We zoom out, a flash occurs, and the letters fall back into place. Original Content ©1996 - 2020 Nintendojo.com. Next is another logo jingle that was heard many a time— the Konami logo fanfare! Availability: Same as Grasshopper Manufacture. Logo: We see the Capcom logo against a white or black background. Let’s end with a logo jingle that isn’t from Super Nintendo, but is arguably intrinsically tied to it. Third party content copyright respective original owners. By Robert Marrujo. Music/Sounds: A synth tune plays throughout (similar to the original Capcom theme) ending with a series of quick reversed guitar noises. Oddly enough, continuing to hold B on controller 2 after the test will mute the Capcom logo jingle and cinematic intro music for one loop. One for when the cubes fall down and form the logo, and another for when the logo changes to the 2D Capcom logo, and finally, the sound that you hear when a character is selected on the Player Select screen at the moment when the logo turns into 3D. Music/Sounds: A cuckoo sound and the crash. The character changing can catch you off-guard. The name appears below. This game has the same exact Cx4 test that Mega Man X2 does, and it's even activated the same way. Choose your own logo and upload into our smart create application.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth, with many more synth notes and laser sounds (which sound somewhat reminiscent from the 1st logo). It flashes to a white screen with the logo. When the logo begins to change, the background is in the style of an old 50's horror movie.
After this is complete, the background fades to white. Availability: Only found on Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Next to it, a black N draws in very quickly. One of the pieces then zooms in, which is the completed Capcom logo on a white background. Logo: On a black background or white background, we see Viewtiful Joe using Mach Speed (a VFX power from the Viewtiful Joe game that causes Joe to run abnormally fast).

Then the gray plate with "INTERACTIVE" on it with the green cartridge piece, comes in a top and sticks to the logo. FX/SFX: The light rays, the flashing logo. FX/SFX: The purple line drawing the Capcom logo, and the gold square spinning, zooming out, and breaking apart, as well as the zoom in of the completed Capcom logo. Logo: We see the Capcom Logo floating up from underwater and a Servbot from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne float up as the "O" in Capcom. None for the still variant. He is best known for his work on the Mega Man X and Ace Attorney series. At the start of Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, it starts silent, then some jungle sounds are quietly heard before the logo fades out. ; FX/SFX: Normally just a still logo, but in some variants, it varies.

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