I see so far it's only one episode on Season 2, how often will the episodes be updated????

Do you pay council tax?Boats on official residential moorings pay council tax as they are classed as residences. Will you ever be visiting ?People often ask if I’ll be going up a particular canal at any time. I only tend to visit pubs if I’m with friends and as I have no friends…Honestly the best advice you’ll get will be if you phone a handful of the hire firms, who have years of experience and know their local routes like the back of their hand. The comments about women are a deal-breaker. Braving another substantial river like the courageous soul he is, David takes his narrowboat from Stourport onto the Severn and pops back to his home town of Droitwich along the way before returning to the river and continuing south to Tewkesbury where he begins what would become his most enjoyable journey yet, up the River Avon.

In this special bonus end-of-season episode, David goes "behind the scenes" at a narrowboat manufacturer, seeing how huge steel plates are beaten and wrestled into submission to become beautiful canal craft. I enjoyed this series a lot. Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2020. The canals are all about slowing down to a crawl, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature around you and taking a substantial time out from the world outside.

Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020.

How do you / Why don’t you paint the baseplate of the boat?This is a source of much debate, a bit like what type of boat toilet is best. Ha Ha. See Lorna’s (London Boat Girl) video about voting here.

That said many boaters disagree entirely with these arguents and do paint the baseplate – how often is down to their enthusiasm for the task and / or the depth of their wallet. What's not to like (except by uptight, politically-correct trolls). Plus he visits one of the Canal and River Trust's two workshops that manufacture lock gates out of English Oak, largely by hand. What I didn't like is being cheated out of all his second year trip.

Je offers some good information, but what good is that when you can't bear to watch this guy? A narrowboat needs only 1-2kW to move along (once it has begun moving) thus a 20kWh battery pack could sustain 5-10 hours travel (presuming standard lead-acid tech ie 50% drawdown before recharge) and presuming the battery is not used for anything else aboard (though in reality most electric-focused boats use it for domestic purposes as well so the battery and solar system has to support that too)However, solar is not so reliable in the UK. Videographer & Journalist. I find it very relaxing to kick back, feet up, cat asleep on my lap, and watch David cruise the canals. Do the canals ever flood?

Thank you David for sharing. To be honest I enjoy some of the action stuff on TV...cop shows, action movies, etc.

I haven’t done enough of the canals to be able to happily recommend somewhere; also everyone’s requirements are different.Plus hirers tend to do one of the standard circular routes so they end up back where they’ve started, whereas I’ve just dawdled my way on the various canals as I’ve seen fit so my experience isn’t similar to a hirer.Most hirers want to know about site-seeing places and which pubs to visit and on that front I’m a dead loss as well as I just don’t go to them. I prefer to keep the channel focused on narrowboats and canals rather than “life in Britain” as there are other channels that do that. Yes, I know… but hear me out: firstly it’s a “Parrot Anafi“, a drone that is reputedly substantially quieter than other more popular models – indeed this is the one feature that keeps cropping up in reviews, so I feel less bad about flying it over the canals.Secondly it’s much cheaper, even with the accessories, than the drones by DJI plus I got it when it was on sale so it’s just about justifiable for my budget.I don’t intend to use it often – trying to fly while also steering the boat would be ridiculous and stupid so it’ll only get sent up for special occasions, when the footage will add something substantial to the story. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? I don’t get anything if the viewer presses “Skip” on the adverts so if you like my videos, I’d be grateful if you could grit your teeth and try to let at least some of the advert run!The sums are tiny; it’s a fraction of a penny for each ad that gets watched so for a typical video which will have taken me several hours at least to film, script, edit and upload, I might – in total – earn a fiver after it’s had 10,000 views or so! Petrol gennys are much cheaper, a couple of hundred quid, but you have all the issues of storing petrol safely on board (it being extremely flammable of course) and of accessing it since most wharfs and marinas don’t sell it so you have to trek along a road to the nearest garage with a canister in hand. At a push, I will eat pickle in it as well but it’s not something I add by default.And no, the sandwich is not grilled, that seems to be an American thing.

The CRT has an excellent page explaining it all too, at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/specialist-teams/managing-our-water/day-to-day.

But no boats have them and there are no disposal facilities for grey water, so it’s not going to change.The abundance of fish and wildlife on the canals suggests it really isn’t an issue!

Their problems and fun were very like the narrow boat. Why do you steer from the back, not the front?Because with 40, 50 (indeed up to 72) feet of solid steel boat, you really need to stand at the back to see what it’s doing when you manoeuvre it; bear in mind they pivot in the middle so when you turn left, the back goes right and vice versa) – not seeing what the back is doing could end up with you bashing a lot of moored boats on these narrow canals. The trouble is that with a 50+ foot, 15 tonne boat, you really need to see what it’s doing as you maneouvre it, rather than have it all happening behind you. Unfortunately I cannot as I have never used any of the rental companies myself so I can’t in good conscience recommend any.

A lot of damage had to be rectified both to boats and the canal infrastructure afterwards. In order to avoid damage to the rudder, boats would pass port side to port side. As for doctors, dentists etc, just stay signed up to your usual one and go in to any local surgery on a “visiting” basis if you need to; they don’t need to know you’re on a boat. He takes the narrowboat through a very tight squeeze outside Rugeley, changes the engine oil, and admires some flowers by the canalside. Also, when you are going past moored boats, it is required (and polite) to slow to an absolute crawl, generally at engine tickover or just over, so that you don’t rock them or pull their mooring pins out – this really does happen when boats go zooming past with no regard for anyone else.

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2020. I’ve also heard it said that most people are right-handed thus their right hand is on the tiller so they stand on the left hand side of the boat; therefore when passing another boat coming towards you, both skippers will be on the side that’s nearest to the oncoming boat.A recent comment on my vlogs also explained that the steering board on ships of old would be on the right (hence the term “starboard” for right) and boats would put into port on the left (hence the term “port” for left hand side).

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