[129][128], On July 25, 300 members of the Atlanta-based black militia NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition) marched to Louisville's Metro Hall with the street lined with local protesters. VideoUS man drives more than 18 hours to vote, Could Trump contest the result?

At the same time, his attorney said that he could be charged again later as more facts come out of the shooting. [150] Until Freedom and O magazine put up 26 billboards—one for every year of Taylor's life—around Louisville. Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old unarmed African-American woman, was fatally shot in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment on March 13, 2020, when white plainclothes officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove of the Louisville Metro Police Department(LMPD) forced entry into the apartment as part of an investigation into drug dealing operations. [55] But it was fired from a 9mm pistol like Walker's, whereas all officers were carrying 40-caliber guns.

A pretrial hearing is set for October 28. A grand jury indicted Hankison for first-degree wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting through Taylor's home into a neighbor's apartment. The death certificate also notes that she received five gunshot wounds to the body. No drugs were found at the property, though Jefferson County prosecutor Thomas Wine has previously said the search was cancelled after the shooting. The lawsuit alleges that "the officers then entered Breonna's home without knocking and without announcing themselves as police officers. A state of emergency was declared in Louisville on Tuesday and protests are expected. [61][62] The letter accused Hankison of violating departmental policies on the use of deadly force by "wantonly and blindly" firing into Taylor's apartment without determining whether any person presented "an immediate threat" or whether there were "any innocent persons present. [114], On May 28, 500 to 600 demonstrators marched in Downtown Louisville, chanting, "No justice, no peace, prosecute police!" The incident was referred to the King County Sheriff's Office for a potential criminal investigation. This public revelation put the investigation and especially the warrant into question and resulted in an internal investigation. [43] In his interview with internal investigators, Jaynes said that before the raid on Taylor's apartment Mattingly told him that the Shively PD had reported that the United States Postal Service had not delivered any suspicious packages to that address. The occupants were a pregnant woman, her child and a man. He earlier said he had declared a state of emergency "due to the potential for civil unrest".

[8], According to a statement by Attorney General Daniel Cameron, an independent investigation concluded that the no-knock warrant was indeed served as a knock-and-announce warrant, which was corroborated by one independent witness who was near Taylor's apartment. Taylor, 26, was shot and killed by police in her home during a botched drug raid in March. "Oh my God. Sam Aguiar, an attorney for Taylor's family, told CNN he is concerned there may be information in the discovery materials that was not presented to grand jurors, noting that much of what was presented to grand jurors was already released publicly. [35], LMPD obtained a "no-knock" search warrant for Taylor's apartment at 3003 Springfield Drive in Louisville. [79] On September 4, several news sources, including The Courier-Journal, reported that photographs of police officers taken late that day showed that at least one wore a body camera. Are you in Louisville? It states that Taylor and Walker were sleeping in the bedroom before the incident happened, and that the police officers were in unmarked vehicles. [18] None of the officers involved in the raid has been charged in Taylor's death. [82][83], On May 20, 2020, the occupants of a neighboring apartment filed a lawsuit against Hankison, Cosgrove, and Mattingly. State Attorney General Daniel Cameron, however, said the investigation showed the officers announced themselves before entering. Officers fired flash bangs and a few small fires burned in a square that's been at the center of protests, but it had largely cleared out ahead of a nighttime curfew as demonstrators marched through other parts of downtown Louisville.

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If the discovery is filed in the record and then becomes published, that will multiply and intensify the amount of information that is out in the public," Whaley argued. But no one tried to treat her", "Fact Check: 7 widely shared inaccuracies in the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor", "Breonna Taylor grand jury audio: Officers testified they knocked before entering", "Officer to be fired over Breonna Taylor shooting", "Officer in Breonna Taylor case who fired fatal shot has fundraiser for his retirement", "Breonna Taylor case: Detective who likely fired fatal shot may retire after 'countless threats, "Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings released", "Breonna Taylor: Grand Jury 'Not Given Chance to Bring Homicide Charges, "Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Members Say They Were Not Presented with Homicide Charges", "Former Louisville detective pleads not guilty in Breonna Taylor case", "Fired Officer Is Indicted in Breonna Taylor Case; Protesters Wanted Stronger Charges", "Louisville police officers shot as Breonna Taylor protesters take to streets", "Breonna Taylor: Louisville EMT Killed in Botched Police Raid, Lawyer Says", "Breonna Taylor Obituary – Visitation & Funeral Information", "Personnel records give timeline of Breonna Taylor's career as an EMT", "Who are the 3 Louisville officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting? Smith is expected to issue a ruling later. [48][49][50] But on September 30, this witness's lawyer said that police announced themselves "only in passing" and implied that the witness was quoted out of context or that video was deceptively spliced. [13], The police filed an incident report that claimed that Taylor had no injuries and that no forced entry occurred. The attorney general said it was not clear if Mr Hankison's shots had hit Ms Taylor, but they had hit a neighbouring apartment. She didn't do anything to deserve a death sentence. What we know", "Senator Kamala Harris demands federal investigation of police shooting of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky", "Was a Dead Body Found in Breonna Taylor's Rental Car in 2016? Several shots rang out as protesters in downtown Louisville tried to avoid police blockades, moving down an alleyway as officers lobbed pepper balls, according to an Associated Press journalist.
The subsequent police report contained errors, including listing Ms Taylor's injuries as "none" and saying no force was used to enter, when a battering ram had been used. Beshear requested that Attorney General Cameron and local and federal prosecutors review the Louisville police's initial investigation "to ensure justice is done at a time when many are concerned that justice is not blind. [158], "Breonna Taylor" and "Breonna" redirect here. [4] Mattingly, the only officer who entered the residence,[50] fired six shots. [17] On September 23, a state grand jury indicted Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment for endangering Taylor's neighbors with his shots.

She had no criminal record. It would also apply to state and local law enforcement that receive funding from the Justice Department. The three officers returned fire, discharging 32 rounds, according to a ballistics report from the FBI. He praised Kentucky's attorney general, who addressed the Republican party convention last month, for "doing a fantastic job". (CNN)The former Louisville police officer charged in connection to Breonna Taylor's killing pleaded not guilty Monday to three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. Police say they identified themselves before ramming through the front door, and Cameron said one neighbor corroborates the story.

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