In 1999, she renamed her production house Radaan Mediaworks.

India Limited, which has produced serial publications such as Chitti, Annamalai, Selvi, Arasi, Chellame, Vaani Rani, Thamarai and Idi Katha Kadu (Telugu). ಏನೂ ಇಲ್ಲ. Just two months into motherhood, she found herself in a village in Vathalakundu in Tamil Nadu, shooting for Kizhakku Cheemayile (‘In Eastern Province’, released in 1993). His first wife was Chaya Sarathkumar, with whom he has two daughters named Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Pooja Sarathkumar. It was more disciplined too. And I do not work beyond 6PM on any day. Radikaa with Sarathkumar, and with Arvind Swamy, “Sarath and I have been friends for a really long time. Banks would not fund her. Honest police officer Durai Singam locks horns with big-time extortionist Mayil Vaaganam. I was doing everything, writing, acting and controlling the production. Now, cinema was her career. She had a child with Sarath, named Rahul, in 2004. She starts her day early with yoga. “I just like what I am doing, and with that comes a deep sense of commitment. Raadhika is also a celebrated actress. I didn’t come wanting to be an actor. It’s a life of balance now, but it wasn’t always like that. After initial hiccups her company was renamed as Radaan Mediaworks India Ltd in 1999 and emerged as one among the leading production houses. She had a steady stream of visitors, and one of them was Bharathiraja, her first director. How the intrepid daughter of a controversial father weathered ups and downs in life to create a strong family bond and build a successful career. Her daughter Rayane is getting married in August this year. “My writers tell me they are inspired by me, and yes, I go for strong women roles.” Being a strong woman herself, it is not easy to handle men in their industry and their egos. “My mother did not want me to be exposed to what was happening here.

He can speak Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and English fluently. “Funniest thing is we never talk about movies. Her first mega-serial was with ETV Telugu, a weekly called Idhi Kadha Kadu. Varalaxmi was born to actor Sarathkumar and Chaya. Her first marriage was with actor Prathap Pothan in 1985 but the marriage was short lived and ended in divorce in 1986. She is married to actor Sarath Kumar, with whom she has a son named Rahul born in 2004. “I looked at the TV content and said, ‘no, not good enough’. In August 1992, Radikaa Sarathkumar was on a hospital bed recuperating from the exhilarating experience of delivering a baby. I went to London when I was 14. With his good wishes, he had brought along a script. With Chithi, the dynamics of Tamil television changed, but for Radikaa, this was just another feather in her cap. It was all a blur,” she says, adding that at that stage, she never thought about roles and image – she was just thrown into movies.

And the commitment keeps me going,” she says. Her sense of humour is legendry, and she loves to party and spend time with her family. But on Sundays, she does not budge, “I stay at home and cook, spend time with family. I wanted to do a course there, but I was travelling back and forth between London and India,” she explains. I never had dreams, never knew what was acting. Even today, those who have known her through the years talk about how it was her steely resolve and fierce independence that took her towards building a strong family, but she herself is cagey about it.

Set to make her debut in the forthcoming romantic comedy Poda Podi alongside Silambarasan Rajendar, Varalaxmi is the daughter of prominent actor and politician, R. Sarath Kumar. After much success as an actress she made her venture into production with her own banner named Radaan TV in 1994. They used to hang-out together, and even teamed up for a massive Kargil war fund-raiser campaign. Kizhake Pogum Rail turned her into a celebrity overnight, and before she knew it, she had signed up her second and third film. His first marriage with Malayale actor-director Pratap K. Pothan ended in a divorce. The relationship was short-lived and they parted ways soon. Since then, the couples grew together to become one of the most powerful in Tamil cinema and TV. Raadhika Sarathkumar was born on 21st Aug 1963 in Chennai, Tamilnadu state. “I started laughing at him,” says Radikaa, flashing her trademark million-dollar smile, “I asked him if he was mad!

Ramanathan Sarathkumar (born 14 July 1954) is an Indian film actor, journalist, politician, the former president of the South Indian Film Artistes’ Association and former body builder.Sarathkumar has acted in more than 130Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films. She has a younger sister named Nirosha, who is also an actress married to actor Ramki and an older half-brother named Radharavi. She did her education in Sri Lanka and United Kingdom. “I decided to stop. We used to go out and we became close.”, By then she had given up on marriage. But she is willing to talk about Sarathkumar, her actor-politician husband. “We are working on few more scripts in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada,” she says. Does she want to talk about her personal life? Her mother was a strong, independent woman herself, and was instrumental in shaping Radikaa’s life. Raadhika was born from veteran actor and comedian Mr. R. Radha and Geetha Radha. “Well, there is nothing very interesting in it. I came accidentally into movies,” she says. The mother's advice prevailed. She shoots almost every day, for her own TV serials and movies which she has signed. She started her career in 2012 with a role in the Tamil film Podaa Podi, and since then has appeared in seventeen more films. I was not acting material. She married Richard Hardy in 1990 and the couple gave birth to a daughter named Rayane on 22nd August 1992.

I signed more movies and I was now an actress. Later in 1990, she married a British man Richard Hardy, with whom she had her first child Rayane.

“It’s very hectic, and it is all about time management,” she says. She was born to Tamil actor M. R. Radha and Geetha Radha. Rayane was her first child, and Radikaa, like any other first-time mother, was excited about what motherhood held in store.

“Well, it’s their problem, not mine.

It turned my career around in a way. But I was a single mother. Radikaa Sarathkumar was born on August 21, 1963 to veteran Tamil actor and politician ‘Nadigavel’ MR Radha and Geetha, a Sri Lankan Tamil. Tollywood Celebrities The first ever online site for the complete profile of your favourite film stars is nowhere available except at the high grossing online site titled. I was travelling all the time, it was getting difficult.

It was getting too hard. She married twice before her marriage to actor Sarathkumar. Then I started analysing everything I did and found out where I was going wrong, and realized that I needed professionals to run it.”. She has a half brother named Radha Ravi who was born to her father from his previous marriage. “Yes, go ahead,” she says, continuing to sign the cheques. Cheran Pandian. In February 2001, she got married to Sarathkumar. She has an younger sister named Nirosha who is also an actress and married to Ramki. It was the super-hit Chithi, which aired on Sun TV at prime time slot, which opened the floodgates to her TV success. A still from one of Radikaa's films in her early career. During the Christmas break of 1977, when she was home in Chennai to meet her father, she had a surprise visitor – Bharathiraja. “We used to talk a lot, share stories. I decided that I should have more control over my career and life, so I decided to do television. R. Sarathkumar & Chaya: This lovely couple of actors had been married since 1984. The veteran actress turned a year older today and internet is flooded with wishes.

Sarathkumar out of his first wedlock with Chaya gave birth to Varalaxmi and Pooja Sarathkumar. Her career’s defining moment was her entry into Telugu cinema with the movie Nyayam Kaavali in 1981. I had just had a baby and he was asking me to act. She told her marrying him was a good idea, and that it will provide security to Rayane too. If they are intimidated by me, it is ok. We never talk about issues like Nadigar Sangam. I used to be his agony aunt,” she says, laughing out loud and reminiscing. She promised to spend an hour on this interview, so I am there early, hoping to catch every available second. Then Sun TV too gave her a weekly. Then I have my shoots.”. I didn’t look like an actor, I was not brought up as one – I was in hostels most of my life, I was travelling. But he persuaded me.”. The 60s and 70s were controversial times for MR Radha. Sarath is very family oriented,” she says. “I didn’t come to films as a choice. She is the founder and CEO of Radaan Mediaworks Pvt. In a TV industry which otherwise demonizes agency to women, Radikaa brought in progressive thought.

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