(Note that values of 1/T = 2 X 10-3 and 1/T = 3 X 10-3 (You'll need to know that k = 8.617 X 10-5 eV/K.). but the states group into bands.

2 —( —( —( §' @ D † ˆ ˆ å1 —( §' å1 —( N —( å1 Ê 6 å1 ˆ | ĞlI–FÇ H \ ç' R å1 å1 62 0 f2 å1 ,6 9( ^ ,6 å1 —( D D D D Ù THE RESISTANCE OF A THERMISTOR Before starting the experiment, read through the instructions carefully. [View Experiment] Build a thermistor psychrometer [View Experiment] Thermistor Background Information: Definition A thermistor is a type of resistor used to measure temperature changes, relying on the change in its resistance with changing temperature.

allows you to monitor the temperature. You are provided with a LABVIEW program which will prompt you to push a ĞÏࡱá > şÿ @ B şÿÿÿ ? Thermistor Custom Assemblies. WORK If possible use your thermistor to estimate the following temperatures: (a) inside a fridge (b) body temperature thermistor V mA Eye protection advised " l m n o Š ó ô Ü İ ˆ ‰ ” Ì Í Ò ç C D ] j ² ³ $ • – ¡ ¢ ¤ ¥ ¨ © À à ıîŞıÕ ıÕ Ó ÑÏ ıÕıËıÕıÂıÕıÂıÕı ¿ ¹ µ « 5�B*CJ \�phÿ 5�\�

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