The basic approach is to take the third and sixth voicings (aka four-way close) and “drop” the second from top tone down an octave. A Voicing vs Drop 2 voicing of Gdom7. Flick through the standards you can play and look out for either stepwise melodic movement or sections of static harmonies and melodies. Thanks : ). In this lesson I am going to explain what drop 2 voicings are, how to construct them and then how to practice drop 2 voicings so that you are familiar with them in all 12 keys. AN ARRANGING technique used when voicing for four horns. Since we are taking the 2nd voice from the top and moving it down an octave, we call it “Drop 2.” You can either play the lowest two members with the left and upper two members with the right of you can modify that according to your preference and, of course, how the chord voicing is used in context. From learning these studies, you will see how drop 2’s can be … Drop 2 was originally used in arranging for orchestras and big bands as it provided a way for 4 horn instruments to produce a very rich texture over a single chord. Drop 2 Voicings For Jazz Piano. Each of these comping studies is arranged in order of difficultly. One nice thing about working with a chord voicing is that, no matter what order you play the notes in, a strong melody ensues. me encouragement beyond what I originally expected. Required fields are marked *. Arpeggiating voicings on a single note instrument can be interesting and challenging and will help you incorporate intervallic melodies to contrast traditional linear ideas. Compare the original Cma7 basic chord structure with this Drop 2 chord voicing and listen! x��[[�e5.n�n(��q\����^�~�M����T�>0>P�ŹȠ��7�O�/�ε�V��>S� Do the same in reverse, started with the 3rd Inversion moving toward the Root Position. Just take a tune that you can already play and enhance your arrangements with drop 2 harmony. The tune is written in the key of Eb Major and follows a 32 measure A1 – B1 – A2 – B2 form. Explore this piano chord voicing over a I – VI – II – V chord progression, for example. Join PianoGroove Pro to access all downloads and learning resources.

B Voicing vs Drop 2 voicing of Gdom7. Drop 2 Piano Voicings.pdf. An Introduction To Playing Jazz Piano Voicings, Learning Jazz Piano Voicings: Some Encouragement, Jazz Piano Voicings Pdf: Smooth Voice Leading.

I’ve been studying Once you can play the scale using the 4 way close, then drop the second note and go through the scale again. stream Since we now have an open voicing, the resulting sound is more “open” to our ears as well. As an example, let’s say that you are playing a voicing for F9: Again, the 2nd chord tone from the top is the one we will move to a position one octave lower. B Voicing of Gdom7. In this case, it happens to be G.  Move the G one octave lower, which results in it being the lowest member of the voicing: It becomes a two-hand piano chord voicing. Repeat the whole process on strings 2-5 2) Pick a key & play all diatonic 7th chords in root inversion on strings 1-4. Drop 2 Piano Voicings.pdf. Once you really familiarize yourself with this voicing through continued application, you know you’ve got something! Drop 2 Chords Guide – Comping Studies . Your email address will not be published. After practicing this you should then be comfortable with the voicing shapes and ready to add the interesting drop 2 textures into your playing, Watch The Full 27 Minute Tutorial Sign In or Join Now, UK & Europe: +44 808 196 2012 This is the harmonic destination of the 2-5-1 chord progression. The tune is very accessible and a great for beginners. Half-dimished Drop II Voicings & Strings 2-5 Note also that B-7(b5)=D-6=G9(no root)=Db(b9/b13) (no root) RECOMMENDED EXERCISES: 1) Take a chord voicing & inversion on strings 1-4 & play all the chord types (Maj7, Dom7 ...) Repeat for every inversion. US & Canada: +1 888 616 5371, © 2020 Copyright PianoGroove. %�쏢 Very good blog post. That said, in order to maximize the benefit from learning it, like any voicing, using it over and over again will lead to possibilities not otherwise imagined. On its own, it offers a nice variation of the basic chord. Harmonise the F Major scale with the rootless dominant b9 chord so that you are familiar with the voicings. 恜�t���_w���rb��q��.�=��Nj��t���-��}�������.�Mg�vl��k��g> e�&�������>���Ģ��f��� o����H�4����X�tj�;�`���f�4h���?��+��|g���� �ϫl��Mls&�t}$�~R�%���程ю����t���(�n� 5�׵��=w��s����L��7��_��FS�(� �L���A�ٽ��d�H/��)iUGS����ٻ;�������J'؀p�7P�r�N��v1RA�Yh�U����{a��G�N,^+>8�G�n�����g��vI ��4@� 81Qi�H���/���\B�_p�b�AS.\3!i�W��R�3��z#��a�W��S�+�_��`�4̕�����-��f����9OQ�����ػEI����i�����b9��w_w�d���F8 ��U �?/��u����I��*,��Rh"�gE��Sz���ԑ�����pXH>}�ޫ�h����,z'����Ov�(�rXX}�Ik�|�{�Z. Duke Ellington’s ‘In A Sentimental Mood’ is one of the most recognisable jazz ballads. Like Someone In Love is one of the great jazz standards.

Cmaj7 – Chord 1. For example, if you find a stepwise melody over F Major chord.

Here is the Drop 2 voicing: As with other voicings, play the original voicing and the Drop 2 in various keys to really gain confidence.! All Rights Reserved. jazz piano for a couple of years now. For example, play the Cma7 in its four closed positions, namely Root Position, 1st Inversion, 2nd Inversion, and 3rd Inversion, respectively. "��먖�ʺ�&��E���!�� �p���N�����|���C� �2Jr� ��\D�w�++�fe�����e��f��������N�����6����V[0Xʤ�C0=�%!��0��A�� @5?��8!

����C��.ƙ���[1q6e���U��!�8(����h[�F� .�W��������8`�'�����H���c��-&�H��J���AK:&0jpH��]�%��ȁ-�|b�q�H�Po��e�",1�E@t�d�T�`+ry��,�+ o~��� ��t�0(B%�b��(=��;�B'��c��2Q��z���z��0a�\���Ɯ?��O�|��(]|�? Drop 2 Voicings are similar to the Four Way Close but instead of doubling the melody note an octave down in your left, instead we ‘drop’ the second note from the top and play this in out left hand. ProProach has offered The Drop 2 piano chord voicing will become your friend very quickly if you just give yourself a fair amount of time acquainting yourself with it. Lesson 61: Drop 2 Voicing mp3 sing along. In the last lesson we introduced the 4 Way Close which is a simpler version of drop 2 and will help you understand the construction and application of the drop 2 voicings covered in this lesson. Step-by-step lessons to master jazz theory, Learn the blues, jazz blues, funk, & gospel, Syllabuses to guide your learning journey, learn to play your favourite tunes & songs. We’ll also talk about how you can spot opportunities to harmonise the melodies of Jazz Standards using drop 2 voicings and also look at ways that these voicings can be used to create movement over static harmonies and melodies.

It is a very easy voicing to understand and implement.

%PDF-1.3 Sign In. Drop 2 voicings can be heard in the recordings of almost all of the great jazz pianists and they are an extremely useful tool for harmonizing the melody of jazz standards. The Drop 2 piano chord voicing will become your friend very quickly if you just give yourself a fair amount of time acquainting yourself with it.

5 0 obj As you gain more and more mastery at that piano or keyboard of yours, remember…, You have got interesting posts here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We’re introduce some bigger voicings and cover some interesting examples of altered harmony and upper structure triads. >%�0�-��NÔ�R���5����`�w����#%z����SIazSyP��=Jk�>ҥ���1H(���$*�����e��[�PpD��mh��k�!C;�槀/d8�Qa�(μ���߭��f23?�ifLr8�^1����*�� �,��#J{�VI�j�~PƁ=�^�/vG@�$$�wɈ���h^�`G%-�}��x/�X�]�f�� � ��*Y�9k�� [�rPFi��盘^�^ ��!J���C9Nb1� �9̇�Ķ4��5�R�`>l���"�NY``p��6�4�F�IQ��6�bt�!���E$� ���)4��w���K �]*���p�㥠rS3�@H�A�ү��j{Mm����00. At this stage, it's not essential that you can harmonise using drop 2 in all 12 keys. I definitely love this website. Okay, now that we have applied the Drop 2 technique to a basic chord, we can also apply it to any four-note positions that are closed. Below are the A & B voicings of chord 5 and their respective drop 2 voicings. ~Enjoy! The Drop 2 Chord Voicing creates a more textured and sophisticated sound that the Four Way Close and can be heard extensively in the recordings of Bill Evans, Barry Harris and many others.

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