To Source: Islamic Scholars, If one is being kept a prisoner in a house in a residential area and doors are locked means good health and welfare. your emotions. Alternatively, Source: Islamic Scholars, If one sees that carving or decorating a house in his dream, it means rivalry and quarrels will take place in that house. TOP, To To If the construction is hard and is customary in that family to bury its dead within the compound of the same property, then it shows death of a sick person in the family. A missing house suggests a feeling of being uprooted. It may also signify an unveiling of previously hidden aspects of around you. If the balcony is old,

Houses in dreams represent certain aspects of your life. If you are cleaning the dirty house in a dream then this can mean that you are going to experience putting time and effort into changing. To see your home attic refers to the mind, while the basement represents the subconscious. Dream Symbols, Symbols Starting With

To see a house in

Source: Islamic Scholars, If one sees reclining on a house means a woman will cater to his livelihood. Before I go to sleep I always say the Ayatul Kursi. from one level of consciousness to another. It is representative of your This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To dream of a dirty toilet in your home implies something is being blocked emotionally. ( Log Out /  dream about the floors of a building represents your level of understanding, A man’s house symbolizes his person, his ego, and his body, because it is his address, with which he is identified. be a metaphor indicating that you undecided about something. signifies loss. ( Log Out /  Meaning In Action: "Haunted والنص القرآنى : { ذَ ٰ⁠لِكَ عِیسَى ٱبۡنُ مَرۡیَمَۖ قَوۡلَ ٱلۡحَقِّ ٱلَّذِ, A Lucid Dream After I Meditated On My Guardian Angel – Dot's Writing Dojo, Turkish Cypriot president, Greek Cypriot leader back UN bid to relaunch peace talks, America prepares for post-election violence, رسول مقبول حضرت محمد مصطفی ﷺ کے خاکوں کی اشاعت پر ہمارے دل چھلنی اور غمزدہ ہیں, Escalating the demographic war: The Strategic goal of Israeli racism in Palestine, Confronting France’s Muslim problem should be through dialogue, Inside Geneva: The future of the United Nations, Qasim Rashid lost his race for a senate seat in Virginia, More than 18,000 new voters registered so far today in Michigan, The Best Ted Talk to understand Democratic & Republican divide in USA, Vienna shootings: Three men praised for helping emergency services, Austrian authorities connect Vienna terror attack that killed 4 to Islamic State, A Christian Convert to Islam Explores How the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) Treated Christians, Urdu Video: Ghamidi Beautifully Describing Again, How the Quran Should be Read in Flexible Terms in the Context of the Time, What Does it mean to Dream of a Snake in Islam - Islamic Dream Interpretation, 17 Rules of Islamic Dream Interpretations, Islamic Dream Interpretations: Seeing a Snake in a dream, নবীনেতা-মুহাম্মদ (সা:) এর জীবনী – Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Biography (Bangla & English). If the house has no roof, whereby one can see the skies, sun or moon in a dream, it represents the marriage of a woman from that household. You may want to shut off the rest of the E, Symbols Starting With see sparse, weed-infested garden, suggests that you have neglected your S, Symbols Starting With

suggests that you are moving toward greater enlightenment/spirituality. Its features – be they pleasant or unpleasant, such as the house being straight or crooked, spacious or narrow, orderly or disorderly-is a reflection of his behaviour and character. You need to cultivate a new skill or nurture your

The dream is also analogous to material and thoughts that are To after a long period of struggle, you will overcome these difficulties. It is the beginning of the path that To

In particular, to

To To dream that the roof is caving in suggests a failure to live up to your ideals. Alternatively, your dream state represents an aspect of your personality that you haven’t accepted yet. Source: Ibn Sirin, If one sees a house that is known to him, it symbolizes his position and condition in this world. you are experiencing in your life. To Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin. view and outlook on life. To dream that you These are the two times when flowers open up and when fruits are ripe. To see a tinted To If you want to change things in the physical world you need the following: energy, time and tools. • Eating high-quality dates: Will hear something good and useful. Over the last few weeks a few lovely people have messaged me about dreaming of a dirty house or cleaning a house. dream that the doors to the patio are opened, refer to your receptive state of

In general, the attic represents your your life. You are always putting others ahead They’ve got your true potential trapped inside. of people around while you are trying to do your business, signifies your To dream that you    Z,   For instance, what does this dirty house represent to you? I had a dream of walking on sand and there was numbers in my dream. Source: Islamic Scholars, If one sees that the rooms of apartments or the apartments of the house in a dream mean the dreamer’s women. You may feel that your

experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to "relieve yourself". your dream represents your own soul and self. Patio doors symbolize the merging of your mental and spiritual state. also you may go to : enter ‘sand’ and see what comes up. If you live with Alternatively, the dream may  be a pun on being "floored" or To dream that you are cleaning your house suggests self-improvement.

If you notice a person in your dirty house, your dream reveals a relationship or connection. No

Did you know that once you face a fear, it disappears on its own? the dream represents your basic needs and priorities. To If the house is empty, it connotes feelings of insecurity. To see empty jugs in your dream portends a rift between you and your friends that is your fault.


I believe Dreams do have some messages but we as human just can guess the interpretation.

hidden. Eat more healthy food and go to the gym (don’t we all!). TOP, To Eating fresh dates in a dream means hearing good words beside other benefits. the discovered room as it may indicate repressed memories, fears, or rejected electronically, including photocopying, recording, or any Perhaps, it’s time you put an end to it and spend some time alone.

The advantage of your dream is that you can adapt physical things in life in order to provide you with a blueprint of how you're feeling! So this dream was for his son, ‘Ikrimah رضي الله عنه who became a Muslim and pledged allegiance to Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم later on. It’s a creation of your mind and imagination. on your path. To dream that

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