In dota 1, heroes had 2 "names". Do you prefer thrall or disrupter? He asked because a lot of ppl like saying their dota 1 alternative names and he only played dota 2 so he had no idea who was being referred. Off the top of my head only WK (formally SK, search leo), nyx (Nerubian) and Goblin Shredder was changed. Come on.

Crystal Maiden is the most picked support hero in Dota 1. Slardar: Strong on the lane, heavy stun, great durability and semi-carry potential. 1 was the actually name of the hero ("Traxis") the other was the title of the hero ("Drow Ranger"). For every hero the main attribute scales up the most: For an agility hero all stats are going up with each level, but the multiplicator for the agility goes up the most. dota 1 heroes guide In the middle river, every 2 minutes and starting with the 2:00 minute mark, a random rune spawns at one of the sides in the middle.

joinDota League (jDL) | A Free, Global Dota League For All Players. The left is the top and title in the lvl bar.

For Dota 2, Heroes were set to have 1 name, although some dota 1 players still say the heroes by their others names. Anub'arak the Nerubian Assassin, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Mirana – People love her, even if they miss every arrow!

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Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Usually people use the initials of the hero title like SA for rikimaru or OD for Harbinger.

Now you can figure out why some ppl say bara instead of SB. You should've kept D2 names on one side and D1 names on the other :<, It's not mixed up. Hi guys here is the latest complete list of your favorite Dota Hero and the right Item Builds for them.If you want to see the guides and skill build of your chosen hero all you have to do is just click the your favorite Dota hero and it will direct you on the guide page. The left is the hero name the right is the title. The Offlaner. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Dota Heroes - Dota Wiki - Dota Allstars and Dota 2 info! His name was change the most (completely). Dota 1 hero names. I would honestly make do with any of these two instead of the kind of king we have now... never forget. Question of the moment. Close. Naix or lifestealer? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. in: Heroes … Archived. The offlane is also called the hardlane, because you play against the safelane lineup, … 15. The three hero classes in Dota 1: The three hero classes are agility, intelligence, and … Warcraft III is the third title in the Warcraft series of real-time strategy games developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Heroes Items DotA 2. Most of the dota2 wiki hero page say the name at the start but I like this list form. Supports in general might have a lower impact compared to carries. Never pick an uncomfortable hero, that will make the game automatically harder for you.

In Dota 1 are 110 heroes playable, which fight against each other on the Dota map which is divided into Sentinel and Scourge. Hint its easier to guess his initials and guess what the 2nd word is, Shendelzare Silkwood: Vengeful SpiritAbaddon: Lord of AvernusPugna: OblivionCrixalis: Sand KingClinkz: Bone FletcherLuna Moonfang: Moon RiderBradwarden: Centaur WarchiefZeus: Lord of OlympusBlack Arachnia: BroodmotherLeshrac the Malicious: Tormented SoulAiushtha: EnchantressMorphling: MorphlingKardel Sharpeye: Dwarven SniperJah'rakal: Troll WarlordLeviathan: TidehunterRhasta: Shadow ShamanAtropos: Bane ElementalRotund'jere: NecrolytePudge: ButcherDarkterror: Faceless VoidAnub'seran: Nerubian WeaverMogul Khan: AxeRylai Crestfall: Crystal MaidenStrygwyr: BloodseekerLucifer: Doom BringerSven: Rogue KnightRigwarl: BristlebackSlithice: Naga SirenRaigor Stonehoof: EarthshakerGondar: Bounty HunterMagina: Anti-MageRexxar: BeastmasterTraxex: Drow RangerJakiro: Twin Head DragonPurist Thunderwrath: OmniknightRazzil Darkbrew: AlchemistKnight Davion: Dragon KnightMercurial: SpectreMirana Nightshade: Priestess of the MoonMangix: Pandaren BrewmasterRaijin Thunderkeg: Storm SpiritAlleria: WindrunnerHuskar: Sacred WarriorSlardar: Slithereen GuardLanaya: Templar AssassinDemnok Lannik: WarlockPuck: Faerie DragonVol'Jin: Witch DoctorRikimaru: Stealth AssassinRattletrap: Clockwerk GoblinDaelin Proudmoore: AdmiralSyllabear: Lone DruidRazor: Lightning RevenantLina Inverse: SlayerHarbinger: Obsidian DestroyerYurnero: JuggernautMedusa: GorgonMeepo: GeomancerBalanar: Night StalkerKing Leoric: Skeleton KingDazzle: Shadow PriestAnub'arak: Nerubian AssassinRubick: Grand MagusAzgalor: Pit LordViper: NetherdrakeAkasha: Queen of PainNevermore: Shadow FiendKel'thuzad: LichIsh'kafel: Dark SeerKael: InvokerDirge: UndyingNortrom: SilencerMortred: Phantom AssassinDarchrow: EnigmaRooftrellen: Treant ProtectorUlfsaar: Ursa WarriorAggron Stonebreaker: Ogre MagiBoush: TinkerFurion: ProphetAzwraith: Phantom LancerTiny: Stone GiantLesale Deathbringer: VenomancerSquee Spleen and Spoon: Goblin TechiesChen: Holy KnightKrobelus: Death ProphetTerrorblade: Soul KeeperMagnus: MagnataurLion: Demon WitchVisage: Necro'licNessaj: Chaos KnightBanehallow: LycanthropeCairne Bloodhoof: Tauren ChieftainJin'zakk: BatriderN'aix: LifestealerEzalor: Keeper of the LightBarathrum: SpiritbreakerSlark: Murloc NightcrawlerKaldr: Ancient ApparitionAurel Vlaicu: GyrocopterIo: Guardian WispThrall: DisruptorEredar: Shadow DemonIcarus: PhoenixYmir: TuskarrRizzrak: Goblin ShredderXin: Ember SpiritDragonus: Skywrath MageTresdin: Legion CommanderZet: Arc WardenAuroth: Winter WyvernKaolin: Earth SpiritNerif: Oracle.

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