And, too, if marriage at some point was seen as inevitable, particularly for women who did not have much economic opportunity aside from it, why put it off? The monster behind educational time-sink ds106 and still recovering from his bid for hipster stardom with “Edupunk”, Jim spends his days using his dwindling credibility to sell cheap webhosting to gullible undergraduates and getting banned from YouTube for gross piracy. So in that sense, many of these marriages are made as relatively informed decisions.". Nationwide,it was estimated that there were 5,000 child brides under the age of fifteen back in 1937.
The governor said the marriage disgraced the whole state! Lewis Rhea, Hancock County Clerk at the time, stated, “When I learned she was just a child, I investigated and found out her parents didn’t object. I took Evelyn to Morristown where she spent the night with a Negro woman who used to live close by her. Clipping found in Kingsport Times in Kingsport, Tennessee on Oct 28, 1937. Mrs. Lewis Winstead.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The website owner has my email address. The book was published in 2009. If there is anything the P-T A. can do to prevent its recurrence, we certainly hope to do it.”, Mrs. Graeme Canning, president of the Ossoli Circle women’s club expressed support for returning to the five-day marriage rule: “If we had such a law now, that marriage could not have happened. You have answered my questions, and I would love to read more about their story. You can get my email address from the website owner. Setting the minimum age so low—far lower than the 21 years required to make decisions about property—was supposed to account for the onset of puberty, so as to contain sex within marriage. ", Some legislators have a religious constituency, and are sincerely trying to reflect the beliefs of their constituents, Hamilton says. He was twenty-four. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Please write to him for it and get in touch with me! Walter Lamb, ar-preacher, demonstrated with another Couple how he married the mountaineer and little Eunice Winstead in the middle of a mountain road for a $1 fee. He was correct. Did he raise her, too? She was a member of Rock Bridge Baptist Church. But a series of 19th-century forces, including a women’s movement, a campaign to lower divorce rates, and a growing recognition of the idea of childhood as a separate stage of life, combined to raise the marriage age in many states. While I wasn’t born there, I spent most of my youth in the small town of Thompsonville, NY, which is located in the southern portion of the so-called Catskill Mountains.

Wallace LambPhoto: The Knoxville Journal, 16 February 1937 In 1940, census enumerator Neal An … 9-year-old Eunice Winstead Johns was the youngest bride in the United States when she married Charlie Johns.

In 1926, Frances Browning, a 15-year-old high-school student and sometime–chorus girl, started dating 51-year-old multimillionaire Edward Browning. The public outcry was notable because not too many decades earlier, there would have been none. Children nine years old certainly do not know their own minds, and they may get married just because the idea sounded glamorous.”, Another resident, Wallace Wright, stated, “The present laws are all right, but there is no use in the people making fools of themselves and the laws to.”, Even Tennessee Governor Gordon Browning was asked for his opinion. And besides, I’ve got other more important matters to worry about at the moment.”. They lived for years with his parents. The wedding went forward, making the front of the New York Times. Together they had nine children; three girls and six boys with a nineteen year age gap between the youngest and the oldest. Advocacy group Human Rights Watch, for example, has pointed out that until New York changed its child-marriage law last year, 14- and 15-year-olds could marry, with permission of a judge and parent. Charlie is a good boy. Edward W. Browning as he appeares with his wife, Peaches, seated in their motor launch. Her parents were upset but let the marriage stand. But at age 32 she was the valedictorian speaker at Rutgers University's commencement. Thanks, Chin. And when it finally did ten days later, the marriage of Eunice and Charlie was thrust upon the front page of newspapers across the nation. In his comprehensive look at the history of American child marriage, Syrett gives us many anecdotes about girls getting married, often to much older men. As their twentieth anniversary rolled around, Evelyn was the proud mother of seven children. Many were not forced. Eunice is my great aunt and I carry a copy of the original newspaper clipping in which her mother is talking about the marriage. That made Tennessee the only state in the Union at the time to have no minimum age for marriage. Mrs. Russell Frazell of Moline, Illinois already had a son when she was fourteen. Shoemakers in the 19th century She didn’t married to get out of school. She most certainly could have married someone at an older age and been mistreated. I got in the United States ( straight from Cambodia) in 2008; so, I have been in Utah for over five years now. When he told Ferguson that he couldn’t whip another man’s wife, Ferguson told Charlie, “Oh, yes, I can whip another man’s wife if another man sends his wife to school to me.” Tennessee law at the time did require anyone under sixteen to attend school, but Education Commissioner W.A. Which leaves me with one last little surprise. They simply slipped across the border into Kentucky to get married, which many other young couples also opted to do. I just keep thinking of how it would be possible for a 22-year-old man to get married to a child.
But that’s just brag. I’ve contacted this site’s owner and asked that he forward to you my email address. The newlyweds retreated into seclusion after journalists, photographers, and movie cameramen descended upon Sneedville, the isolated hamlet of 1,000 souls that the couple called home.3 “I wouldn’t issue a marriage license to a nine-year-old child if both parents were along,” said court clerk Will Key from across the state in Madison County.

Does the book cover any more of their story? He quickly looked over their marriage license and everything seemed to be in order. Between 2000 and 2015, well over 200,000 children under age 18 were married in America. Thanks for any consideration and action you may give to this. By then a great-grandmother, she passed away on August 29, 2006, less than a month shy of her 79th birthday. And with their marriage Eunice became “the youngest American girl married in the history of marriage statistics.” When the marriage was picked up by the press, the Tennessee newlyweds became national celebrities, and it proved to be one of the most outrageous topics of 1937. One of the most troublesome children in Tennessee is Mrs. Eunice Winstead Jones, 9. Eunice Johns greets me, a total stranger, with an embrace. He's like King Midas, but with the Internet. “My husband’s in the state penitentiary. On the morning of their marriage, Eunice told her dad that she was headed up the road to her married sister’s house to get a doll that Charlie had given to her the previous Christmas. Wallace Lamb. I also found a thread on a genealogy site by a guy who searched out Eunice and met her in the mid-90s. When, in 1762, the 73-year-old governor of the royal colony of North Carolina married a 15-year-old girl, the marriage lasted just three years before he died.

University of North Carolina Press. That's according to a 2017 research report, by the Tahirih Justice Center, that outlines the legal picture of U.S. child brides, state by state.

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