The frame was now a typical riveted C channel ladder affair, and suspensions were the usual harsh leaf springs, with a choice of two types of tandem axle suspensions (Page & Page Rocker or Hendrickson “walking beam”). It was a great experience. We covered that subject here. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. So did the Germans. Biggest problem with these trucks was their high cost, which really wasn’t justified by the unique features.

We suggest contacting the seller directly to respectfully share your concerns. The French drove French, the Italians drove Italian, etc.

Their distinctive long-nose big-grille conventional trucks came to define the big American truck, and this image rubbed off onto their COE models too. It wreaks of “we know what you need”. Only worked on one Cracker Box in my career. I have to digest this in parts, simply too much goodies for one meal…. The previous owner used it for short runs but couldnt stand the noise. International got in the tilt-cab COE market in 1953. It was kind of like when Ford had the “independent” leaf spring Twin-Traction beam front ends on their older HD 4×4 pickups. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. One observation is that, in the US and the UK, companies can be car builders or truck builders. The Astro 95 was a great success and sold well for many years.

More details on the front suspension and steering. That’s crossed my mind also as things have indeed changed. Sitting over the axle driving in a potholed gravel yard beat you up pretty bad and with no insulation the6-71 with reach left you deaf within 15 minutes. The optional version with larger injectors had 210 hp. Located in chicago, Illinois. I don’t know if GM attempted to market the DLR8000 in Europe, but it may have been better received there. There was no twin rear axle version, and very few options.
For optimum weight distribution, the DLR came (only) with the inline Detroit Diesel 6-71, and the DFR was proposed with the new V6-71.

Trans-European transport, on a large scale, had yet to start. The team that drilled a new well for me last September showed up in a 55 year old Crackerbox day cab with an 8-71. Contact the shop to find out about available shipping options.

Although Volvo GM would continue sales of COE trucks under the White GMC and Western Star brands (the WhiteGMC WH and Western Star Cabover; both versions of the White Road Commander II), the GMC Astro was never directly replaced by Volvo GM, Volvo, or General Motors. The V-6 motor runs good. People also love these ideas. The technology came straight from the buses. Other than that, I don’t think so. “Hey, lookee what we can do!” was probably a common mindset at the GM of that era. Once GM became fat and happy in the mid 1950’s, it failed to appreciate that it was actually highly vulnerable, on all fronts. I would like to know for sure, but it needs to be verifiable. I find it interesting how quickly this change in mindset took place. Are you sure it wasn’t a DF series truck?

Wow, you really made me think, and possibly have a “Eureka” moment. It certainly seems they did not try to hard to revise it recover their investment. The GVW of this series was from 19,500 to 25,000 lbs. As their name implies, the Tilt Cabs were of a design where the entire cab tilted forward in order to provide great access to the engine. There was a special order for a number of these off-road rigs that used the 12V-71. [1] Although Detroit Diesel had developed a gas-turbine version of the GMC Astro in the early 1970s, fuel-economy concerns would keep it out of production. The specs on that 637 V8 caught my eye—7.5:1 compression?

Having already acquired White Motor Company in 1980, the joint venture would do business as Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corporation, selling trucks under the combined WhiteGMC product badge. Even the Dodge at least added some flare with the D100 like pie pan headlights. Fascinating. The base engine was the Detroit Diesel 6-71N, with the Detroit Diesel 8V71 and Cummins N-Series diesels as options. The X-brace clearly would add significant torsional rigidity, which would work well with the independent front suspension. Even countries like Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria and Switzerland had their own heavy trucks (Pegaso, Barreiros, DAF, Sisu, Steyr, Saurer). In contrast to other GM brands, a key requirement of GMC franchisees of the time was the ability to sell and service the entire GMC product line.
This was considered to be a rather weak competitor in its field too. The air ride DLR8000 model was technically still available, but only through 1961, after which time it was dropped. In addition to light trucks, this meant a potential GMC franchise needed the ability to support medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty commercial trucks, the GMC motorhome, P-chassis, and school bus chassis. Curbside Review: 2020 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition XT – The Boost Is Back, Baby! COE (Cab Over Engine) trucks became popular in the mid-late ’30s, like this 1937 GMC semi tractor. The advanced frame design and then reversion to conventional frame design is paralleled by the pickup line from 1961-1966. i agree with you that GM’s hubris was at blame here. GMC did leverage its great success with its air ride transit and highway coaches for the cannonball and other HD GMC trucks starting in 1957. My father-in-law (a retired trucker) owned a couple of White-GMC tractors – he quite liked them. [1], In a major change from precedent, when introduced in 1969, the Astro/Titan were marketed exclusively with diesel engines. It is amazing how the big three did manage to build the ugliest HD cabover trucks in the sixty’s. It could haul over a ton of extra payload capacity thanks to its light weight, it was highly efficient and was the most comfortable for its driver. The more time it takes for the flame front to move from spark plug to burn all the mixture, the greater chance of detonation. With the legendary 318 hp DD 8V-71, they were also considered to be about as powerful and fast as anything on the road at the time.

That the truck division was a stepping stone to more prestigious positions is likely the biggest factor in the unsuccessfulness of these trucks.

The DFR 8100 version, if it was produced, must have indeed been in very small numbers. When I first met my wife in 1991 he was driving a GMC Astro cabover, and now that he’s retired he still keeps his AZ license (Ontario, Canada) up to date and still drives occasionally – usually dump trucks and the like. The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. I’ve looked at large numbers of truck show images and none of these two. It also shows a DFR 8000 (right) that has its cab directly over the front axle, and which sat a bit higher too. Read our Cookie Policy. Other truck companies offered numerous versions, options and extensive customization. 2008 Ford LCF - 22ft BOX TRUCK - Diesel Cabover - 53k miles. The lack of customization was clearly the other big fault.

Large fleet would say, I want Detroit 60 series engine, come back when you offer it. And here’s a smattering of those GM execs in 1959, basking in the reflected glory of their latest creation, which was destined to take the semi truck market by storm. Clearly, the engineering in these trucks was quite ambitious.

The odds of there being both a restored DFR8000 and DFR8100 at one show are infinitesimally small, even if they were actually ever made.

They were pretty much all junked early on. The GMC Astro/Chevrolet Titan are Class 8 cabover-engine (COE) trucks, sold in both single and tandem rear axle configurations. There’s just some anecdotal comments out there, but it’s easy to come to obvious conclusions. And the DD was notoriously loud. I’m not so sure that GM’s hubris is entirely to blame. I always liked the GMC 9500 and Brigadier styling. So why was the highly advanced DLR8000 so quickly abandoned? Good point about GM executives moving around a lot, this is still the case at Ford and GM at least.

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