With rising temperatures, and depleting water resources, farmers and herders are fighting with each other to gain access and control of these natural commodities. Excessive meat production consumes most of the crop production that could have fed millions of people around the world. Equitable distribution of food is also a major concern since half the world’s poverty stricken population goes to bed hungry every night. Other practices that question meat industry practices include inflicting pain by castration, branding, dehorning, beak trimming, and inadequate stunning before slaughter. If we consider the Islamic environmental ethics, it also states that humans owe a duty to the natural world. Just because cognitive abilities of animals are not as developed as those of humans, it does not suggest that they are incapable of feeling pleasure or pain and it doesn’t give humans any reason to inflict pain upon them. The environmental impact of meat in hand with agricultural production is often hidden by the cheap prices of meat in grocery stores across the U.S. What these prices do not show us is the hidden toll that meat production is taking on our environment. Abstract: However, although cattle seems to be the most detrimental livestock factor to the environmental problem, they are not alone. Fisheries depletion. Meat is considered a normal good, which means that demand for meat increases as consumer income increases. Waste water loaded with nitrate and animal excrement often seeps into groundwater. Many species are finding it hard to adapt to changing weather because it is becoming very unpredictable (Koneswaran & Nierenberg, 2008 ). Between the years 1980-1996 over 750,000 head of cattle infected with this disease were slaughtered for human consumption in Britain.

With the consumption of meat worldwide drastically increasing due to readily available and affordable fast, The Environmental Impact Of Meat Production, Analysis Of The Green Technology Vehicle Market, The Peony Pavilion : Chinese Play By Tang Xianzu, Interconnection Networks And Protocols Used For Cache Coherence. Ocean dead zones. With the consumption of meat worldwide drastically increasing due to readily available and affordable fast. The use of land, energy, water, and various emissions and wastes are all widely recognized by people and governments (Vinnari, 2008). This is nearly 20% and can be greatly reduced if people reduced their demand for meat. We also see lack of care and concern for people who are affected by industrial practices. Meat industry is one of those sectors that are one of the biggest contributors of global gas emissions and have big environmental and social impacts. By doing so, consumers will have to pay more for meat which will likely decrease meat consumption (Shaw & Newholm, 2002). Free resources to assist you with your university studies! The evidence is not new; however, WHO’s announcement brings increased attention to the matter. At the moment, livestock production is responsible for contributing to the negative environmental effects because livestock production results in greenhouse gas emissions, livestock production requires a lot of water, and livestock production takes up a lot of agricultural land.

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