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As for game modes, you have an exhibition mode, a 16-team tournament, a Semifinal (Final Four) mode, and a season mode similar to the tournament mode from Jam, right down to the inability to use hotspots or secret codes. This can lead to some pretty interesting matchups and mental battles as you weigh the options of putting in lesser bench players now and give your starters time to rest up, or keeping your stars on the floor and risking them getting too banged up to be effective. Certainly this game will never become rare or highly valuable, but its a secret treasure for me to own a complete set of the game because I enjoy it that much! Theoretically, this means that you could insert your favorite team’s current players and tinker with their stats until they reflect the real thing, but you can’t change appearances or heights, which is kind of a downer, but anything that can keep a game this old fresh is a positive. 01: Games Media, Game » Counter it by bringing in the big guys and rough them up inside. Press Down past the normal list of teams on the team selection screen to access the fraternity teams. And sure enough, if a player scores three buckets in a row without the other team making a basket, HE’S ON FIRE, giving them unlimited turbo and a magical ability to hit pretty much any shot they put up until the other team makes a basket (goaltending doesn’t count) or the player on fire makes four baskets, so realistically, the smartest thing to do when you catch fire is to just jack up threes. You could edit the roster names. The gameplay is arcade-style two-on-two fast action featuring backboard shattering wild dunks, power-ups and other crazy moves. The gameplay is arcade-style two-on-two fast action featuring backboard shattering wild dunks, power-ups and other crazy moves. When a player makes two baskets in a row, the announcer says "He's heating up", and if he makes three baskets in a row without the other team scoring, he says "He's on fire! Part of the NBA Jam series of basketball games, College Slam allows you to choose from over 40 real college teams and take part in head-to-head games, tournament games, and season-long play. A soft sound will confirm correct code entry. With College Slam there are no names, simply different stats for each position, which I like to think of as an advantage for re-playability. All the sound effects are overblown, keeping with the spirit of the games, as dunks sound like explosions and the ball bouncing off the rim sounds a lot more like dropping a brick on a concrete floor.

© 2020 Just Games Retro. Players are still faceless, with dots for eyes, and uniforms are still the same two color palette swaps, but if it wasn’t a problem for you before, it shouldn’t be now. College Slam seems to be a more polished, albeit college themed, version of Acclaim’s smash hit NBA Jam. That being said, I always waffle on which game is better on SNES: NBA Jam TE or College Slam.

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