Pro bards charm annoying Mage/Necromancer/Enchanter mobs because it instantly kills their pet. Effect: Selo's Song of Travel (Must Equip, Casting Time: 5.5) at Level 46 DMG: 11 A string instrument created by and for Elven musicians. Mercs will too often wipe the group without that little change to your rank. STR: +8 DEX: +8 AGI: +8 A: No, this is not necessarily true; however, it will work on some undead mobs, but these are few and far between. ]; When held to the mouth, the rest of the flute is revealed. Race: ALL, MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM Slot: NECK "Conch Shell of the Officer: Legend says that this trumpet-like instrument was used by the Captain of the Guards in one of the ancient merfolk kingdoms. WT: 5.0 Size: SMALL Q: I'm level 5 and just gained the Percussion skill. This is THE defining spell for bards as pullers.

Lv. Some get salty when you charm and they "waste" mana mezzing it...). Wind Instrument: 22 ", Wind instruments skill +3 WT: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM Slot: WAIST Class: WAR PAL RNG SHD MNK BRD ROG AC: 22 SV FIRE: +7 SV DISEASE: +7 SV COLD: +7 SV MAGIC: +7 SV POISON: +7 DEX: +5 WIS: +5 HP: +10 Hidden Headbanger – It doesn’t look like too much, just a simple polished wooden 6-string guitar. Race: ALL, Slot: NECK 9: Combat Agility (rank 3). "A tuba that spits out water, the pressure is determined by the quality of the music. ", Class: BRD DEX: +9 CHA: +15 AGI: +9 Percussion Instrument: 22 Race: ALL, MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM NO DROP Race: ALL, Slot: EAR :) It doesn't do anything except remember your preferences so you don't keep getting spammed with the cookie notification banner. Bard disciplines were introduced with the Velious expansion; they offer short term advantages with a long re-use: These are most useful in dragon/boss encounters.

"Organ of the Dreaming Land: When played, the nearest sleeping person will begin dreaming of the circumstances around the player.

DEX: +4 STA: +4 HP: +50 DMG: 5 AC: 3 CHA: +10 AGI: +10 A set of reed pipes made by a Satyr. Charisma does not affect resist rates for charm or mesmerize spells. SV FIRE: +35 SV DISEASE: +35 SV COLD: +35 SV MAGIC: +35 SV POISON: +35 Run back quickly and pull your target mob. ", SV FIRE: +3 SV DISEASE: +3 SV COLD: +3 SV MAGIC: +3 SV POISON: +3 ", Both work differently. WT: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM If the mezzed mob wakes before you get to camp, it will start a train and possibly hurt any players caught in the middle.

Class: ALL STR: +5 "The Bass Bass. No matter what song is played, it always makes the listener feel nostalgic. Race: ALL except IKS, MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM WT: 0.0 Size: TINY Enmity -1 Bards MUST turn off songs in order to start Disciplines, failure to do so will result in the Discipline being cancelled but the cool-down will still activate. "The Whistles of The Deep - A set of stone chimes, expertly crafted by dwarven musicians in absolute darkness. If a command word is spoken and then the instrument is played, one of the faces will open its mouth, creating a strange overtone. Class: BRD A: The Minotaur Horn is actually a wind instrument. Class: ALL 52 BRD, [Feet] All Races AC: 50 Note: Instrument information marked with an (*) was pulled from an archive of EQ Casters Realm [1]. While Selo's and another run speed buff can both be in effect at the same time, you will only get the speed benefit of the faster of the two, not both. Improves the speed at which a bard memorizes songs. Slot: BACK SECONDARY 7: Scribble Notes.

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