 times. Notifications will not disappear from this list unless you choose to, The default keyboard combination for search on a. However, you’re the only person who would get a ‘notification’, so otherwise it would be catch-as-catch-can as to whether other people would actually see it. Thanks. As you select one or more friends, their names will appear as “— with [Their Name]” and of course their name is linked to their profile. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. AgoraPulse – Click on Publish to start a new post, make sure your Facebook Page is selected, and begin typing your message.

Step 2 Alt – If Step 2 doesn’t bring up the name of the person in a drop down list so that you can click to place the name in your status update, then delete the name you had typed but this time round start typing with @ Symbol preceding the name. You most probably know how to do this, mention someone properly in a Facebook post.

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