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Standard is the original BD-2, while Custom adds a fuller-range sound and a touch more gain. In addition to this version, which is the Pro Version, you could instead opt for the Tour Version, which foregoes the Hot switch and is a little cheaper. Not specifically a Blues Driver clone, but has elements of Bluesbreaker and Driver - via 3-way voicing toggle - goes from a clean boost to a decent sort of Marshallesque crunch. This has a wider frequency range, which is particularly noticeable in the lower-mids. It was originally designed in the 1970s by Susumu Tamura, rose to notable prominence in the 1980s, and remains the standard bearer to which all other overdrives are compared.

If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field or ask the community. BSY600. "Something real.".

In any case I loved, still love the Blues Mood, and it served me well in that slot for quite a while, it was displaced at the end of last year by the Boss Angry Driver, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here - let’s return to the original Blues Driver. Based around the aforementioned JRC-4558 chip, this pedal creates that well-known symmetrical clipping for a few dollars less than the current generation TS9 from Ibanez. For one thing, whether you go for the higher-end Waza version or the standard offering, the Blues Driver is a pedalboard staple. This Week: A V-8-Powered Bronco, and Much More. That shop, Razorfly Studios, has built a cast of pop-culture icons that includes the Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12, the Dodge Monaco from The Blues Brothers, and a trio of Jurassic Park SUVs.

The first ’Blues Driver’ I had was the diminutive Mooer Blues Mood - in fact a Mooer mini clone of the Keely Blues Driver mod - which added a ’Fat’ switch to boost the low-end frequencies and upgraded some of the cheaper components to give a more rounded and even tone profile. The alterations required to recreate a Jurassic Park Ford Explorer were more extensive. I still think there is some modification that can be done here - i.e. Blues Overdrive. You might be able to save a few bucks by searching for a used Dunes on Reverb.

I have a stock BD2 that I use on my board as my "barely off" pedal. The idea is to have the most suitable pedal in each slot - one that combines superb dynamics, tone, versatility and smart form factor and features. Mark installed early-'90s CRT screens into the front and rear console to play either the Jurassic Park tour video or clips from the movie itself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They are thru-hole, hand soldered boards, in reality they are easily as good as some boutique pedals. Their literature refers to Stevie Ray Vaughan, which indicates that this leans more toward the TS9 circuit. Luckily, there are modifications we can do to make the pedal much better. Starting at noon, if you turn it counter-clockwise, you get the bass and treble boosts, while clockwise boosts only the treble. Controls are, as you might expect, Gain, Level, and Tone. Although I do use it occasionally for boost or low gain, it lives on my board at a mid-gain setting. Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. All Rights Reserved By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. try searching up a used Clarksdale on Reverb, extensive walkthrough and a demo based around metal tones, searching for a used East River Drive on Reverb, comparison of the BD-2 and the BD-2w on Andertons TV, Mad Professor product demo for the handwired Little Green Wonder, ProGuitarShop (RIP) demo here for an idea, save a couple of bucks on a used unit on Reverb. Based on the original Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal - this also has a 3-way voicing toggle which takes you between Boost, Overdrive and Distortion. I mentioned earlier that I like it a lot for medium gain because of its clarity. This pedal supposedly has the Marshall Bluesbreaker as its inspiration - in some ways it can be seen as as a Prince of Tones+ - as with its 4 different voicing toggles it offers a few more options than the Analog.Man equivalent. Otherwise when I'm just playing with a normal or somewhat light attack it adds just a hint of compression which I feel suits my "Steve cropper/Stax" style of playing. I originally combined Bluesbreakers and Blues Drivers into my same category overview which I now realise was a mistake as they are distinctively different even tough there is a significant degree of overlap. If you want more bang for your buck, you could opt for the Alberta II, which is not handmade in Denmark, and as a result is a hugely-flexible dual overdrive for considerably less.

Almost every pedal company going has their own Screamer version, which is good for you, the guitar-playing consumer.

I think the bd-2 shines best when stacked into other pedals.

I'd be tempted to choose it over an OCD. I’ve included it here because it’s often referenced in the same conversation at the end of the day, it’s a green drive pedal that does a similar job for a lot of setups. Boosting midrange frequencies and slightly attenuating low end frequencies. It was the original non-Tube Screamer Tube Screamer and is favored by Capt. I'm still interested in acquiring both this and the Prince of Tones at some stage - excellent value. I got one today in a trade and so far I'm really enjoying it. Boss Shrinks Down its GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor to a more handy-sized but still Full-Featured GT-1000 CORE Stomp Box, Boss Rounds Out its RC Looper Range with New and Improved RC-5 Compact and RC-500 Dual Track Loop Stations, End of September Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VIII - Starry Eyed Surprise, All You Need to Know about the Chase Bliss Audio Automatone Preamp MKII courtesy of 5 key YouTube Demos, Cooper FX Arcades Modular Multi-FX Workstation : Card Spotlight Series #2 : DELAY, Toneczar Ed Rembold's Two Essential Secret Weapon Extended-Range Fuzzes - the OTP and Vault, Ben Fulton's Red Witch Pedals Releases Ultimate Fuzz God IV Edition which combines Twin BC109 Silicon Fuzz with Octavia, Oscillation and Extended Configurability, Electro-Harmonix Finally Releases Expanded and Presets-enabled Pitch Fork+ Dual-Voiced Polyphonic Pitch-Shifter and Harmonizer, Big Ear Pedals Finally Unleashes its Albie Multi-Combo-FX Ambient Modulator Pedal after a year of fine-tuning, The New Strymon NightSky Time-Warped Reverberator is a Revolutionary Twinkle Starred Sci-Fi Atmospheric Delight - with optional Reverb Tail Pattern Sequencer, Boss's 3rd Generation OC-5 Octave introduces state-of-the art tracking and new Upper Octave, while expanding on the very best of the OC-2 and OC-3, All you ever wanted to know about the UK's Preeminent Independent Pedal Boutique - Joe's Pedals, Maverick Inflection #1 : Zander Circuitry Compact Enclosure Siclone Silicon Chaos Initiator Fuzz, Sitek's New Dual-Natured Joss Allen Signature Freya Low to Mid-Gain Overdrive Booster combines its Goddess namesake's zeal for Love and War, Cooper FX Arcades Modular Multi-FX Workstation : Card Spotlight Series #1 : SYNTH, Roman Belonozhko's Multifaceted Shnobel Tone Daily Driver delivers beautifully textured breakup with alluring high frequency sparkle, Walrus Audio Releases Julianna Deluxe Chorus with added Stereo Soundstage, Second Tap-Tempo Footswitch and Smart Alternative Functions, 24 of the Best Compact Enclosure Bluesbreaker-style Overdrive Pedals - 2020 Ultimate Selection, Jackson Audio Releases Majestically Saturating Mateus Asato Signature Dual Channel Plexi + JCM800 Programmable Overdrive and Distortion, Mike Vickery's largely Tuxedo-style Vick Audio Pedals underline a certain air of effortless authentic elegance, End of August Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VII - Altitude Ascension, 15 of the Best Everyday All-Rounder Mostly Silicon Transistor Compact Enclosure Fuzz Pedals, 3 Recent Compact, Medium and Large Foxx Tone Machine Fuzz Replicas, Joel Korte Heralds End of an Era with Final 100 Unit Run of the Ayahuasca Trem-Fuzz, Mike Vickery Revives Much Loved Vick Audio Lucky No.

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