Xuwulong - This iguanodontid ornithopod was recently discovered in China.

Laquintasaura - The first plant-eating dinosaur ever to be discovered in Venezuela. Rhoetosaurus - A medium-sized sauropod from Down Under. What is certain is that flying dinos — birds — have been around much longer than your post states! Nomingia - This small dinosaur had a peacock-like tail. Bravoceratops - This ceratopsian was recently discovered in Texas. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Antarctopelta - The first dinosaur fossil ever discovered in Antarctica. “Aw yeah, look who’s Pevolving! By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Bactrosaurus - One of the earliest of the duck-billed dinosaurs. Qiupalong - This "bird mimic" dinosaur was recently discovered in China.

Muttaburrasaurus - The most complete dinosaur fossil ever found in Australia. Rebbachisaurus - A poorly understood sauropod from northern Africa. Looks like you figured out which two pterosaurs we might be talking about. Tianzhenosaurus - This ankylosaur's skull has been spectacularly preserved. Dreadnoughtus - This huge titanosaur was recently discovered in Argentina. Tanius - Not much is known about this Chinese hadrosaur.

Ferganasaurus - The first dinosaur ever to be discovered in the USSR. Xenotarsosaurus - A poorly understood abelisaur from South America. Quilmesaurus - This dinosaur was named after an indigenous South American tribe. I did not kuh-now that!

Spinosaurus - This dinosaur was distinguished by the sail-like structure on its back. Euhelopus - The first sauropod to be discovered in China. Gasparinisaura - One of the few ornithopods known to have lived in South America. +1 for everyone.

Kinnareemimus - This "bird mimic" dinosaur was recently discovered in Thailand. Suuwassea - Its name is Native American for "ancient thunder.". This has happened for some time, since while pterodactyl is a relatively recent word, we've been talking about Ptolemy for quite some time. Gryphoceratops - A tiny ceratopsian of Cretaceous North America. And it wasn’t just the biggest thing to ever poop on a T. Rex. Who needs Pterodactyls anyway? Lanzhousaurus - This herbivore's teeth were half a foot long. Delapparentia - This ornithopod was initially classified as a species of Iguanodon.

Yulong - The smallest oviraptor yet identified. Shaochilong - Its name is Chinese for "shark-toothed dragon.". Charonosaurus - This duck-billed dinosaur was much bigger than an elephant. Amurosaurus - The most complete hadrosaur to be discovered in Russia. For some reason, to Cuvier, a hyphenated name beginning with a silent P seemed like an awesome way to describe these organisms.

Pterodactyl and Archeopteryx: Silent P vs Voiced P, Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview. Brachytrachelopan - This sauropod had an unusually short neck. Don't let those big names distract you from peculiar dinosaurs like the Segnosaurus, Sciurumimus, and Sinocalliopteryx.

Mononykus - This dinosaur may have dug into termite mounds for its lunch. ", Therizinosaurus - What did Little Orphan Annie say to this dinosaur?

Pantydraco - No, this dinosaur didn't wear you-know-what. How I can know who is calling a REST resource? Chialingosaurus - One of the earliest Asian stegosaurs. Thank you! Yixianosaurus - How did this dino-bird use its long fingers? Scientific Name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca Conservation Status: Vulnerable No list of animals that start with p would be complete without a panda! Hoplitosaurus - Named after the heavily armored soldiers of classical Greece. Appalachiosaurus - One of the few dinosaurs ever to be found in Alabama. Taohelong - The first "polacanthine" ankylosaur ever to be discovered in Asia. As does pretty much everybody, so I think the paleontologists should loosen up and go ahead and put the term BACK in the book, where it was when I was a kid. Sinornithomimus - This ornithomimid is known from over a dozen skeletons. Thanks @tchrist As well as being what I did indeed want, it's nicer looking in the font I'm seeing it in, too. These words share the Greek root πτέρυξ (pteryx), meaning feather/wing, but the P in pterodactyl is silent (in the initial position), while the P in archeopteryx (in the middle of the word) is voiced. Rahonavis - Was it a raptor-like bird or a bird-like raptor? Podokesaurus - One of the earliest dinosaurs to live in eastern North America. Sphaerotholus - Yet another dome-headed dino from North America. Coelurus - This tiny dinosaur was a close relative of Compsognathus. Pedopenna - One of the earliest known dino-birds. Yueosaurus - This basal ornithopod was discovered by construction workers. Sinoceratops - A rare ceratopsian from late Cretaceous China.

Bonitasaura - This titanosaur wasn't as beautiful as its name implies. Paronychodon - This "tooth taxon" didn't make it out of the 19th century. Panphagia - Its name is Greek for "eats everything.". Stegoceras - This small herbivore was built for high-speed head-butting. Paleontologists, it turns out, are total sticklers. Vulcanodon - An early sauropod of the Jurassic period. Tehuelchesaurus - This sauropod was named after an indigenous South American people. I'd pronounce the initial p in the German words.. February 27, 2008

Lesothosaurus - One of the earliest of all the ornithischian dinosaurs. Neovenator - One of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs of western Europe. Alaskacephale - Can you guess which state this pachycephalosaur was found in? Tuojiangosaurus - One of the most well-known Chinese stegosaurs. Of course, both words are made using the Greek word πτέρυξ (originally pronounced /'ptɛruks/) 'wing', and this word, as well as the English words feather (p -> f and t -> θ via Grimm's Law), compete, perpetual, ptomaine, symptom, and hippopotamus, all are descended from the PIE root *pet- 'to rush, fly'.

Riojasaurus - One of the few prosauropods known to have lived in South America.

@tchrist you wrote "Er" whereas what you really wanted is "psst". I would say that it is now the job of the writers of dictionaries to figure out what people mean when they use the term pteradactyl and write up that definition for clarification.

Nanuqsaurus - This "polar lizard" was recently discovered in Alaska. Leyesaurus - A newly discovered prosauropod from South America. Shantungosaurus - The biggest of all the duck-billed dinosaurs.

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Chilesaurus - This plant-eating theropod was recently discovered in Chile. The ph can be dropped as a whole though, I've just found out.. Heyuannia - Yet another close relative of Oviraptor. Megaraptor - Despite its name, it wasn't really a raptor. Microraptor - This tiny feathered dinosaur had four wings rather than two. Rahiolisaurus - This Indian dinosaur is represented by seven tangled individuals.

Despite what you learned in your very first dinosaur book, the Pterodactyl was not a dinosaur. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I understand this is off subject nevertheless I simply needed to ask. Bob Strauss is a science writer and the author of several books, including "The Big Book of What, How and Why" and "A Field Guide to the Dinosaurs of North America. Linheraptor - This Mongolian raptor was discovered in 2008. ", Titanosaur Dinosaur Pictures and Profiles, Ornithopod Dinosaur Pictures and Profiles, Prosauropod Dinosaur Pictures and Profiles, The 19 Smallest Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals, Meet 80 Meat-Eating Dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era, The 10 Most Important Dinosaurs of South America, 10 Important Dinosaurs That Roamed Across Australia and Antarctica, 10 of the World's Most Important Dinosaurs Might Not Be What You Think, The Evolution and Behavior of Ornithopod Dinosaurs, Duck-Billed Dinosaur Pictures and Profiles. Chungkingosaurus - This early stegosaur had some primitive characteristics. Spinostropheus - This theropod was once thought to be a species of Elaphrosaurus. Directed by Harry O. Hoyt. Scutellosaurus - Probably the smallest of all the armored dinosaurs. Scolosaurus - It was once classified as a species of Euoplocephalus. Erketu - This titanosaur had an unusually long neck.

It actually lived millions of years later. I knew that scrimping on my studies of Devanagiri would bite me some time... Oh ptooey.

Velafrons - A new addition to the duck-billed dinosaur family. Similicaudipteryx - The juveniles may have been differently feathered than the adults.

Parksosaurus - It was once classified as a species of Thescelosaurus. Deltadromeus - An unusually speedy theropod of the middle Cretaceous.

Khaan - Few small mammals dared face the wrath of this dinosaur. Peloroplites - This "monstrous Hoplite" was recently discovered in Utah. Saurophaganax - The official state dinosaur of Oklahoma. Mercuriceratops - This ceratopsian was discovered on the U.S./Canada border. Saturnalia - The earliest dinosaur known to have had a herbivorous diet. ( Log Out /  Manidens - A strangely toothed relative of Heterodontosaurus. Like everything else that ended in –saur, they were wiped out by an asteroid (or a super volcano, or something). Megapnosaurus - Its name is Greek for "big dead lizard.". Yamaceratops - No, it didn't have a sweet potato for a head. Unless you just got your T. rex washed.

Before Upsilon fronted.

And likely lots of varieties took wing until the ancestors of today’s birdies really got going.

Equijubus - Its name is Greek for "horse mane.". Change ).

PT is not a phoneme in any language I've ever encountered. Cerasinops - A small ceratopsian of the late Cretaceous. Xuanhuaceratops - An early ceratopsian of the late Jurassic. Anyhow, should you have any suggestions or techniques for new blog owners please share. what was that dinosaur? Gorgosaurus - Might this tyrannosaur have been a species of Albertosaurus? Asylosaurus - This "unharmed lizard" escaped destruction in World War II. Caudipteryx - A birdlike dinosaur that changed the views of paleontologists. Albertosaurus - This carnivorous dinosaur was a close relative of T. Rex. Kentrosaurus - A smaller, African cousin of Stegosaurus.

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