Much to his disappointment, however, the rustling of leaves that had accelerated his pulse turned out to be from a small 6-pointer, hot on the lingering trail of some doe that had passed through the night before. All Rights Reserved. A mature Missouri buck that showcased some serious head gear that totaled up to a staggering 333 7/8 inches, making it the largest scored whitetail ever. At a whopping 328 2/8 inches, the buck truly is "the" buck of a lifetime more than any other whitetail ever discussed. That record had been standing since 1892. That's including the Missouri Monarch and the Hole in the Horn Buck. Oklahoma is OK, but the state has produced some exceptional wall hangers over the years. Copyright © 2020 Now, a new all-time, big buck leader may have emerged in 2019. Unsure if it was actually a bullet hole, it adds some flair to the story so most recognize it as that. He also showed up on their trail cameras. Then the buck decided to join the does, giving Toney a shot. The rack, placed in the non-typical category for asymmetrical antlers, taped out at 2315/8 inches. The B&C world record was found by a hunter in St. Louis County, Missouri, back in 1981. Required fields are marked *. This time, he had romance on his mind. Talking big bucks is a tried-and-true way to work whitetail hunters into a frenzy, so let’s take a look at a couple big bucks already shot during the 2019 season. Coming in from behind him — the last possible direction from which the hunter had thought any deer might approach — was the Monarch! It was then that the first picture of a big deer appeared. Mark's deer from Logan County (another bow-only county in southern West Virginia) measured 175 6/8 net.

1 archery typical, a deer now referred to as the "Mountain Monarch." He tried to draw a bead on it, but it moved into a thick stand of pine trees. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. The enhanced charges, which range from $1,000 to $2,500, are determined by a sliding scale based on the antlers’ width. While we can not verify all the details, we have done our best to make sure they are free-range bucks killed in the begging of October 2019. After five hours had passed, the men made their way back to the stand. The buck fell just 35 yards from where it was shot. Get new Buck Manager articles by email (it's free! The bowhunters were excited to find they had a buck of this quality on camera, and they were eager to hunt him that fall. The huge deer looked directly at Chad — who by then had his bow drawn. The guy said it was McDowell County. Chad watched the deer for roughly a half-hour as he worked his way down the trail opposite the does. Then the two went their separate ways.
The buck, which dropped in its tracks, rolled down a steep embankment to a ditch alongside the road. Click #isupportlocal for more information on supporting our local journalists. Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. Some of these hunters don't share the same vision in quality wildlife management practices. The hunter remembers thinking, "I know I can make the shot. McLaughlin whistled, hoping the sound might cause the bigger deer to hesitate. The warm front, while comfortable for the hunters, concerned Chad that daytime deer movement would be minimal.

As it had every other time the men had hunted together, the day started with a coin toss. Giving the legendary buck the name "Hole in Horn Buck." Surprisingly, the mercury was hovering around 60 degrees. The right arrow for your setup will boost your whitetail body count. It was a fitting last encounter for the record deer and the hunter who'd spent countless hours chasing him. Now wouldn’t that be something? They were enormous!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Winds light and variable. "Once he looked away abruptly, and I thought he'd winded me," Chad says. "It was just a relief to see he was still in the area," Chad recollects. The Badger State grows big-bodied deer and big-bodied deer produced big, heavy antlers. Few of the state’s deer hunters would disagree — and all of them would love be the one who pulled the trigger on McLaughlin’s record-wrecking buck. Ballard said Chaptin soon received a tip about the incident and, after seeing the Facebook video, questioned Estep at his residence.

Please purchase a subscription to continue reading. After spending all season trailing the 150-class trophy he had on trail camera, he had a disturbing realization one day at work. With a controversial conversation surrounding how it was found and the scoring of the deer, the buck and its rack have left people in awe since 1940 when it was found dead in Kent, Ohio. The antlers on Estep’s buck had a 17-inch spread.

Chad's long relationship with the Mountain Monarch began two years prior to the November morning when he finally filled his tag. Chad works as the lead bow technician at Mountain Heritage Outdoors and Taxidermy in Princeton. 30.". The news of a new record buck spreads like crazy. Log In. Two short non-typical points totaling 3 5/8 inches represent about half of the rack's total deductions. The Milo Hansen buck, the James Jordan buck, and now the new Stephen Tucker world record buck have and will consume hunters' minds and stories for decades.

Talking big bucks is a tried-and-true way to work whitetail hunters into a frenzy, so let’s take a look at a couple big bucks already shot during the 2019 season. The big buck lived!

Just to his right, eye level at 23 yards, was the buck he'd been hunting. That’s world-class numbers. West Virginia Natural Resources Police officer Dakoda Chaptin displays the head and antlers of a buck killed Nov. 28 along Route 3 near Bloomingrose. According to Legendary Whitetails, Jim and the others who saw the deer found themselves unable to believe the size of either the body or the rack. Feast your eyes and dreams on these incredible whitetails. If you have a subscription, please Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. 2 spot on Virginia’s all-time deer records. As Harold watched the deer, he anticipated a shot. These bucks all grew to be world-class deer and avoided the tip of an arrow or the smack of a bullet until their last breath. Your email address will not be published. "I had been in the woods for about five hours and decided to take another look at an old area where I'd killed a nice buck seven years prior," Chad shares.

I am here to tell you, I got to experience it firsthand, and it's not a feeling I care to ever experience again. Chad has especially dedicated himself to deer hunting, and he's consistently hunted the public ground on which he killed the Mountain Monarch, despite the fact that the hunt required a grueling two-hour drive each way. He quietly maneuvered himself into position for the shot, making sure to never take his eyes off the deer. Among the first to congratulate Chad on his historic endeavor was the reigning West Virginia archery record holder of 16 years: Mark Lester.

He was moving too fast to allow a shot, so I let him go by. By 2 p.m., McLaughlin had had enough. All Rights Reserved. Mark's deer from Logan County (another bow-only county in southern West Virginia) measured 175 6/8 net.

One afternoon, after splitting up to check cameras in several locations that had been productive in the past, Chad and Harold met back at camp to take a look at the photos.

Oklahoma teenager, Guner Womack, could soon hold the record for harvesting Oklahoma’s largest typical whitetail buck. Just then the buck stepped forward, clearing his vitals. Chad's success story is one steeped in West Virginia heritage, dedicated public-land bowhunting and persistence of faith. He didn't. During the ensuing week, not knowing the buck's fate plagued the hunters. The Wayne County buck eclipsed it by 244/8 inches. It did. That night the rain turned into snow and temperatures dropped into the single digits with wind gusts up to 20 mph.". While scouting, he couldn't believe what he saw. “I drew as The Prince stepped into the plot. I texted Harold as best I could, but I could barely operate my phone.". All things were looking positive, except for the weather; it was uncommonly warm for late October. Viewed as an 8-pointer because of the "abnormal" point, the Illinois Roadkill Buck gross scores at an absurd 202 6/8 inches, but officially nets scores at 176 5/8. That gave me the opportunity to draw.". "While Mercer County is abundant with whitetails, it's rare to see a true giant, due to the high concentration of firearms hunters in the area. “I figured something had stirred them up, so I went back to my stand.”. Yes, the two largest bucks ever didn't fall to the bullet or arrow of a hunter. His luck had run out.". The buck had an inside spread of 25 1/8 inches, and it doesn't seem to likely that a deer will top its score anytime soon.

On Nov. 18, 2014, Chad Scyphers rewrote West Virginia history when he harvested the state's... Give a Gift   "I've seen one similar to this one on my cameras. Chad claims that the true key to his success in taking the Monarch stems from his willingness to travel out of his way to hunt ground less accessible. McLaughlin’s buck sent shock waves through the state’s deer-hunting community. Justin pasted this buck up two years ago when its sheds scored 165″ and last year when he scored 185″!

The does were coming in fast, and their aggressor wasn't wasting any time, either. Harold was offered the shot he had been waiting on. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine.

While on a regular preseason scouting trip with family friend and hunting partner Harold Waldron III, Chad set out game cameras in multiple areas of McDowell. Only one buck taken since then has even approached McLaughlin’s. Under West Virginia law, people who illegally kill bucks with trophy antlers must pay charges higher than the basic $200 replacement fee. Haynes Shelton and Dr. James Kroll talk about how to supply your deer herd with key minerals, and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Source: When Matt Wachowiak, 23, of eastern Wisconsin arrowed this giant whitetail last month, he did a lot more than fill his 2019 buck tag—he put an exclamation point at the end of a three-year campaign to ultimately take this particular animal. MONSTER VELVET BUCK SEPTEMBER 2020. He was taken in 1998 on coal company land. Yes, eye level.

McLaughlin’s was no exception; within days, allegations arose that he had killed the buck in Mingo County, a county closed to rifle hunting. Yes!!! Chad offered the stand where he'd arrowed the buck to Harold, who readily agreed to try it. Source: When Matt Wachowiak, 23, of eastern Wisconsin arrowed this giant whitetail last month, he did a lot more than fill his 2019 buck tag—he put an exclamation point at the end of a three-year campaign to ultimately take this particular animal. ", Chad's heart sank in disbelief when Matt responded: "I know, best one brought in so far this year. It was determined that the buck died of natural causes and demolished the score of the previous record. Incredible width, huge mass and tines going everywhere. Guner has hunted since he was a little boy, but this is his first season to hunt with a bow, and the bruiser buck is the first deer he’s ever taken with his bow. "As we walked up on him closer and closer I drew my bow, just to make sure that he wasn't going anywhere.

Here follows the intricate story of how Chad's monster typical, despite many a twist and turn, was finally killed. A clear sky.

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